CONFIRMED: Bryan Dattilo Returns to Days Of Our Lives

Soap Opera Digest is reporting Bryan Dattilo has officially come home to Salem. According to SOD, Dattilo will be back on Days Of Our Lives in February 2012. Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng stated:

We are very excited Bryan Dattilo, who has been greatly missed on the show, is back in Salem. The reset of DAYS is about bringing core families back together, rekindling old romances, and sparking new ones.

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    I only been watching since the serial killer story and on, but has this character always been a man child. The horrible writing and the mediocre, or what I have learn has become DAYS acting, acting never made me a fan.

    But putting all of that aside, it does make sense in the nuDAYS universe Lucas “suddenly” appears back in this pivotal moment in his son’s life. Like how Bo and Hope (which are quickly becoming my favorite couple on daytime) are all of a sudden thinking about baby Zack.

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    LUMI FOREVER!!! This is great news! Another smart return by the new writing regime. John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin, Jack, and Lucas—finally, MY Days is back!! :D

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    very happy to hear this as Lucas is both a Horton and a Roberts and a Dimera by marriage, so he is related to so mamy of the currrent characters. with Will’s story, it makes sense that he come back. I also love Bryan Datillo–they just need to give him a good love interest, and not Sami or Nicole–it’s been done. Now, I would love to see Jay Kenneth Johnson come back as Phillip…

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    I may have to watch Days for this. I have not watched the show since I was in high school and used to rush home from school, as Days was my not to miss show. Sami and Lucas were one of my favorite couples. Glad that Brian Datillo is back.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Now if we can get Tanya Boyd back we have a full house. But this is good news. The best news yet. I wonder if Lucas will have a bad reaction to Will’s sexuality. And how will Kate deal with it? It would be fitting for the father to be against it. He could blame Sami for all her whoring around as his “cause” for their son to be “confused.” And then you got Rafe sticking up for Sami, all the while clueless that she was out there sluttin’ with EJ. Cause you can’t make a Chicken-head stop cluckin’!

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    I wonder if Lucas will return to Salem because Sami is not on Will’s side when he comes out.

    DAYS could do a story where Sami is in denial and refuses to accept will, just like on As The World Turns when Lily took Luke’s coming out very badly.

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    I think Sami will be very reactionary and not accepting of Will being gay, and that Lucas will be the more supportive one. Sami is actually a very reactionary and not progressive character, and by Sami, I mean the character, not Alison Sweeney. I think Marlena as well, will be supportive

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    I think it is great that Lucas is coming back but I am not sure if he is gonna be with Sami. I think they should be eachothers best friend. And I think he will be very supportive with Will. Hope he springboards into a different direction. I know that Certain groups love those old relationships like Carrie and Austin and Lucas and Sami, but I am not in the mood for another go round. I think Carrie and Rafe have a good shot at it and Austin and Abbbey are cute together. Lets see what else could be in store for Sami and for Lucas but seperately.

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    Stop “crazy Will”?! WTF?! FINALLY Will is entertaining! I love how he’s sticking it to his bitch of a psycho mom Sami. FINALLY Sami’s reaping what she sowed when she tormented Marlena and John for all those years. DEATH TO SAMI BRADY!!!

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    I agree with Spacebook1. Crazy Will is doing great. Sami is a FLAWED character yet she plays holier than thou quite a bit. The writers are doing a good job of honoring history and propelling story. It’s compelling to have Will struggle with his sexuality but also knock Sami down a few pegs! She has done awful things yet she thinks she’s better. I wish they would bring up the fact that Sami was near death for “killing” Franco Kelly and if I remember correctly, John had her back. I’m not a John fan, but she’s terribly skewed if she thinks John never supported her. I’ve watched on and off for nearly 30 years and know John was a loving father, more than this Roman (I HATE Josh Taylor as Roman, he was always miscast) ever was. So Sami does deserve what she’s getting and that’s the brilliance of the story! A great way to honor history. This is how Days should be written! Lucas coming home adds more depth to the story. Keep up the good work Days!

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    I think he’s incredibly important to the overarching canvas of “Days”; too bad Dena H. tried and succeeded at making him currently irrelevant. If this is more than short-term, I hope Thomas & McPherson find Lucas his niche back. I think he and Sami truly belong together, and a lot of people blame Sheffer for their ultimate ruination, but I think he wrote Lumi, from start to finish, with the best intentions. The issue with his version of them was they just never were or ever are going to be a romantic lead couple and that really messed with them. But I’m fairly certain that the plan was to set Lucas out of jail and proceed with the L/S/EJ triangle with Lumi eventually emerging victorious.

