Is Sam Preggers on General Hospital?

Is Alexis Davis about to become the wittiest, most neurotic Mee Maw ever? The character's portrayer Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted she's hearing Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is with child on General Hospital.

"I hear that Sam is Preggers. I guess me and Danny Devito (explains Sam's height) are gonna be Grandparents. Oh joy!" And "I hear the baby will look exactly like @1steveburton but have Franco's career." 


Ugh. I hate storyline's where a woman doesn't know if her baby is by the man she loves or her rapist/potential rapist. It's a good thing this show ditched Jill Farren Phelps and demoted Garin Wolf when they did!

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    Yeah, none of us saw this coming, right? (sarcasm) This is disgusting and NOT love in the afternoon. Sam finally gets her baby after all these years and she has to stress about whose baby it is. Really nice GH.

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    Stupid and disgusting

    And just to be clear – I mean the way it is happening. I don’t want them to procreate at all, but this storyline is redonkulous.

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    I am not surprised because this was predicted when the rumor got out about Jake being killed off so that Jason would have an excuse to raise this child but not Jake.

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    It just feels as if, no matter how one looks at the story, whether one likes this couple or not, everyone loses, the characters,(for what they have to go through) as well as the fans… 0:)

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    This storyline is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Since I was not online at the time I would love to know how people felt when Sami had twins not knowing their paternity? Johnny was the product of rape.

    This one is not terrible but incredibly boring because GH would never have the balls to make the kid a product of rape considering Jason never loses. But its likely a storyline they dont have the sensitivity to write and that includes RC

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    This one is not terrible but incredibly boring because GH would never have the balls to make the kid a product of rape considering Jason never loses.
    IA. GH won’t write Sam’s baby as being Franco’s.

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    I predict and I hope I’m wrong that the baby will be Jason’s but DNA hocus pocus will happen and the test will say Franco is daddy. Just more Franco Mind Tricks.

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    I cannot even comment on this nonsense.How is this going to be fixed? The writing from the prior ep will show for weeks. What is the target audience of the fans of GH? Just sayin…..

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    [quote=arielade]I can’t wait for Perkie’s thoughts on today’s episode. I thought that Julie Marie Berman and Rebecca Herbst were amazing today…[/quote]

    It’s in the editing bay waiting to get processed, but I just had to agree on both Becky and Julie, although moreso Becky. Truly on fire.

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    Who did not see this coming? I mean, it’s not like they haven’t dropped enough hints. I think the baby is Jasons, but Franco is going to play mind games to lead them all to believe otherwise.

    I would really love to get the Cassidines involved with this and beat Franco at his own game.

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