Gigi Gets Her Memory Back on One Life to Live

Queue the Celine Dion song, because it’s all coming back to Gigi (Farah Fath) on One Life to Live. Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) gets a Christmas week miracle, when Gigi remembers everything. Watch the OLTL promo after the jump!

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    Thank goodness we are back to a real story. Yesterday’s episode dedicated to FRATERNITY ROW was so bad that it played into the bad stereotype for the soap genre. With about 3 weeks to go I want to see characters like Rex, Viki, Tea, Blair that I care about and not stupid gimmicks. Note to Ellen Holly. Yesterday’s episode was a “gimmick” and a bad one at that.

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    @ nysam – I respectfully disagree. I LOVED yesterday’s special episode. It managed to both lampoon soaps and capture sentiment. I thought it was hilarious and moving. Personally, I’d watch a week of ‘Fraternity Row’ over this nonsense with Gigi and Rex. But to each her/his own.

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    I’m so glad that Rex and Gigi are finally reunited. I feel like it’s been going on forever, same with John being Natalie’s father.
    Well I’m glad they’ll be together before Christmas. Now they’ll just have to deal with Aubrey and Cutter, and also tell Jack that he never killed her. But Jack almost did, he tried to harm Shayne many times and bullied him. Wish Jack could sent to reform school but we all know that won’t happen.
    I also loved the Fraternity Row episode. It was acted and written very clever. Hell, for the first time I enjoyed watching Destiny, she’s better camping it up. And Sean as the twin brother and Jessica’s character saying they can’t be twins, one has hazel eyes and one has brown eyes lmao!

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    It’s about time with Rex & Gigi!!! I loved the Fraternity Row episode!!! OLTL always did funny episodes like this! My favorite was the “Trading Places” episode were Todd was Vicki, Vicki was Todd, Bo was RJ, RJ was Bo, Jessica and Jen were nurses, Christian and Will were orderlies, and Rea Cummings was just having a bad nightmare!!! The Fraternity Row episode made me smile!! Loved it!!!

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    I too would like a happy ending for Rex & Gigi. Not one, for Jack! Guess I am just not buying Jack as a victim in all the bullying. Though that seems to be what the Show is now saying. Though I do think both his Daddies and Mommy failed that kid big time.

    As for the FRATERNITY ROW spoof, floved it & would not mind seeing more of it.

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    I am happy that Gigi and Rex are being reunited. They are one of my favorite couples on the show. I thought that Fraternity Row episode was funny and I love that in the final weeks of the show, Roxie and Nigel have been given more to do. The actors are great in the roles and fans love the characters. I cannot believe we are down to just a few weeks left of OLTL. It feels so wrong.

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    It just hit me reading these posts that the show only has a few weeks left. Three more full weeks. Then the show won’t be on. This is crazy. I hate ABC for doing this. They keep taking our soaps away and it’s not fair.

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    Yep, they’re only on for three more weeks and they’re wasting our time (and the few eps we have left) with Cutter, Aubrey, Fraternity Row (painfully awful, which I guess was the point) and NEELA! Frickin’ horse faced Neela is there at the end of this show’s nearly 41 year run, eating up screen time. Yay…

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