Will Lives be Put at Risk on The Bay?

If you’ve missed a single episode of The Bay’s latest season, taking a little break from the rush of the holiday season would be a good way to escape. Remember the spine-chilling The Bay: Confessions of Bay City featuring Matthew Ashford as Steve Jensen? What sinister plot does Steve Jensen have up his sleeve on this week’s episode of The Bay ? Watch it after the jump!

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    How does this show keep getting better and better?! The mystery continues every week, but there’s more added drama all the time! I love it!

    I want to scream at my computer, “Lee, don’t go!”

    Can’t wait for another installment!

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    Myst Stied

    I am thoroughly enjoying The Bay. I love the cast( Love, love Tristan)It just keep getting better and better. Am intrigued with all the stories. I just wished it was longer and more Tristan, of course(I need lots of Tristan lol) But so, far every episodes leaves me wanting more.

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    Sarah M.

    WHOA!! did Nicolas Coster Just blow you away or what!!??Silly me , at first i actually thought we were gonna see a blooper reel before i realized he was just giving an excellent performance lol. NOOOO Dont go Lee!!! That Steve Jensen is a Sneaky one isnt he. I really hope Lee doesnt get caught up in his Delivish ways and become a victim of Steve Jensens’s Madness.I am Biting my nails..PLEASE tell be Lee avoids the worst!!!….i’ll be sweating up a storm from anxiety until next week Phew!!!!

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    Oh boy Gregori J. Martin is a master at delivering cliffhangers !!
    I wish it was next Thursday already !!!
    Matt Ashford was outstanding as the diabolical Steve Jensen, TICK TOCK !!!
    Mary Beth Evans as Sara and Paul Satterfield as Lee are wonderfull to watch in scenes together.
    Jade Harlow’s Lianna and Martha Madison’s Marly are a must see.
    Charles Shaughnessy as Elliot and Nicolas Coster as Jack, doesnt get much better with these two fantastic actors bringing their characters to life.
    This show blows the network soaps out of the water.
    There is so much to like about this show, it is a credit to everyone involved.

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    Wow. Ok. Perfect storytelling and top-notch quality. I’m bewildered at how they do it. Slicksters. Especially Gregori at the helm of this entire show. From start to finish, my face never left the screen. The cast, characters, writing, and look all have me going silly!! :bigsmile: Bravo folks, bravo.

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    Loved all of it. Great performances from all the actors. Can’t wait for the next one. I didn’t want it to end and I can’t wait to see what happens next. More please!

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