A Kidnapping Shakes Salem on Days of Our Lives

Chad (Casey Deidrick) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) have gotten more than they bargained for, after launching their website. This week cyber criminals kidnap Chad and Melanie (Molly Burnett). Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    OK….. As much as I like Days right now, there are two or three things I am not enjoying. One is this “sports page” thingie website. It has been pretty ambiguous from the start and now that we have decided that it has something to do with sports, some illegal gambling going on, now we have short thugs with guns pistol whipping a Dimera…….I am gonna guess that the police won’t find much of these two if Stefano gets ahold of them first. Cut bait folks is all I gotta say. On the positive side, I am liking the chemistry between Chad and Melanie alot. So although the vehicle is wrong, the passengers are good.

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    ^^marksprmo, you have said it all. DAYS is good but the “web site” non-sense is beyond dull. I had no idea what the web site did or was supposed to do. Jamey really nailed it with his assessment of this s/l during the latest podcast. I have enjoyed Will struggling with Sami’s dysfunction and his own sexuality. I enjoyed last week’s scenes of Gabi discussing her relationship with Melanie and Abby because it seemed like a conversation college-aged women would have regarding their relationships. Abby’s building crush on Austin works for me too and could be the story that makes Austin interesting!

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    I agree about Abby and Austin. Now this is a girl that I think can handle Austin without drugging him (Sami) or boring the guy into submission (Carrie). I always did picture this kind of situation for Austin. I always thought he should be out there chasing some good looking chick that had a little wild in her (actually I pictured him hanging out at the strip bar picking up strippers lol. Only the early version though. When Austin was recast, they took all the personality out of him). I can’t wait to see where that goes. I say just get rid of the lap tops. Apparently the writers do not know a thing about the internet. Maybe they should try building their own site first and see what is involved so that they can make more sense of it on tv……. Right now, the sound like they have no idea what a web site is.

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    I just started watching Days (being a refugee from All My Children), but even I think the website storyline is a bit far fetched. Cyber criminals are just that…CYBER criminals. They would not be doing anything in the real world, especially not over some rinky dink Solitaire site.

    I love Marlena. Deirdre Hall looks so beautiful! I love spazzy Jack, although he seems kind of like a heroin addict. I don’t care for Rafe, he doesn’t seem like a real character to me, he seems like an extra or something. I love Gabi and Will, part of me wants them to work it out, but I already read spoilers about will that pretty much makes that moot, lol.

    I like Madison, or as I like to call her “Tits McGee”, every outfit she wears is low cut, and she is practically busting out of it. She had on a blue dress and I thought she was going to poke Brady’s eyes out with those bullets!

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    I thought once the guys closed down the site that would be it. It’s very annoying that my beautiful Chad is going to get physically assaulted over this crap.

    For me, that breakup scene between Will and Gabi in Maggie’s kitchen last week was all kinds of powerful, especially since a younger and very confused SoapArmageddon actually played that scene out in real life, virtually word for word, some years ago. :)

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    Two characters I just don’t give a damn about! Please kill off Melanie. In fact, you could get rid of ALL the young characters because I just can’t stand them. Abby especially needs to be recast, and Gabi just plain needs to leave now that Will is gay. What a waste of airtime.

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    I hate to admit it because I have hated on Melanie for the whole time she has been on Days but I do like Chad and Melanie together as a couple. They have as much chemistry on tv as they do off. I am a little reminded of Doug and Julie in the aspect that a real life couple are able to translate their relationship to the screen. That is not an easy task. Some people have been able to do the opposite fall in love with their co star but few couples have been able to create a love story on screen after the fact. Usually the chemistry does not translate to screen. But I hope this part of the story is mercifully short and just a means to get them alone together. I think that Chad and Abby are just about to forget that they are dating. That couple had nothing going for it to start with. I kinda resented Abby kissing on Chad all the time. She was kinda just throwing herself on him. Same way with Gabi and Will. I am coming around to the idea that they (Will and Chad) are not the end game anymore but I still can’t get into Abby and Chad.

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