Powerful Web Drama River Ridge to Join Sudsy Treat DeVanity on Groundbreaking Net Channel The SFN


For those of you who have been salivating over the trailers and teasers for the upcoming webisoap River Ridge— like I have—there's some amazing news to report! Guiding Light and All My Children alum Beth Ehlers, who is one of the stars of the series, recently revealed on Indie Intertube that River Ridge will be joining the delicious, sudsy treat DeVanity on The St. John Fisher Network (SFN)!

Starring Ehler's fellow daytime soap alums Signy Coleman (Santa Barbara, The Young and the Restless, Guiding Light), Julie Pinson (Port Charles, Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns) and Jon Prescott (As The World Turns), River Ridge is a drama where "the interwoven kaleidoscope of the residents of a small east coast town and their familiar and relatable circumstances are explored."

The series comes from creator Tyler Ford, who along with Coleman, serve as executive producers. River Ridge will air exclusively on The SFN starting Friday, Jan. 13, the day after the Season 2 premiere of DeVanity, featuring Special Guest Star Kyle Lowder. Can-not-wait!


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    I really think this show looks good. The first web soap I enjoyed was the one Martha Byrne did awhile ago and it only lasted on season. :/ Hopefully this one lasts longer. “The Bay” interests me too, but I haven’t watched any of the episodes yet.

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    So glad Beth Ehlers is back working again! She’s a really great actress and really should be on another soap, she just made the mistake of playing that role on AMC instead of something else.
    Wonder what she thinks about what Kim Zimmer said about her in her book lol.

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    I wonder what she thinks about J Martinez’s success, since she bashed him and accused him of being a crappy actor……..

    Guess she’s feeling kinda stupid now that he’s become a mainstream success.

    Hopefully, she’ll stop bashing people and worry about herself from now on. I love her as an actress, but she needs to learn humility!

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    I’m trying to think of a worse name for a venture, but…I can’t. THE ST. JOHN FISHER NETWORK is indeed the worst name for an enterprise possible in this reality.

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