Bree Williamson Shoots Down General Hospital Rumors

One Life to Live's Bree Williamson set the record straight on Twitter regarding rumors she is heading to General Hospital. According to Williamson:

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    Scooter Smith

    Ok, not really related to the story, but I have never seen her with anything but bleach blonde hair. That twitter pic of her with copper hair is absolutely gorgeous. Not only that, but it would lend more to the twins with a flaming redhead thing.

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    I seem to recall that Serena Baldwin was a blonde. No problem there. I’ve seen on the “rumor” trail that she may have been a casting possibility for Sarah Webber, also a blonde, also no big deal. However, in relation to the current crop of blondes on GH who have recently come on canvas, if your bringing on someone new, can we please have some diversity of hair color? I know I’m sounding petty… 0:)

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    [quote=giogio]That was a pretty BIG rumor. Anyone know who started it? How can something so big be not true?[/quote]
    You are kidding right?

    Bw is a lousy actress, cold, and blah so she fits perfectly on GH.

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    But those sources have never been proven legit. Some of these rumor mongers I am sorry I just see stirring things up to drive internet traffic. At least a site like this for the most part verifies rumors or states them as such. No one had all the changes last week yet I see rumors about OLTL actors coming to GH already after FV has not even been in charge for a week. Yeah thats why it seemed suspect.

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    I would expect alot of rumors are about to start.

    Why would Bree take a job with a show that is ‘suppose’ to be ending?

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    If she is joining GH let’s hope she plays a legacy character Serena Baldwin , or Sarah Webber someone with the last name of Hardy , Webber Quartermaster Spencer. I am so sick of all these superfluous characters.

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    Me bad- I hope this is allowed here…..there IS a possibility she is coming to GH.
    Read this latest release this morning:

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    Ravenbeauty did scoop this DAYS ago, before Frons and JFP hit the road. Raven is generally NOT wrong. I am a firm believer in ‘where there’s smoke’…

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    I believe her comment is nothing but SMOKE AND CLOUDS.. I believe there is going to be MAJOR changes to the direction of the show.. MAJOR CAST CHANGES.. and ACTORS are required to DISPELL RUMORS..

    Like Tamara Braun said

    ” The power of Silence is greatly underestimated. When you have nothing to say, Say nothing. Cathy Freeman”

    The power in how she NEVER dispelled the rumor or acknowledged the rumors of her return to GH was pivotal. However, it was greatly underestimated…The truth was it was neither true or false. I get the feeling much is the same with Bree.

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