    I think it’s fair to assume that Will coming out springboards this return, and I hope he’s supportive, considering how “othered” Lucas has always been (Sami, too until she became a mainstream long-suffering heroine sometime early on in Higley’s second run). I think it’s great that Thomas and McPherson are smartly integrating Marlena into this story (for reintroduction and relevancy purposes), but Kate needs to become more involved (she’s always been so far up Will’s butt and she’d obviously support anything involving her family, including murder! LOL) and T&McP are MISSING THE MARK by not having Will super close to Austin & Carrie and consequently providing REAL, plausible, very character-driven conflict between them and Sami.

    All JMO :)

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    Maybe Will confides in Lucas about Sami & EJ, not about himself and Lucas been there but knows Sami. Reams Sami’s ass out, but still Lucas is Sami’s best friend this is what makes this relationship strong. Lucas is one man that has truly accepted Sami for Sami. Got have some more Lumi to break those beds, ;) when tearing up the sheets. I think Days is doing a great job with Will and his story involving all interweaving stories. I finally loved the day Will got toasted at the Christmas decorating party and he was being disrespectful to Sami. Let Lucas be a father and still set Will straight about Sami and his dispecting his mother. I liked how Marlena finally spoke up for Sami, regardless that’s her daughter. I love the issues between Sami & Marlena, but at same time I wish Marlena would show some lovin’ to Sami being her mother and give her support regardless Sami’s mouth (apple doesn’t fall far). Will’s story I would like to see his family, Sami & Lucas and immediate family to show support but like EJ, Stefano, have a problem which causes friction with Kate, Chad, maybe some unlikely characters, like Abbey being Gabi’s friend, have Rafe take issue. As far as Patrick & Abbey some chemistry is going on, being much older could setup a great story. Don’t let them just boink and have fallout, build the passion and lusting for each and have real feelings for each other. Fans getting to know these two. They know it’s wrong dealing with there own emotions, J&J will have a huge problem, of course Carrie & Austin separates. Question? Am I the only one seeing the chemistry between Carrie & Rafe…I sure do..Carrie needs to rock his world. This is what happened to Carrie and now Carrie this time is in Sami’s shoes. I would like Sami & Austin just to be friends and not lovers ever, Rafe finds out about EJ, they separate and lusts after Carrie and it’s mutual. Lucas will always be the one man that is Sami’s protector. You would have a fun hot mess with Carrie & Rafe, panting for each, Austin & Abbey, forbidden lust, Lumi steaming up the TV with sweet, soft romantic scenes, and Ejole on the other end. Have Nicole be the last to know and when she does find out, Sami & Nicole is great rivals and love back biting bitches. But the internet gambling story is by far the weakest link and not working, writers need to end it soon and move on, have Chad fall into Melanie’s arms after Chad sees Abbey’s attraction to Austin and he sees his Dimera side wanting revenge on Patrick..again affecting Kate & Stefano. Loving Days right now with all the little scenes Bope talking about Zach, is wonderful. With Billie coming home have Austin, Lucas, Billie start a health gym to concide with Quinn’s spa and Countess W, I loved the scenes with Kate & Sami, yesterday. Have Sami be a diamond in rough and turns into good business woman, her life is falling apart, but she excels in business. Kate takes notice and biding war for Sami, with Madison.

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    ^^ Carrie and Rafe have no chemistry. Carrie belongs with AUSTIN and only Austin. If the new writers are stupid enough to break up Carrie and Austin, they will lose my viewership forever. Not even the return of Lucas will keep me watching.

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    @Spacebook1, yes they do have some chemistry going on, I’m tired of people threatening a show will lose viewers over breaking up couples. This is a true soap staple from the beginning to work their way back into each other arms. I might not always been happy with one my favorites couples spliting up but I’m not one that started to theaten to stop watching a show. I have stopped watching because of the piss poor writing aka Y&R. That’s the person’s choice but to say Days going lose viewers and damage a show is asinine. If this was true soaps we would have not have soaps to last for 70+ years. This is what builds super couples, the yearning for them to reunite and Austin & Carrie is young enough to keep this classic tradition alive. I see you must be enjoying AC (if outed correctly if incorrect my sincerest apology ) and you was one that didn’t want anything to do with DOOL if wasn’t going to written as JER fantasticial story-lines. See, I know when it is your favorite it is so damn hard to give up on your show. You should be damn proud of Days, I’m new viewer and loving the show. It’s the best soap on the air because of the better writing and only getting better so Cheers :beer:

