Daytime Confidential Top 20, November 2011


No. 14: Victoria Rowell, The Young and the Restless

Former The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell edged up one spot from No. 15 in October to No. 14 on November’s Daytime Confidential Top 20.


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ooooh Shemar! Hot Damn!! Glad to see a few GH'ers representing on the list too Smile

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Any list with Shemar is a good list to me! Nice that people are concerned about the actresses health issues. No 1 and 2 Jeanne and Kristen! Hope they get well soon! I never really understood this list. I know it's part popularity, part news, part love to hate 'em. It is such a mishmash of people! I would love to see an actual popularity poll in which we rank the top 20 soap stars or something like that.

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Like "marknsprmo", I never really understood this list. I really enjoy Shemar on Criminal Minds, but not see it having anything to do with this show and to have that frumpy picture of that has been, Victoria Rowell even be shown here is beyond reasoning. She has not been on anything in so long that it makes no sense to show her here. Y and R, will never have her back on their show, so why does someone print pics of her on here. She looks almost as good here as she did in her OBAMER dress.