DC #653: So Long Soap Killers

On today’s super-sized Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels react to Brian Frons stepping down at ABC Daytime and Jill Farren Phelps being removed at General Hospital. The DC gang looks back on these two executives show-killing history and discusses the state they are leaving GH in. The DC crew then weighs in on the announcement that Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are taking over at ABC’s last remaining soap. What things could they do to signal to fans that a new day is dawning on Port Charles.

Jamey lays out which GH storylines should be rewritten immediately and which quadrangle could help spike ratings. Luke suggests re-hiring of Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina. The DC gang explores which fan favorites should be brought back as soon as possible and debate which one One Life to Live actor or character they’d love to see make the jump to Port Charles.

Even though ABC soap news dominated the week, the DC gang discusses Bryan Dattilo being spotted on the Days of Our Lives set, Will’s coming out story and the fallout from EJ and Sami having sex.  Jamey reveals which popular Salem resident he’d kill off and give Alison Sweeney a meaty storyline.


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katie isn’t happy that Steffy is circling Bill again. Is it time for Deacon to leave Genoa City and come to Los Angeles to help his daughter Hope fight Steffy? Is it time for Jackie to leave the fashion business? Which pairing suggestion would bring a little love to Stephanie’s life?

The DC crew loves having Nikki back in Genoa City, but will Deacon blackmail her into marrying him? Diane’s murder mystery continues, but now Victor is protecting Nikki. What will Patty do next?

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!




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21 Responses

  1. Profile photo of giogio

    Oh my God. I almost wet my pants listening to you guys. You need your own radio show. Right about the revolution. And on the money about Oprah. Oh Please I cant take this its so funny.

  2. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I felt overwhelmed with all the years of poison I’ve been storing up concerning my feelings about JFP…thank you for laying it down, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, and sending it over the airwaves. I have derived some small amount of satisfaction from the Rock Em Sock Em bitch slapping you gave her on this episode she deserves so much more but it’s a great start.

    Let the healing begin…

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    Good podcast once again gang. See I want MAB fired and LAMO off Jillian stating about Patti on Y&R and her “table clothe” covering her face!!! :) This is what I’m saying, I thought what is Patti wearing? I haven’t been watching so I busted up laughing at the comment. This is a cheap ripoff of Bill once again completely done wrong. It harkens back in the late ’70s, early ’80s of KT Stevens portrayed Vanessa Preintess. Vanessa was Lance’s mother and married to Lori and she wore a vail because of scarring from a fire and she was introduced with the vail. Vanessa was secretly having plastic surgery (done in stages Bill’s brillance) but she didn’t tell anyone to control her sons and she hated Lori. When she finally came clean because Lori found out told Lance & Lucas they turned on her and Vanessa setup Lori for murder, arguing with Lori and throwing herself off a balcony and Lori was charged with murder carted off to jail. Lance stood by Lori, Lucas turn on Lori…it was such fun to watch.

  4. Profile photo of Mel_O

    ICAM about Jake. Still don’t understand what the point of killing him was. To give the actors good Emmy reels? Please. It was a mistake, they need to undo. And I agree w/ Luke, using AJ as the vehicle to do it would be perfection. In his mind he would be righting a wrong by stealing his nephew, the same way Jason stole his.

    Great podcast, as always.

  5. Profile photo of stubz

    I loved what Jamey said about wanting Kristen Alderson to play Serena Baldwin. I’ve always pictured her playing Serena when I would watch OLTL. TPTB should totally do this and bring Kin Shriner back to GH as well. I’d love the Baldwin/Spencer feud to be reignited it would be all sorts of soapy goodness!

  6. Profile photo of jphelps

    Uhm no to all these OLTL actors to GH. How about we let them fix the current canvas first and I love FL but not yet.

    As for Jake, the damage is done lets move on. Jake alive changes nothing in terms of Luke. I would much rather see Laura back in some sort of redemption story for Luke that bringing back from the dead the plotpoint. FOlks act like killing off Jake was the most damaging and exactly wbat uartermaines are there for this kid to interact with. As for back from the dead, since even this podcast acknowledged it, bring back Alan, AJ, and yes emily particularly with Robin leaving I dont care how much you hate the actress. Or hell how about an arc where MOnica puts the mansion up for sale and ALan, AJ, emily and Lila(not sure how) come back to haunt it to scare off potential buyers. Inject some heart and humor into this show and please just no talking dogs.

    JFP you were all spot on but somehow I feel that woman will end up somewhere. Karma never hits these folks and why do I think Frons already has another job lined up

  7. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Great way to wind up my “Nutcracker” weekend to get home from the theatre and listen to something that made me laugh as well as hash over some very good story ideas. The verbal “roasting” of JFP and Frons was priceless.
    Totally enjoyable… 0:)

