Dante and Lulu Tie The Knot on General Hospital

I’ve never looked forward to Christmas episodes more than I’m looking forward to General Hospital’s this week. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) are FINALLY getting married and hopefully this means we get a new phase in their relationship. Unfortunately, their wedding is going to be a bit like finding coal in my stocking. I used to love this couple, but their relationship became tiresome long ago. Now my Christmas wish is for Lulu to just keep her trap shut. Hopefully, their honeymoon turns out better than Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam's (Kelly Monaco). Watch the GH promo after the jump!



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    God I wish I cared. This is like the only front and center romance on the show that doesn’t involve a serial killer. Robin and Patrick were long ago deemed unromantic by the writers so all we have left is Dante and Lulu. Kudos to Lulu for being one of the only women on the show not currently enamored with a serial killer or mobster goon. Perhaps she got over that phase with Johnny. But what we have left is just a shell of the feisty girl who had her fathers (used to be) sense of adventure and her mothers wide eyed caring streak. Now we get Lulu 2.0: wimpish, whining, and threatening to fall apart at any moment, that is if she doesn’t fall down drunk first.

    And don’t even get me started on dumber than dirt Dante. Surely, his character is meant as comic relief as the always dumb PCPD gets infinitely dumber every time Dante puts on his badge.

    I don’t know whether I’m rooting for them or against them. But I do know I’m rooting for a writer who can give Dante an IQ above 70 and make Lulu wake up one morning with a backbone instead of a hangover.

    GH needs CPR fast.

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    I’m SO happy about Dante and Lulu!!!
    I wish they were having a big family wedding, but I’ll take what I can get. Hope we finally get some good airtime for a change–not 3:12 minutes broken up into five scenes!!

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    Dante and Lulu have become a DREADFUL pairing. I was once a fan, but Lulu is such an unlikable, harpy, whiny shrew……and Dante seems more like her psychiatrist than her boyfriend most of the time. I am just not feeling the chemistry anymore.

    One minute, she can’t be with him because she’s afraid he’s going to get killed while on duty.

    He accuses her of trying to change him and tells him that being a cop is in his blood……

    Five minutes later: Lather, rinse, repeat……

    I feel sorry for Julie Berman. I truly believe she’s the best actress under 30 on soaps, but they’ve made me HATE Lulu with an unbridled passion! Such a shame!

    I don’t care and won’t be watching!!!!

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    I have never wanted to like a couple more than GH’s LuLu and Dante, but I just find them so BORING! The actors are good, hell, Berman is an Emmy winner, but the writing has been so uneven over the last year or so when it comes to this couple. The characters haven’t grown or developed. They just seem to be stuck in some sort of rut. Perhaps the wedding will change things- or better yet- maybe Ron & Frank will rescue these characters.

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