One Life To Live’s Ilene Kristen Sounds Off on Failed Prospect Park Deal

One Life To Live funny gal Ilene Kristen doesn't mesh words about Prospect Park's botched deal to relocate the fictional citizens of Llanview and Pine Valley to the web. Kristen spoke with TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan about the whole catastrophy, as well as her fun, final storyline for OLTL revolving around the demise of soap-within-a-soap Fraternity Row.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of master plans, what's your take on the Prospect Park fiasco?
Kristen: Did they have a master plan? Why would they start a project to save the soaps and then have it fizzle out like that? When Prospect Park said they weren't continuing with All My Children, I absolutely assumed it was because they wanted to put all their eggs in one basket with OLTL. Not that I wanted to see AMC die. But who thought this would happen?


To find out what Kristen thinks of Fraternity Row's cancellation click here!

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    Love her and ther brass comments! I’d love to see her have a blog or video blogs if OLTL doesn’t work out. She and Robin Strasser are so entertaining to listen to in real life.

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    She is very entertaining and doesn’t mince words. I can practically hear her voice. The very first DC podcast I listened to was the interview with Mimi Torchin. Very informative. I know there are occasional interview episodes, but I would love to hear some more and maybe one with Ilene…

  3. Profile photo of giogio

    I really appreciate any actor that speaks out. Frankly, Im disappointed in the actors that did not have anything to say. I wont name any, but in a way, It pissed me off so bad, It made me not care that they are gone. We have all spent years worshiping these people and just a line to the public somehow would have been comforting. Its been just one big military secret.

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    Love her. Always have. Always will. Ilene is one of the actors who commits to the character 110% & its our pleasure to watch it.

    I love how she adds to the truth as to what a shit PP is. The unions and actors were willing. PP bought something they couldn’t afford. Too bad they couldn’t have gotten a bail-out.
    Maybe our shows would have been saved.

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    Bob Lamm

    Ilene Kristen asks: “But who thought this would happen?” Many of us did, right from the start. The Prospect Park plan looked totally dubious. Actors wanted to believe it, fans wanted to believe it, for all sorts of understandable reasons. But it was a HIGHLY unlikely fantasy. I’d like to believe that my New York Mets will win the World Series in 2012, but it’s no more realistic than the Prospect Park plan was.

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    I love that we’lll be gettin a Roxy episode, but I’m really sad for Ilene. This mist b eso hard. I was one of the few holdouts who really belevied we’d see Roxy, Davod ect. on the net. If only Ilene could do a websoap!

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