Daytime Confidential Hot 100 of 2011

No. 100: Maria Arena Bell, The Young and the Restless (Debut or Return)

Welcome to the fourth annual Daytime Confidential Hot 100. Throughout 2011, Daytime Confidential has been tracking which stars or daytime executives our readers have been most interested in, whether positive or negative. Each month we published the Daytime Confidential Top 20, based on your clicks of those individuals. Now, at the end of the year, we’ve compiled the entire year into the Daytime Confidential Hot 100.

In 2011, forty-one individuals made their Daytime Confidential Hot 100 debut or returned to the ranking after falling off the list in 2010. Former The Young and the Restless star Shemar Moore made the biggest jump from 2010, climbing 67 spots. Of the daytime stars that appeared on a soap in 2011, One Life to Live’s Robin Strasser had the largest improvement, rocketing from No. 91 in 2010 to No. 31 in 2011. Former All My Children star David Canary experienced the largest drop, falling 77 spots. One Life to Live’s Gina Tognoni is the only person who maintained the exact same ranking she held in 2010.  Daytime Confidential's 2010 Hot 100 No. 1 star, Kim Zimmer, slid to No. 21.

Unlike Daytime Confidential’s year end Best and Worst lists, the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 is not chosen or ranked by Daytime Confidential’s editors. It is based only on user’s compiled clicks of individual’s names.  The name of each current and former soap star that appears on the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 is credited to the show on which they last appeared.

No. 99: Van Hansis, As the World Turns (Down 66)

No. 98: David Canary, All My Children (Down 77)

No. 97: Kassie DePaiva, One Life to Live (Down 45)

No. 96:  Michael Graziadei, The Young and the Restless (Debut or Return)

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  1. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    That pink outfit (LOL). So distracting, I could barely get through the description! I just kept thinking of Ralphie in that movie A Christmas Story where he’s dressed as a bunny and he runs to get off that outfit which, his adult self called a “Pink Nightmare!” I think those words aptly describe this pink outfit, too. How can you allow someone with taste like this be the artist in charge of creating & shaping a show that occupies so large a place in TV history?!! Yikes.

  2. Profile photo of jphelps

    I am shocked MAB is not higher with all the talk about her here but MAB looks like a giant bottle of pepto bismal. Not only is she an awful writer but her fashion sense is non existant

  3. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    How interesting. I’m trying to think if I have ever clicked on a name. I usually just click the heading of the article. I will have to remember to search for my faves by name.

  4. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I do have one critique of this site and it goes back a bit. I may have sent in a comment…but I cannot stand the flow of the images for an insanely image heavy post like this or the ones of actors at events. I so want to see all the pics but I cannot be bothered for the entire page to load each time, especially on this list when it’s just one picture at at time.

    Listen, I don’t know bytes from bits. And the only zeroes and ones i like have Ben Franklin on them. Is there a way you can improve it so just the image/text updates and I can fly right through it? I can’t be the only one driven mad by it. Thanks.

  5. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    This list makes my stomach turn because it represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with the daytime community. And Daniel Goddard being the highest rated male makes me even more nauseous. Yeah, he’s gorgeous, but not at all deserving of the massive amount of praise that he seems to receive.

  6. Profile photo of

    It’s more validation that Frons and his agenda KILLED GH. He pushed JaScum for 3 damn years KNOWING the ratings proved they sucked and nobody could stand them. So he FIRED the competition and KILLED a child and they still pull the LOWEST ratings of any other soap couple ever.

    Suck it Fronsie. Becky kicks ass, and who is out of a job? YOU. We had the last laugh you show killing pet loving freak. Hopefully your stripper fav and her orange co-hort are next. GH can’t live much longer with the deadbeat mobster and his baby stalking whitewashed hooker side kick sucking airtime.

    If these new guys don’t completely clean house, starting with the air hogs of SB and KM, then their true job description will be evident soon and they are there to end the show. 1.7’s DAILY. Yeah, go Fronsie, go!! ;)

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