Finola Hughes Returns as Part of Robin’s Exit Story on General Hospital

There's no secret Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) could use a little "Love" in her life. Good thing TV Guide is reporting the character's super spy mother Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is on her way back to Port Chuck.

Reportedly, while the actress is returning as part of Robin's depressing exit storyline, Hughes could be staying longer. Here's hoping Anna kicks Robin's cheating husband Patrick (Jason Thompson) square in his nads for causing her little girl all this heartache!


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    I have not been the biggest fan of Robin because I find the character sanctimonious and pious at times, but I do love Kimberly. This storyline started out horrendously with the HIV needle as a weapon, but now this is the only story I am not forwarding through and it’s solely due to KMcC.

    I need to stock up on tissues too. The lead up is making me teary already. Aside from the drama and superb acting, it’s making me sad on so many levels. Kimberly is my age and I started watching the show in the 90’s so it’s making me wistful to remember the days when GH was great, but it’s also metaphorical in that GH (and network soaps) are dying a slow, painful death. I know. I have faith in Ron and Frank, but the end is near. That makes it tough.

    I must say I found yesterday’s show socially informative in a way it hasn’t been in a while. I had no idea how the mechanics of cocktails worked. How frightening. It’s also ironic because I just read recently that people with HIV are living longer. I hope they don’t kill her and they have a soap out.

    I need to finally sit down and read the Robin Diary I bought a few years back.

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    I hope that Ron and Frank are already talking to Kimberly about a return to the show. We know she hasn’t left because she suddenly wants to be a full time director … moments before her show is about to get canceled.

    I also hope that Hughes sticks around and Tristan Rogers isn’t far away. Would be great to have the Scorpios back. :)

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    Great I’m getting depressed already!!! Hope Finola does stay longer, we would love that. Can we get Tristan to come back, too? Frank and Ron make it happen!!!

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    I cannot stop balling when I watch KM. They better bring back TR for her death as well. This whole thing sucks and is so depressing. I hate it. And KS better be back as Maxie as well.

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    So happy that Finola is coming back to wrap up Robin’s story. As for trying to keep KMc on for longer, I just feel that bridges have been long burned and there is no turning back.

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    I love Ms. Hughes. Have to say that and get it out of the way. I love the old Anna as much as I have loved any character on this show. And I’ve been watching since I was six years old.

    That being said. I have mixed feelings about Robin’s storyline being dictated to the viewers because the former powers that be gave her such horrendous stuff to act that she felt she had to leave.

    I respect KM’s choice to move on. God knows we could all see it on her face when the syringe story aired. I just wish we could get a resolution based on what would be character driven rather than driven by the soap killers who forced this beloved actress off the show.

    I can handle death on GH. God knows I cried for weeks watching the BJ storyline play out. But when death is simply used as a way to end an actor’s contract, it doesn’t feel organic. So here’s hoping RC, a man with no history at GH, can figure out how to handle this better than JFP and her lousy writers have for the past decade.

    God how I wish Robin’s exit could be written by Claire Labine!

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    Crying too….I don’t know how I am going to get through this story. TR better come back also…It would be far more poignant if he did. I love Anna & Robert, Frisco & Felicia…those were the glory days.

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    I’m glad Finola is returning to the canvas, I only wish that they give her storyline worthy of her fine talent. I really hope they don’t kill Robin. Ever since Robin put baby Emma in that tree, things went south with this character’s storyline. I’d rather she take off for Paris for treatment or something. I’m worried about what part of the storyline has been dictated to remain by the former IIC that recently departed. That syringe storyline was disgusting.

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    I grew up with Robin, so this will be very difficult for me to watch. With that said, I do hope Ron/Frank will be the ones to handle the departure. No one but Kimberly could play the role of Robin. I am so appreciate of all the years Kimberly gave us Robin and wish her the very best with directing. It has always been something she has been interested in!

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    I wasn’t watching GH during the Asian Quarter storyline with Robin but I was watching during the Casey the Alien story. Seeing Robin die if that’s what they are going to do will be hard.

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    I hope Anna sticks around and fights with Carly. I always wanted to see those two tangle. If Tristan Rogers can’t return, maybe they’ll bring Duke back from the dead and make him a partner with Sonny. What is Ian Buchanan doing anyway?

    I have a lot of hope with the Carlavati coming on board.

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