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    I absolutely think it’s time that Austin and Carrie go their seperate ways. The couple has been missfit from the very first start. When Carrie and Austin were first introduced, it was with a recasted Carrie. The audience didn’t like the recast ( I did. I thought she had some spunk and looked the right age to be with someone of Austin’s age and experience.) When the producers brought back Christie Clark the last child actress to play the role, it was decided to continue the story. I did not think it was working at all at this point. She was simply too young and it made Austin look like a pedophile! It wasn’t just her age but her innocence that made it seem well unseemly. That was eventually taken care of with Austin being recast with Austin Peck BUT the new Austin presented a whole new problem. The boy was struggling learning how to act and keep up with the pace of daytime. You could see him reaching to remember his lines and working to find a character but he was absolutely awful. At best he eventually did learn his lines but the character was this sap of a character that was pretty but dense. The primary reason for Austin and Carrie was to provide a target for Sami and Lucas. Sami and Lucas were the team that drove the story and made it even a bit interesting at times. The only story that Austin and Carrie ever had outside of Sami and Lucas was the FauxMike Horton/Carrie/Austin triangle and that was like watching grass grow.

    Harlee I agree with you about Rafe and Carrie. They have a ton of chemistry and that makes both of them more interesting to me. Rafe has grown on me a bit but the problem is that Sami doesn’t respect him. He is her little bitch. I am also loving the Austin/Abby slant as well. She is quite grown up for her age and ready for some hard lovin from a man. I think that Chad and Abby will simply forget they are together one day and wonder off and forget to come back. She will be busy getting into Austin’s jeans and he will be busy kissing Melanie (which I think they are great together too!) I think the new writers KNOW chemistry when they see it. I think one of these new couples could easily breakout to become a supercouple. Heck maybe more than one!

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    Days is spreading the wealth and providing viewers with fantastic drama. All the simmering plots are pretty good and even the ones that aren’t are better than anything else on the air. Who would’ve thought we’d be praising DAYS right now?

    And I agree, Carrie and Austin need to be broken up for a bit. Let her have a one night stand with Rafe and have a child. God knows Sami doesn’t need anymore kids! Also, Sami and EJ having sex was sick yet I couldn’t stop watching. Talk about great soap opera added on by the fact that Will saw the whole thing.

    I just have one gripe….I want Celeste Perrault back!!!!!!

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    Carrie and Austin have been off the canvas for FIVE YEARS and during their last stint, they weren’t happy together until their last MONTH on the show. Carrie and Austin have joined the ranks of Bo and Hope and John and Marlena as supercouples that are so beyond breaking up and love triangles. Carrie and Austin need to be together and happy. Both Bo/Hope and John/Marlena’s current stories prove that you can be married and have interesting, compelling stories. Carrie and Austin went through enough obstacles in the 90s and 2006. They are beyond that. Carrie and Austin need to have a baby together AT LONG LAST. If you want to spice things up, have someone start stalking Carrie and Sami and have it turn out to be Sami’s rapist Alan Harris. Now THAT would be an interesting story.
    As for Rafe, he’s a useless dud of a character. With Lucas coming back (hopefully to reunite with Sami), hopefully Rafe will exit the canvas when he learns Sami cheated on him with EJ. What a waste of airtime!

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    Very happy he is back. I really hope he has his own s/l though and not really involved much with Sami except as a friend. Maybe he met a new girl in Asia when he was there working.

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    Bryan Dattilo’s return is fantastic news! That kid is a bundle of talent who has been Hong Kong limbo for way too long.
    Here’s an off the wall story idea. Lucas and Gabby… Hey, we have to find something for her to do.

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    Lucas and Sami forever! And Carrie and Austin as well. Those are the couples to root for. Rafe, Gabi, Daniel and Melanie are the biggest wastes of airtime on this show and should be fired. They could free up space for a new Sarah Horton and a recast Eric Brady (as a love interest for Nicole—free her from EJ!!).

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    Sami and Lucas were always eachothers backup plan. Everytime Carrie and Austin were around, they were trying to get them instead. When they weren’t around, Sami couldn’t get enough of EJ. When EJ and Sami were off, Sami got Rafe. Sami and Lucas are best friends and cohorts. They are not the love of eachothers lives. Hell the minute Sami met EJ her face lit up like a christmas tree and even Austin’s presence was moot. I certainly don’t think EJ and Sami are the end game either. I think that Sami needs a mature slightly older established man who can be the man she needs but man enough to let her be the woman she wants to be. And so far none of the men in her life has met those needs. EJ is just too cruel. Sami doesn’t respect Rafe as a man. Lucas is a girl (emotionally speaking) and Sami’s mental twin. That she does not need as her man. She needs a mentor and a guide and someone who makes her feel safe and wanted. Someone who can call her on her crap but give her a long leash at the same time. I keep thinking that she is the Rachel Davis of Another World who needs her Mac Cory.

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