Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives Return: “Feels Very Full Circle”

It seems like Days of Our Lives' current storylines just got a bit hotter. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed news The Huffingtoon Post broke two months ago, Lisa Rinna is back at DAYS. Rinna stated:

I have done reality shows, talk shows and I thought, what a great way to come back and play a character that I love to play so much. Feels very full circle — like a new old chapter.

Rinna's first airdate is March 8.

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    Excited! I hope they hook up Billie and Daniel so my Jack and Jenn can reunite!

    I just hope Billie isn’t betraying Kate by working with Madison…ugh!

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    I always liked Lisa as Billie. I enjoyed her spunky portrayal of the character. She wsa fun. The problem will be finding a love interest for her. Certainly not Bo. Rafe is no fun. He needs to be with equally not fun Carrie. I don’t see an EJ-Billie story. Daniel is a drag. Maybe Brady. I could see a Madison/Brady/Billie story.

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    Not excited by this return as well. DAYS is good right now and the canvas is full. There is no room for Billie and no need for the character. The last two recasts floundered because there is little story to tell with the character. Also, Lisa Rinna’s return as Lauren Koslow’s daughter will look absurd (even by soap standards.)

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    [quote=marknsprmo]Rafe is no fun. He needs to be with equally not fun Carrie. [/quote]

    Wrong. Carrie is one half of the “Carrie/Austin” supercouple and belongs with Austin and only Austin. That’s like saying Marlena should be with Bo…LOL! How anyone can dislike Carrie (especially with Austin) is beyond me. Christie Clark is a joy to watch, and Carrie and Austin are the reason I’m back to watching Days after a 5-year absence.

    As for Billie, I could also get behind pairings with EJ or Brady.

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    [quote=soapbaby]Also, Lisa Rinna’s return as Lauren Koslow’s daughter will look absurd (even by soap standards.)[/quote]

    They already played mother and daughter when Lisa came back in 2002 and they looked just fine.

    I think the character of Billie is a bit played out, BUT I love the Reed/Roberts family and am looking forward to having all the original kids back (sorry Deborah Adair, but Lauren is far superior as Kate). Plus, Billie can pick up Daniel or Rafe and pave the way for the Jack/Jenn or Lucas/Sami reunions!

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    OK so looks like I will be watching days right after OLTL goes off. Thanks Lisa. That will help out my desperation from losing AMC and OLTL. I hope she dosent have one foot at the door. I want her to stay. Well, I want her to be happy.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @spacebook1: Carrie and Austin a supercouple? In what universe? They were never a supercouple. And at this moment most fans when you look around and ask don’t mind them being split apart. In fact the #1 comment about this couple has been that they’d rather them move on to different lovers then keep them together.

    Look the majority of the fans don’t like Alistaircrane’s Days. We like the current Days and love what they are doing. That means no vapid teens taking away precious screen-time from beloved vets. No repeating the same lines for the next whole month. No waiting for sweeps months for a story to move along. No endless coo’ing and ou’ing. No strange kidnappings and black gloved villains.

    We have a smart, intelligent, thought-provoking soap. Something that few fans believed was possible until it happened.

    I for one always argued that Days didn’t have to be the laughing stock of the industry. That you didn’t have to make exceptions for it. I knew that if you had writers who knew what made soaps great since their inception on the radio and moved away from the as Harlee called them “progressive” stories (lol…That was the most diplomatic way of saying it Harlee), that Days could rival Y&R. And look at it now. It is flying high by doing things the right way. Not short-term ratings tricks!

    So at least if an when the hour glass makes its final turn it will have went out in style. Not a hot mess!

    And in a play on the words of sami Brady “Some may be fooled by your tricks in the forum. But I know who you are.”

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    I enjoyed some of what J.E.R. did with Days in the nineties. I even found it inside me to tolerate some of the stuff created by DH–this can stand for Dena Higley or Damn Hack; take your pick–. But it is just not good TV to have characters spend seven weeks having the same conversation with almost exactly the same lines of bad dialogue, break up the dialogue with some shocking event, then go right back to more godawful dialogue.

    Thank God these writers appear to realize that.

    Re Billie’s return: I don’t completely dislike it. I just find it hard to care about Kate’s two older kids, Austin and Billie.

    I do love playing the Return Game; but I also think the show now has enough actors from that generation (Bo, Hope, Melissa, Jack, Austin, Rafe, Carrie, etc.) IMO, it needs to focus on strengthening its young adult and teen base by creating good, exciting story for Will, Chad, Abby, and that crowd.

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    See I’m just the opposite. I’d rather the focus be on the “old heads” (as my Granny would say lol). Marlena, John, Stefano, Kate, Victor, Maggie, Bo, Hope, Abe, and Lexie should be carrying Days. The teens, with the exception of Will, do nothing for me. I’d rather see them once a week in a minor storyline.

    If they want young teens, I say age Ciara and Theo so they can get their interracial dating on as Will leaps out the closet. Talk about drama for your Momma the day Ol Man Dimera finds out his grandson is hooked up with Bo Brady’s daughter….

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    akbad806, we actually don’t disagree that much. I love stories that feature mature adults like Marlena, Kate, Victor, etc. The show really should bring back Tanya Boyd as Lexie’s crazy, psychic mother Celeste.

