DC #654: Reindeer Games

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels dive into the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Prospect Park’s latest statement about resurrecting All My Children and One Life to Live, in an article with Variety. OLTL’s Fraternity Row reflects the show’s own plight. Gigi returns to Paris Texas. Bryan Dattilo officially returns to Days of Our Lives. Chad and Melanie are kidnapped. Deacon and Nikki get married on The Young and the Restless. Victor frames himself to protect Nikki. Is Sharon a fool to let Adam get anywhere near her again? Jackie M steals designs from Forrester Creations on The Bold and the Beautiful. Katie’s insecurities about Steffy moving in on her husband continue to surface. Could General Hospital be more boring than it already is? Does anyone care about who killed Lisa?


All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!




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5 Responses

  1. Profile photo of dede261

    I love Sharon and Adam. They are super hot and complicated. I am tired of the regular mill of boring couples on young restless that have no spark. at least with Sharon and Adam you never know what is coming next. With soaps dying they are a breath of fresh air. They have the spark and are fantastic. Adam is flawed but I continue to root for him. He is a grey character and Sharon only makes him better

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I honestly don’t know what to think of Sharon and Adam. I thought after he destroyed that memory card or at least let it disappear, I’m through with them … but they have this really unique vibe that kind of gets me.

    Michael and Sharon are both amazing in their performances and even though the character of Sharon has been brutally damaged, I don’t think that the love Sharon has for Adam destroys her more. In my mind, Sharon has always been damaged … and I think her rivalry with Phyllis and this stupid story around Skye’s murder & farmer Sam was what really put the character on an assassination tour.^^

  3. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    The Save Fraternity Row storyline on OLTL is just awesome. Great history and so funny. And very sadly, so bittersweet now that the PP deal seems dead. But I’m still glad they went there. It’s a gift to the fans and a great show of solidarity and acknowledgment to all us soap fans!

  4. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    BB: The stolen designs last time w/Amber Nick & Jackie wasn’t on board. They were appalled now its a different story….Stephanie/Jackie interaction was good esp since they were good friends.

    I agree w/Luke & Jillean I also prefer the Steffy Bill interaction too. I too find Katie / Bill alone boring but they seem to be setting up the drama. I’ve always liked Bill’s storyline.

    Y/R: Always wanted Deacon/Niki storyline; because I like their (MS/SK) acting off each other.

    I have to catch up on Days I’m really behind.

    GH is dull (a mess) I can’t take it either there is no juicy storylines going on I its because IMO. They will not break up their cookie cutter couples. Its certain things GH just will not step outside the lines for drama. I can see why Steve Burton said (at his PA) is his character is an embarrassment to him now. NLG (Alexis) is just Jason/Sam propping/pimping…so she has no storyline of her own hopefully Ron C. will do something with it….

  5. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    I LOVE the Fraternity Row storyline on OLTL. It’s such a smart and funny valentine to soap fans everywhere. Of course, it’s now more bitter than sweet following the Prospect Park bail out, but I’m still glad they “went there.” To see Llanview’s diehard soap fans saying what we all feel is beautiful. Thank you, Ron and thank you, Irene for bringing the passion of Roxy to our cause.

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