Sean Kanan Will Be Back on Young and Restless Next Spring

Looks like The Young and the Restless' Maria Arena Bell had a change of heart re: letting Sean Kanan go. The actor announced via Twitter:

This news comes 24 hours after Kanan tweeted he was being let go from the show.

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    Too bad the bitch couldn’t extend the same courtesy to Tristan Rogers. I guess Deacon is easier to write for. We wouldn’t want Ms. Bell to destroy what few brain cells she has left.

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    Restless Fan

    Unfortunately that means Maria Bell is sticking around too. I still hope for her and Sheffer’s termination to be announced one day real soon. Soap Digest just named Y&R most disappointing show of 2011. Time to get this show back on track!!! Our girl MAB is not the one with the brains or creative prowess to do it. Come on CBS/SONY time to start saving this show instead of trying to sink it.

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    I was hoping for ABC’s announcement of “The Return of the Real AJ”, of course he’s not on contract with Y&R so I’m not giving up, Santa could still put him under my tree.

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    Here’s my theory…MAB originally had no plans to bring him back, yet when the interweb went nuts about SK going to GH….MAB decided to “create” a story just to keep him away from GH. Similar to what I think she is doing with GF.

    Just a theory…but I like it.

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    MAB is a hack and seems very manipulative. Plus, her executive skills aren’t very good since the show looks visually unappealing lately. The sets are blah, makeup and hair look ridiculous, and don’t get me started on wardrobe. Sofia’s wedding dress made her look like a damn ornament and Harmony’s head rag is laughable.

    As to the rehire of Sean Kanan, it is a power play. TPTB don’t want to see any of their castaways on another soap so they do these horrible rewrite to cover their asses (Daniel Goddard for instance). Now, I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of Dikki, but not at the expense of plot driven drivel. The whole blackmail marriage sucks and hasn’t really moved storyline along. Just another excuse for Victor to sulk and make poor decisions, like pitting Adam and Nick against each other at Newman. Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!!

    We want to like this soap, but MAB and her cronies are making it rather difficult. Ratings are at an all time low….

    I’d seriously consider calling Victoria Rowell if I were Sony….

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    My wife and I thought that Sofia looked better at the apartment in the dress that she had on, than the one she wore to the wedding. You are really right about Haromony and the headband too. I always blame the actress for the headband though, it is like they are too darn lazy to shampoo and do something with their hair, so they just throw anything on their head to get by and we all suffer because of it.

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    [quote=thecourt99]Here’s my theory…MAB originally had no plans to bring him back, yet when the interweb went nuts about SK going to GH….MAB decided to “create” a story just to keep him away from GH. Similar to what I think she is doing with GF.[/quote]

    I was actually thinking this too. Anything is possible. With the change over at GH, I could see them wanting to bring back some vets to try and get some of their viewership. GF, I’m sure, is at the top of their list.

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    Guess I don’t see the problem with Sophia.
    Maybe just give her a bit more to do.

    Besides, Neil is going to start falling for Harmony pretty soon. Plus Drucilla is going to escape from her hillbilly captives. Then poor Mr. Winters is going to have ever so much of a dilemma to contend with.

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    I’m a huge fan but frankly MAB has the same pattern every time his storyline gets rocking he disappears the last time when he got w/Niki here comes Victor then he’s gone….same thing during the art storyline w/Amber it gets kickin’ boom he’s gone… when she has a winner storyline she nips it at the bud just when it takes off…

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