Kirsten Storms Hopeful For GH Return in New Year

My prayer and candlelight vigils have been working! General Hospital fan favorite Kirsten Storms  tweeted her hope of returning to General Hospital in 2012.


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    Jon ICAM – I know most people didnt really warm to jen but I did. Yeah, shes no kirsten but I thought she has done a heck of a job. I might feel differently if Kirsten was shoved out like the did with lexi, but this recast was a necessary one.

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    First I don’t care for the character. Too annoying. Anyone acting like that IRL would never have the job she has. I also think this girl is doing a better job. Glad she is feeling better but could care less to have her on my screen again.

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    Yay…I am so happy to hear something from her…I was really beginning to worry…I miss her twittering and her on GH! I want her to be fully well and healthy no matter what the problem is but I still miss her…plus I want her to come back taping so I can stop having to see Jen play Maxie…she’s making me hate Maxie and through it all I’ve never really hated Maxie for long but this chick is making me FF through Maxie scenes.:(

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