Jeff Branson Leaving The Young and the Restless

Genoa City is losing a sleuth. According to Soap Opera Digest, Jeff Branson (Ronan Malloy) is leaving The Young and the Restless again. No final airdate is mentioned. 

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    Oh well … and then all these stupid characters pop up again a few months later. Never really cared for Ronan and his mother issues. Would have been nice if Phyllis leaves with him … but that’s just a dream that will never come true. Oh gee.

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    I am a fan of Jeff Branson–he’s a superb actor. However, I’m getting sick of Ronan coming on, boring and threatening the folks of Genoa City, disappearing and then returning to repeat the same mommy issues with barely a ripple of growth. No doubt Jeff will be back next year after pilot season. Hopefully, they will actual write a character for the actor to play.

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    There isn’t much they can write for him if he can’t commit to the show. If he keeps doing this, I wish they would just write him out for good or recast the character. Ronan has A LOT of potential, but the actor just uses Y&R for a check until the pilot season hits. Then he’s out, and when he doesn’t get what he wants, he comes crawling back. It gets old, because there isn’t much they can do with Ronan to explain his disappearances and pop ups….ugh

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    So another pairing of Phyllis’s amounts to nothing? How utterly unsurprising. I really don’t think this show’s ever going to recover. MAB will get it cancelled before she’s replaced.

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    Is it actual fact that Jeff Branson wont commit to the role? I’ve never seen any “official” statement that he’s been offered a contract or that it’s his choice to leave, but have seen many comments from people indicating that to be the case.

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    As much as I want Ronan & Chloe together, I’m getting tired of being teased with it & it NEVER goes anywhere then Ronan disappears for months :(. Stop teasing or recast!

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    Good riddance! Ronan has grown to be such an awful character, and he treats Nina horribly. Please reveal Ronan as a con artist who just pretended to be Nina’s son in order to get Chance’s kidney.

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    Ronan is a complete waste and Branson moreso. He comes on and snarks with Adam and that is impressive? I think the character is dreadful

    Bring Chance back you know Nina and Phillip’s real kid. I love John Driscoll but Sheffer can’t write good guys so Chance and JT go bye bye because of that hack and MAB.

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    I’d like Chance back but played by a different actor. John Driscoll was dreadful. Chance also needs a personality transplant because he was a Dudley Do-Right bore. Maybe Chance can come back shellshocked from war, and maybe with an injury that keeps him from working as a cop. Then he can follow his destiny and work at Chancellor where he belongs.

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    Nina and Ronan as Mother and Son should have been dynamic but was not explored at all.

    Phyllis and Ronan together made not sense at all. Nothing there at all.

    Ronan and all the kindly citizens of Genoa City remains a lingering waste of time. Why was he even brought in to “help” out the GC Police Force?

    I do, however, still want to know what all of his secrets are …

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    I never cared for Ronan until recently when he was paired with Phyllis. It was nice to like something else on the show for a change besides Villy. I definitely saw tons of chemistry between JB and MS. Sad that it won’t go anywhere now with him leaving and Phyllis will be stuck back with Nick again for another Phick retread I’m sure :(

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    When they didn’t really do the big cliffhanger story when he left re: the transplant the writing made me lose interest in the character; I even waited until he finally came back & it was given the bum’s rush & he was back to I hate mommy …. there was a very good story there but I notice that whenever I like a story it gets dropped or rushed over.

    I found his storyline with Chloe sort of interesting but there it is again it went nowhere.

    Lately he looks a little pudgy on the screen he can use some toning workout at the gym

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    Angie Lucy

    Pfft. If they won’t write for him and Nina, then I really don’t care to see Ronan at all. Three months is enough time for Ronan to explain his actions and start mending fences with Nina. They chose to have him spit in her face numerous times and then get hot and heavy with a murder suspect while he was still a cop/agent/whatever. Buh-bye!

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    Patti is an unecessary charcter. All SH does is chew scenary and act like a moron.

    Not sad about Branson leaving. He needs to committ because this short term stuff is bad storyline wise. I couldn’t stand Phyllis and Ronan. It was corny and OOC. I liked him with Chloe, but the real storyline dropped was his one with Nina.

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    Jeff Branson was one of my new favorite characters when he first came aboard. Loved his scenes with Nina and his passion for what he did. All that went straight to hell the moment he was paired with Phyllis/MS. Worst. Pairing. Ever! Grandma sucked the life and substance out of Ronan. Not only did it look awkward and forced, but it stripped Ronan of everything that made the character likable. He no longer cared about his job. He was no longer professional or ethical. He stopped investigating Diane’s murder to have sex with one of the oversexed suspects. His interactions with his family stopped. He was dumbed down and unable to do ANYTHING without Phyllis helping him (the propping for that women is out of this world. Absolutely ridiculous. Sick of it).

    All in all. Months ago if I heard Jeff Branson was leaving, I’d be devastated. However, with the way he’s been written lately, I say good riddance. Could care less. Ronan has been ruined for me. Phyllis takes another one down (after Nick). Every man paired with her, becomes unlikable, horny, one-note, and dumb. MS really sucks the life out of her screen partners. The constant, Oooo Sex!Is!Me, routine is getting OLD. Just like her. Grandma needs to hang up her panties and retire. Plenty of other sexy ladies on canvas who could do a much better, convincing job.


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    I agree, Tedew, I”m disappointed they never explored Nina and Son. They were supposed to tell us why he left GC so abruptly BEFORE and we still don’t know. Apparently everyone has given up on that storyline too.

    I do, however, really like Ronan with Phyllis. I don’t like the fact that she just seems to run to him every time she gets upset with Nick.

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    Ronan lost his identity when he got paired with Phyllis IMO. Their over the top sex scenes were gag worthy and previously Ronan was all about his job and I’m suppose to buy he would throw that away to bag granny. Plus they had zero chem. He got reduced to being Phyllis toy.

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    Basically I’m not sure Ronan has any chemistry with anyone, including himself. I just don’t see any depth or personality in that character at all.

    The same goes with his brother Chance.

    Why Nina gave birth to such bland sons is very strange considering what a complex firecracker she is.

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    Jeff Branson is a sexy piece of eye candy, and when given compelling material to work with, he is a great actor. I have enjoyed him on AMC, GL and Y&R…..especially those scenes in those form-fitting black tank tops. ;) ;)

    However, as most of you have pointed out, Ronan is a one-note wonder who the writers have never really fleshed out enough to inspire me to give a damn one way or the other.

    I have enjoyed his pairing with that red-headed skank, SyPhyllis. It’s one of the few rootworthy pairings this show has, even though I think SyPhyllis deserves to be alone (since she’s such a pathetic piece of horse dung!)

    Once again, it comes down to “GOOD ACTOR, BAD WRITING,….” which seems to be the lion’s share of Y&R’s problems, and one of the reasons that Soap Opera Digest DESERVEDLY named it the most disappointing soap of 2011~~!!

    Stick that in your Crock-pot and let it marinate, Hackarena Bell! :D

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    [quote=tedew]Why Nina gave birth to such bland sons is very strange considering what a complex firecracker she is.[/quote]

    It makes as much sense as Hope giving birth to a son who gleefully causes a miscarriage or John conceiving a son who hits his sister up for a loan five minutes after her child is buried.

    Ronan is the template for Hogan Sheffer male leads. You can replace him with Adam, or with Billy, and few would notice. They sneer. They spit their lines. They hate their families. They treat women like blow-up dolls. They smirk at their own brilliance.

    Ronan is worthless.

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