Sean Kanan OUT at The Young and the Restless

Just when things were starting to get interesting in Genoa City, Maria done put the kibosh on it. Say goodbye to Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe) on The Young and the Restless. The actor announced via Twitter:

Is it possible Kanan will return to Genoa City in the future?  The actor tweeted:

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    Somewhere out there Tristan Rogers is thinking, “welcome to my World.” Unless your name is Genie Francis, Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, or Peter Bergman MAB & company aren’t interested in writing for you.

    Maybe Sean Kanan can cry and carry on the way Daniel Goddard did when he got his walking papers. Regrettably that seemed to work for him.

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    I will never understand why people loved the writing for Tristan Rogers on Y&R. I think he can be very happy that he got out. Besides his chemistry with Jill, Colin was an awful written character.

    As for Sean Kanan, I hope he makes his way back to LA ASAP. I would love Deacon getting back in to the lives of Brooke, Bridget, Rick, Jackie and most of all, Hope.
    I’m not really sad to see him leave. On Y&R, he always was a secondary character and used by the writers mood.

    Just sad to get a news like this around Christmas. :( Hope Sean is well…

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    I hate to see anyone lose their job but AMEN and thank You, God! because this storyline has gone from bad to worse. Now if we could just get rid of MAB, the REAL problem…

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    Junkie, as a HUUUUGE Tristen Rogers Fan, It was indeed the writing (IMO) that made Colin’s storyline flop (And, lets all be honest here, Genie was a WRECK her first few weeks. I still can’t figure all that bizzare-ness out. Anyhoo, it just seemed very “Cartoonish”.

    I think a lot of us know that, with the right storyline, Tristen coulda been gold (I.E. never had made him “Colin” but with Cane around, they HAD to link the 2 Aussie’s together)

    I am bummed to see SK go. I stated yesterday I LOVE Deacon and Nikki!

    And it really makes CRAP Sense when we still have the following:
    The American Idol Girl.
    The Mafia Baffoon
    The Girl from Fresh Prince of Bel Air
    Ricky William (HORRIBLE!! and Ditto if that Cardboard Box, Chance returns)
    DAISY!!!!!!!!! (I can’t believe I managed to type that without crying)

    I hope for his return someday….

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    I love this guy, and would love to see him back on B&B! For me that is where he belongs. He is Hopes daddy, and we all know that girl needs one!! B&B needs someone that is not a Forrester to come along for a Logan too!

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    Pffff, MAB’s promises of leaving a storyline open are as reassuring as tales of the tooth fairy. Tristan is still waiting for the phone to ring. Bell’s writing is so cartoonish, but the Colin/Cane story has so much promise- and then Bell ruined what coulda been. The Colin/Jill story was why I kept watching, waiting for those glimpses of them making gold outta muck. My Christmas wish list: #1 For Sony to replace Bell with an actual writer and #2 for Tristan to come back and an actual writer continue the “what coulda been” between Colin and Cane.

    I found this funny video about Bell/Sony and Y&R. So funny, yet so true:

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    He sounds pissed, and who can blame him? Y&R finally gets interesting with Nikki back and Deacon with her and then they do this. Aren’t the dropping ratings a hint that there needs to be some changes? Like keeping Deacon and Nikki together and bringing Victoria Rowell as Drucilla again.
    I agree he should go back to B&B or GH where he’ll be more appreciated.

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]I would love to see him back as AJ, his version was my favorite and actually seemed like he could be jasons brother.[/quote]

    I could not agree more.

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    Sorry to hear anyone before Christmas to lose their job, its cruel…Calling Brad Bell. he knows and he needs Deacon now on canvas because of his children. There is so much story for him on B&B and could use his acting abilities. Bradley Bell you need to hire SK..immediately. There are so many possible love interests on B&B and triangles w\Deacon. I just hope Maria doesn’t decide to off Deacon or have him as the killer of Diane because I don’t trust MAB. This could have been a directive from Sony, cut the FAT, they will have make some cuts somewhere. Their advertising revenue based on sweeps for November is in the toilet. Y&R performed worst then any other soaps during sweeps and losing thousands upon thousands of viewers. This might be the nail in Murdering Maria’s coffin because of the epic failure in November. CBS could be pressuring Sony…lets pray changes are coming in a big way. Send Deacon home to B&B, I persoally love to see him and Katie sizzle together and let Amber and Katie go at it too in catfight department. AF is better actor then Steffy (don’t know her name) could be good soap.

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    I love Sean Kanan, so this is disappointing news. Deacon spices up an otherwise bland show. Maybe he can return to B&B and spice things up for Amber and Hope! If that happens, I just hope B&B doesn’t just ignore Deacon’s Y&R history like they’ve done with Amber…

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    B&B needs Deacon to spice things up. The show’s been boring as hell lately. Deacon’s return would affect virtually every character on the canvas and the stories would practically write themselves.

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    DEACON should to B&B! and have a short term storyline of getting into a hot story with Brooke with meeting his daughter Hope he never met and yeah, a suprise visit to Bridget! Amber would be hating him more to see him in LA after what he did to her in Genoa City…and than a slap in the face from Stephanie….and Jackie can see an old friend…..HOW about a murder mystery of WHO KILLED DEACON?! NOW that would be LOTS of flashbacks from the old days when Deacon was dress in Black and sleeping around with all the women! Love flashbacks of Deacon with so many people who hated him in LA…he wanted to see Hope who is really a Deacon Sharpe’s daughter not a Forrester! Everyone would have wanted him dead for coming close to Deacon…but Steffy! Steffy would bring Deacon to LA to make Hope miserable!

    Who KILLED DEACON SHARPE? a great storyline!


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    Brad Bell needs to bring him back to B&B ASAP! The timing couldn’t be better. Can you imagine the look on Brooke’s face if he were to pop up in LA wanting to be in Hope’s life? It would be awesome!

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    It would be great if he came back to Bold and the Beautiful and help his daughter out. I’d love to see him take Steffy and drug, abuse and piss all over her face. Make that bitch small. Come on’, you can do it, Deacon, the Preacher man.

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    Y/R hires all these actors then won’t write for them; still sorry to see him go I always like his storylines esp w/Nikki they have great onscreen chemistry. I guess they’ll stick her back w/Victor ho-hum.

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    Deacon is one of the ONLY consistently interesting characters on Y&R, and his surprise marriage/chemistry with Nikki and Melody Thomas Scott are one of the few bright spots in this show, which seems to be on a subtle upswing lately!

    Oh well…….I’ve learned not to get too attached to a good thing where Maria Bell is concerned. She always ruins a good thing.

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