Love is Complicated on General Hospital

This week on General Hospital, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Kate (Kelly Sullivan) grow closer, but love is oh so complicated. Meanwhile, Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) and Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) relationship continues to struggle. Watch the GH promo for this week after the jump!

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    Yuck yuck yuck. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT SONNY AND FAKE KATE! I fast forward through all of their scenes. JMB was good in her scenes with DZ though… I still don’t care about the couple though.

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    I am LOVE LOVE LOVIN’ the Sonny and Kate scenes and absolutely adore the new Kate! She is beautiful, feisty and looks good with Sonny! I’m loving seeing Sonny attempt to rid himself of his past! Lulu is acting like a drunk… a complete souse! Those who are alcoholics aren’t rational and that is exactly where Lulu is right now!
    I love GH! I love the writing, the acting, the storylines! Even the slow ones turn around and bite you in the butt! And if you weren’t watching you’ll be like “Ummm where did that come from?” So I cannot wait to see what the writers for GH have for us the rest of the week! WOOO HOOO!

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    I just hate both couples. LANTE is horrible to watch as Dante is a self absorbed jerk who never considers even during 5 minutes to put Lulu first and Lulu has lost all her edge and her inner Spencer since paired with Dumbte. Pathetic.

    Don’t care about Sonny and “NuNotKate”. Sonny reliving his past has been done at least 4 times and it is getting old. I used to love Sonny to death and Sonny and Brenda Take One was one of the best soap romance. But Sonny has become a total joke. He is a horrible father and an abuser. So honestly I don’t want him to be whitewashed for the gazillionth time. Being abused as a kid doesn’t give a free pass to Sonny every two years when the character’s popularity is fading. And this girl is certainly no Kate Howard. She has zero class and doesn’t look Sonny’s age. There is no way that she is running a high fashion magazine. Kate Howard would never swallow Sonny’s BS after the way he treated her. Leaving her on an hospital bed after she got shot at their wedding to go marry Claudia? Blaming her and not Olivia for not telling him about Dante? Explaining her how Brenda was the love of his life? Sorry a classy and brilliant lady like Kate Howard would not buy any of Sonny’s crap anymore.

    This trailer reflects what is not working at GH right now. Two horrible and forced couple. They should have added Carly and Shawn and it would have been a Grand Slam of mediocrity and anti-romance

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    Good lord this once upon a time was a show with decent couples now this is the best they have. They got rid of characters and couples like Dillon/Georgie, Ric/ Alexis, Nikolas/emily, even Carly/Jax for this? Couples with history and good believable build. I guess GH is gone anyway so why does it matter but JMB/Lulu typifies this show. Hard and cold. And Dante is a horrible character. Dominic was fun and likable. Dante smug and self righteous. I never cared for Scrubs but this show is going to be totally vapid once KMc leaves

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