    I think half of Day’s wardrobe budget was spent on her outfits. :)

    The younger set need to have strong story, IMO. That’s really the only way I can stand seeing any of them on screen.

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    I don’t know if Celeste was a gold digger but she wasn’t messin wit no broke…watch yo mouth!

    Ms. Perrault was the fierecest sistah to waltz through Salem and we want her back. I know I pissed everyone off by suggesting they kill Lexie off in another thread, but that’s the only way we’d get Celeste back. Hell, I’d even put Billie and Lucas back on the shelf to hear “Dah’ling” again!

    Maybe make Celeste a bitch and give us a touch of JER’s version of DAYS without going too far. Just have her poisoning Stefano or plotting with EJ to win the election.

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    Akbad, I totally agree! I am only watching Days for the supercouples: John/Marlena, Carrie/Austin, Jack/Jennifer, Bo/Hope, and soon, Sami and Lucas. I couldn’t care less about the teens or any of the other characters. Days needs to keep its focus on the characters we love and are familiar with (the vets). The past three years have been too much about NEW characters or YOUNG characters, and they aren’t who I want to see or who I care about.
    Anyway, my fave characters (Carrie, Austin, John, Marlena, Jack, Lucas) are back on the show, so I am content.
    Now the show needs to focus on cutting dead weight like Taniel, Melanie, Rafe, Gabi, Madison and Roman.

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    Days was at its best under JER in the 90s. I find it hard to truly enjoy the new Days because these new writers lack the creativity that JER had to really make the stories pop. Fortunately, they have good taste in characters and brought back all my faves, especially Carrie and Austin. Right now, Carrie and Austin are the only reason I’m tuning in to Days—I just hope the new writers continue to do right by them.
    P.S. I am very excited to see Lisa and Patrick interact as Billie and Austin for the first time since 1995!

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    With Bryan Datillo returning just about a week before Lisa, I wonder if there is a Roberts/Reed crisis that brings them back to Salem. Could Kate or Austin be in danger? Does Will’s self-destructive behaviour catch up with him? Hmm…!!

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    SoapArmageddon, I agree about young cast. Days has a strong younger cast to work with but lacks the right story to show off their talents. Maybe it’s coming now this gawd awful web betting sight story. It did accomplish something to move forward, with Chad & Melanie, Gabi dealing with Will. They need a good story to show off their talents with stories of each of there ages. they are all college age or close, do story about about wide spread exam cheating (all over the news) have a big scandal @ Salem U. aka Penn State type scandal, to coincide with Will’s story, which could help him coming out to support the victims, have Sonny get Will involved. It would daring, and timely. Make it huge scandal as Penn State and the outrage of Salemites. Days could bring in a big name Jerry Ver Dorn as the coach for the story arc (6 months to yr. to set up story correctly) and end in murder?

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    Why would Cassie and Rex come back? They aren’t really Kate’s children, not in any way that counts. They are genetically-engineered pod people. Kate didn’t carry or raise those twins, so they don’t have any bond to speak of. I am glad Cassie and Rex have been swept under a rug because those characters (and that story) was embarrassing.

    Harlee, “strong younger cast”?! What show are you watching?! The three boys are good, but the girls are awful. Melanie is just dreadful. Abigail is woefully miscast and should be recast with a talented actress, and Gabi is just a waste of airspace, especially now that Will is gay. I have no interest in the teens—just give me my SUPERCOUPLES and I’ll be happy!

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    I’m glad Lisa is back as Billie, so good to see all of these faves coming back. I too will have to watch Days when OLTL goes off.
    About the younger set, I’m sorry but Melanie gets on my nerves. Especially when she laughs and acts goofy. I didn’t like her when she played a bitch and I don’t like her when she plays sweet either.

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    Jack belongs with Jennifer, not Billie. So not only would Billie be hated by Bo/Hope fans, she’d also have to face the wrath of Jack/Jennifer fans! If they want Billie to be a viable character, she can’t be hated by such large fanbases. Pair Billie with Daniel and all the Jack/Jenn fans like me become instant Dillie fans!

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    Carly’s return was unwarranted, there was no connection to the current canvas and she hadn’t been on decades, hooking her up with Bo was out of left field. As much as folks want to feel Jack & Jennifer need an instant reunion, the minute that happens the will be back burned. Jack left his wife & children to follow a dangerous story & ended up paying a dear price for it, but it doesn’t negate what he did or his pattern of leaving his family in the past. I’m not saying you don’t eventually bring jack & Jennifer together, or that Billie & Daniel wouldn’t work, what I’m saying is an instant reunion and hookup has no routing factor. It makes perfect sense for down & out jack to find friendship & perhaps more with Billie because he and Jen are divorced and she is in love with somebody else. That storyline is not forced and Billie is a character we have seen & one with her entire family in town. I would rather see a good quad that pulls each part equally than instant hookups & reunions.

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    Bo/Hope, John/Marlena, and Carrie/Austin are just a few married couples who are married and still exciting, so that’ a fallacy that Jack and Jenn would be backburnered when they reunited. Good writers can tell good stories with married couples if they are talented writers.

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