  8. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Nice podcast. I do have a couple of things to take you to task about and that is contrasting Irna Phillips to Oprah. Actually, Irna’s soaps were all morality plays and all of them were about topics that were close to the audiences concerns. Stories about husbands and wives, child bearing, adoption, husbands infidelities, alcoholism. There was ALWAYS a moral center to her show that pointed out what what “right” and what was “wrong”.
    The Guiding Light was invented as show about a minister and his family and flock. The minister’s sermons about life and mores of the times were so poplular that the very first book about soaps were a publication of his sermons. Even after the show refocused on the Bauer family, the show maintained this very central idea of good and bad and the way one ought to live and the way one ought not to.
    Irna’s protoge’s Agnes Nixon and Bill Bell took it one step further by contrasting and comparing traditional mores with more modern interpretations. Agnes pushed for new mores such as equal rights, and anti war. This was what AMC and OLTL was all about in the late 60s and early 70s. While Bill Bell was all about what is morally ok within the family confines on Days. There were the very traditional (Tom and Alice) at constant odds with their more liberal offspring (Bill, Julie, etc). When Julie wanted to marry Doug the audience finally accepted this (since he had been married to her mother) when Alice sat Julie down and accepted the situation. Tom and Bill were often at odds about liberal/conservative issues such as husbands being the head of the house over their wives and other issues.
    There were always other soap types out there that were more escapist. The “Perils of Pauline” type where women lived vicariously through the heroine’s glamorous life. However Phillips avoided such stories in favor of more cautionary tales. Do right and be blessed. Do wrong and you will pay. That is the begining of soaps.

    I wanted to weigh in on killing off Rafe on Days. I think Rafe and Carrie are perfect for eachother and wouldn’t it burn Sami’s behind to lose him to her?
    He finds out about her hour with EJ and Carrie finds out about Austin and his new girl Abby and they turn to eachother for comfort! Now that is a story! Killing off Rafe doesn’t sound like it would do much in the long term. Sami would just find yet another guy and six months later we would never hear of Rafe again. But if we break them up and he finds Carrie, now that has some lasting power as a story. I would like to see Sami find a man like Mac Cory on AW. An older guy that would settle her down somewhat without taking the fire out of her completely. I could see Sami as the next Rachel Cory. She kinda sucked as the next Marlena though. It didn’t fit her.

  9. Profile photo of luvbucket

    Awesome podcast guys, I can’t stop laughing. :bigsmile:
    I agree with bringing Jake back, that was for sure the biggest F-up that Guza did before he left. OMG Jayme, I love all your ideas especially the quad idea with Jagger coming in as an FBI agent to run an investigation on Sonny & Jason. I also really LOVE the idea of Lucy Coe running Crimson because without Megan Ward playing Kate I could care less if this character departs into the black fashion abyss. Scotty & Serena….FLOVE IT! Ahhhh, so much to do and so little time but I have faith that Ron & Frank will work it out and bring back the GH that I can love again.

  10. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I agree w/these self-help shows they were alright but after years of this its gotten old for me; I’m not a huge reality show fan and watching all these people; I like stories.

  11. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    As usual, ABC is right on the cutting edge…of the 1990’s.

    Always a day late and a dollar short. Idiots.

    For the first time in EVER I’m becoming a CBS girl. They got rid of that gummy hag Katie Couric, I’m enjoying a lot of their primtime shows AND THEY STILL HAVE SOAPS MOTHERCLUCKERS!!!

  12. Profile photo of cape105

    Good podcast but as a long time GH viewer Scotty could not prosecute Jason if he killed Franco because he was Jason’s stepfather back in the day when Scotty married Susan Moore(conflict of interest). It would be a great ideal to bring him and Serena back to the show since the Baldwin family were there from day one though.

  13. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great podcast, you guys are hilarious!!!! I love you guys!! :love: :love:

    I agree, I already saw a SID tweet that said most of the newbies are gone.I would love for some of the OLTL actors to come, but only as legacy characters, I think Kristin would make a great Serena, and I think Trevor St. John would make a great AJ.
    Bring back people like Jax, Nicolas, Bobbie, Scott, Robert, Anna, Lucy, Tiffany, Holly, Felicia, Sean, Tommy, and Tom. And have AJ, Emily, Alan, Jake, and Justus be alive, make it so Helena’s hiding them out somewhere. You guys should do an article with a list of 10 things that Frank and Ron can do to make GH great again, I have faith in them that they can. They start Jan.9, so I am thinking just in time for February Sweeps

    Gotta agree the website storyline is way too much, but the other storylines are great, Love Sarah Brown and Madison.

  14. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I have to say I loved The View from the start too, although I can’t stomach it now because of Elizabeth. But The View didn’t take the place of Loving / The City. They only took the studio space. They actually took the “talk show” slot that was previously occupied by The Home Show, Mike and Maty, and Caryl & Marilyn (The Mommies).

    It’s so weird to think I was a fan of the entire ABCD line-up anchored by the soaps. I only watched the talk show and The Match Game waiting for AMC and the rest. Come this fall it will just be GH.

  15. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    STOP! You guys were on FIRE for this podcast. I was laughing so hard I was practically choking and had tears in my eyes. Can you imagine anyone riffing on lame ass talk and lifestyle shows with this much verve, love, and imagination? Never!

  16. Profile photo of missingOLTLalready

    Oh my goodness you guys, I joined this site just so that I could tell you how much I loved your most recent podcast. I don’t remember laughing that hard in a long time. I think it was the Chelsea Brady cracks that really got me, but the whole thing was so much fun to listen to. Thank you so much for the great show.

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