Is Barbara Walters Retiring Next Year?

Say it ain't so, Babs! TMZ is reporting Barbara Walters may be hanging up her mic for good next year (Editor's Note: Shoulda happened five years ago). The site claims Walters had just finished interviewing President Barack Obama when the announcement slipped out. TMZ alleges while Walters was taking a break from shooting the interview, she leaned over and said to the Prez, 

I need one more interview with you because I'm retiring next year." 

Unfortunately for B.W., her mic was open when she made this revelation, while groups of people were listening! Walters never specified what exactly she was retiring from. As well as being a co-host and executive producer for The View, Walters also contributes to ABC News and host specials for the alphabet network.

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    I wish she would retire…Her attitude is so off-putting..She acts like she’s the queen of everything and the ultimate authority…ugghh humility is not her strong suit..very snobby..and isn’t she over 80!!??

  2. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    The other night when she was on Letterman, coming out of the commercial break in her second segment, you could hear her talking to Dave about retirement (I have a hunch he’s leaving next year, too).

    I’ve been a fan of hers forever, but I’ve noticed how tired she’s seemed over the past year. ABC should let her decide special by special whether she wants to keep doing those prime time shows, but she really should retire from The View. The conversation is always too restrained and subdued when she’s on.

  3. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    Why five years ago? I’d sooner see Elizabeth Hasslebeck call it a night. I haven’t watched The View in ages, so not sure how BW is faring on the show. Part of the charm of the show is seeing how nutty the woman from 20/20 actually is. My Friday night staple growing up was 2 hours of TGIF and then 20/20.

    I do like BW the newswoman. She interviewed the Syrian president recently, so she’s still got it. And she guest hosted This Week one Sunday and I thought she was better than George Stephanwhatever or Christianne Amanwhatever. I also kinda miss her Oscar specials.

  4. Profile photo of ktuc

    I’m awaiting the day to dance when she does retire! I can’t stand the woman and how everyone sucks up to her! I was hoping when they acquired Katie Couric that she would eventually fade out!

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    Im glad i’m not the only one who dislikes this woman. She insults almost all her guests, and takes credit for everyone’s career. Her credibility is shot, The View is the worst program on TV.

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