Michael Calls Carly Out Over Jax on GH!

Uh oh, it looks like Carly’s (Laura Wright) going to be feeling the heat this New Year's Eve on General Hospital. Michael finds out that his mother knew Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is alive and calls her out in front of Port Charles. Watch the GH promo after the jump!

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    One of the reasons I’m sooo looking forward to the Valentini/Carlivati run is that I can’t imagine them going for the Sonny is a hero mobster with a heart route. They’re going to stop this bullcrap of Sonny being the Victor Newman of ABC Daytime, which in my opinion makes for better storytelling. I say bring Jax back full time and have Sonny fall on his face one good time in his attempt to screw with Jax.

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    Here, here on a return of IR’s Jax and have him “win” over the bully (for a change). I also wouldn’t mind if there was more “story” that could be spun out of the comings and goings at the Metro Court (not just Crimson), and (a return to), ELQ (the Q’s period), which could “bookend” the hospital. Just a thought… 0:)

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    While I severly dislike what Carly has turned into over the years…. I do think keeping her mouth shut about Jax being alive is the smartest thing she has probably ever done. I honestly would love to see Jax or his brother Jerry put a bullet in Sonny and silence the barware throwing midget wanna be godfather forever. And when that’s done, someone needs to teach Michael some damn humility and some basic human compassion.

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    Okay people. Carly us consistently the most interesting female character on GH! Laura Wright is AMAZING!! I hope the Carlivati reboot includes a more conniving, bitchy Carly. Let the fun begin! Also more Quartermaines ( A project Orpheus storyline would be great here). And I like the mob stories, unlike most here. Balance it out with the hospital stories and they’ll have a winner again. Oh, and bring back Genie dammit! Let’s do this !

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    Witness two characters in desperate need of re-evaluation and rest. Michael should have been the character we root for as he struggles to make a life for himself with all the baggage from the two sides of his family. Instead, we get a spoiled brat who nurses at his serial killer adopted father’s jockstrap. He, like so many women on the show, only has a backbone when they defend Sonny. And now he’s mad at Carly for lying? But his father being a killer is OK? HELLO writers! Why must the sins of the women on the show be portrayed so much worse than the men’s? Apparently, it’s OK to kill someone but it’s not OK to lie about someone being dead.

    I don’t think I’ve known who Carly is for a decade. LW is a superb soap actress but good acting can’t make me forget the bad writing. The most interesting thing about Carly was always her relationship with her mother. But Phelps and Guza made sure the viewers saw none of that. There’s a gold mine of story if we curtail Carly’s infatuation with mobsters and explore where she came from and how that is impacting where she wants to go. But if all she is a sperm receptacle for Sonny while she clings to Jason, she remains the epitome of what’s wrong with the women of Port Charles.

    I wish we could do a rewind on this show. Jason wakes up from a coma after his first accident. Everything that has happened was just his dream, a nightmare really, one the viewers have had to live through.

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    By now, we know Frank and Ron loves and appreciate the veterans so I’m really hoping that they will bring back Bobbie and Monica full time and firmly establish Tracy in her rightful place as super bitch of Port Charles. Of course, it goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway – BRING BACK MY GENIEEEEE!!!

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    Bobbie was my favorite character so I couldnt like Carly though Sarah Brown, one of my favorite actresses made sure I understood Carly’s motivation and pain. I did not like Tamara’s Carly because she seemed merely witchy without the subtext. LW recreated Carly as her own. She is not SB or TB’s Carly. She’s who Carly would be after all these years. I still dont like the character as a whole but LW is the exception to my recast rule: I dont like recasts.

    All of that aside, how could Jax fake death with all of the businesses he owns, and the fact that he is still married to Carly, has a child and 2 stepchildren he loved. It’s also impossible to believe that Jax would have allowed Alexis to think he was dead. We could have had an Alexis/Carly scene where Alexis says Jax signed over the MetroCourt and set up trusts for the 3 children and made arrangements for the other businesses, a couple of minutes of screentime and a story that makes no sense, makes a little.

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    I like most of Carly. But I do think they should change her so Liz and her have a friendship. I want Carly to be supportive if my dream comes true and Liz and Jason find out Jake is alive and they decide to make a family finally.

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    I’m so sorry they ruined Michael when they aged him. There is absolutely nothing I like about him anymore. Sad, because there was so much potential.

    Its about time Carly gets called out and humiliated in public. Now, its time to do the same to Sam for all she has done. When that happens, I will be so beyond thrilled. Afterall, Elizabeth got stomped in the ground in public and I have always thought Sam should not get away scott free. IMO, she’s done much, much worse. Here’s hoping the new writers do the right thing.

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    I love me some Laura Wright. I have been a fan of hers since her “Loving” days. I really liked Sarah Brown as Carly, but I love Laura in the role. I enjoy the rocky relationship between Michael and his mom almost as much as I like DOOL’s Sami and Will. Carly is the daughter of Bobbie Spencer, a character who drove story for like thirty years. It makes sense for her daughter and grandson to be in a front burning storyline. It just would make even more sense to have Bobbie part of the story as well. I hope Frank/Ron are able to fix things like that..but they really do not have much time left to get ratings up and the show turned around. However, if any current writing/producing team is able to do it, it is Frank and Ron.

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