Will Robin Tell Patrick The Truth on GH?

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) has been struggling with her secret and keeping it from Patrick (Jason Thompson). Will Jason (Steve Burton) be able to convince Robin to tell her husband the truth?  Meanwhile, after agonizing viewers for what seems like forever, it looks like Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu’s (Julie Marie Berman) will-they-or-won’t-they get married drama is finally over. Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump!

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    Do we even know the truth?
    I can’t help but wonder, if Kimberly changes her mind about leaving now that GH is being handled by another area of abc along with known and respected writers.

    Should she still exit, yes Patrick will find out at the 11th hour. Isn’t that how things are done on soaps??

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    sometimes bad shows or movies can have promos that still look good. sometimes shows are so bad that even the promos can’t seduce the viewer. gh falls into the latter.

    i feel so deeply for KM as she must endure the assassination of a character she’s played since early childhood. she certainly isn’t the first character i’ve had to mourn because of stupidly poor writing, but this one hurts a little more because of Robin’s long standing history with the show.

    And to think that we have so many characters acting out of character just to fit into one of the worst plots in this show’s history. The only good thing that came from this story was that it was so bad ABC finally gave Phelps her walking papers. A decade too late but I suppose better late than never.

    I have a feeling that FV and RC will come in and convince KM to stay. After all, they don’t have many non-serial killer characters left to work with. And they certainly don’t have too many left with KM’s connection to the canvas and with so many viewers.

    How I wish FV and RC would give a Holiday interview and detail their plans for the death of the mob in PC, with their plans to ship off all of PC’s serial killers to jail. Dear Santa, that’s what I want under my tree this year.

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    See and all I could read to was the part that Would Jason convince her…..REALLY?!?!?!?!

    I have to be subjected to Jason being in this story too. Isn’t he too busy with all the PAIN HE suffered during the Maybe Rape.

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    @ Ravenite—Amen! we always get to see Jason and Sonny’s faux-pain as they are inserted needlessly into storyline after storyline. And we are supposed to believe that Jason is so distraught because a violent crime may have been committed against Sam? Doesn’t Jason kill people for a living? How much of his “pain” can the thinking viewer endure before we start asking ourselves about the pain Jason has put out into the world?

    They missed the chance to redeem the Jason character or at least make him interesting when they backed out of the “who will Jason be?” storyline. As poorly as this character has been written for so long, the only thing that can save him in my eyes if he gets Jason Q’s conscience back and starts to accept responsibility for being Sonny’s b***h for the past decade.

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    Actually, this is one of the few stories where I think Jason and Sonny should be a major part of the story. Sonny has supported Robin since before she was diagnosed with HIV, and Jason helped her deal with Stone’s death and her own diagnosis. They should be there for her now if she is going to die.

    I agree that the gruesome twosome are over used in many stories, but I can see their connection to this one.

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    Raven I could just KISS you!! JS I do agree that jason and sonny have a special connection to robin, but I will say this, if I see more of jason agonizing over robins health than I see of robin Im going to GRRRRRRR. Isnt sam’s rape being all about Jason ENOUGH? Even jakes death was all about Jason. I hope to god that RC understands that the majority of the audience watches for the female characters. Those stories should have predominantly been about Robin, Sam, and Liz respectively and if they take the focus off robin the same way the did the last two times I am going to lose my mind.

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    Oh, I definitely agree that Robin should be the focus of this story, then Patrick. Then the reactions of family and friends should come into play. I just understand why she would go to Jason for help. He has been on this journey with her off and on since the beginning…and it’s probably easier to say it to him than to tell the person she loves the most in the world (Patrick).

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