The Young and the Restless Spoilers And 2012 Previews!

Victor: The Newman clan is horrified by the Black Knight's latest action.

Nikki: The socialite wants answers from Sharon.

Nick/Sharon: The ex-loves have a showdown in court over little Faith. Later, Nick is gobsmacked by the judge's ruling.

Adam: He tries to get the restraining order lifted.

Phyllis: Big Red releases a new story she is working on.

Nick/Phyllis: The two have a heated encounter.

Patty: She attempts to rescue Jack. Patty puts a deadly plan in motion for Genevieve.

Billy/Victoria: The newlyweds get shocking news. Billy and Victoria get the results.

Chelsea: She hits Genoa City (about damn time) and causes some drama at Jimmy's.

Daniel/Chloe: The fashionista gets drunk, which leads to an intimate situation with Daniel.

Ricky: He goes to Phyllis for payment.

Neil/Harmony: The two are happy about Devon's music career.

2012 Previews

Victor/Nikki: Mr. Mumbles' stunning engagement disgusts and horrifies his family and the residents of Genoa City. Everyone knows Victor's heart will always belong to Nikki. He's taking the rap for Diane's murder, all for his lady love, so his new marriage plans throws everyone for a loop. Victor and Nikki fans, cheer up. He may be popping the question to his baby.

His current proposal is calculated, not about love. Meanwhile, Nikki is determined to bust Deacon for the lies he's told her and get Victor out of jail. Nikki's new attitude towards her marriage to Deacon isn't what it seems. She's using it to nail Deacon by doing it the same way he got her, with booze! Victor is totally in the dark about what Nikki is doing. He learns about Nikki staying with Deacon and decides to pop the question to Sharon at a New Years Eve party. Expect fireworks, and not the usual ones, when the ball drops.

Patty/Jack/Genevieve: Patty cake is not about to let Genaura have her happily ever after with Old Smilin'. Patty starts to be pushed beyond the brink when, Jack and Genevieve get closer in their relationship. This spells trouble for the two. Danger is on the horizon once Patty plunged further into insanity.

Billy/Victoria: Everything Billy was trying to keep from Victoria starts to unravel when Chelsea arrives. Victor's dirt he has on Billy wasn't really dealt with. It will be once Chelsea hits Genoa City.

Devon/Harmony/Neil: YoHarmony really wants to repair her relationship with Devon. However, she realizes it can't happen over night or demand it. She is a bit torn between letting Devon come to her or trying to reconnect. Neil will be keeping a close eye on things, since he knows Harmony is serious about being clean and sober. Devon will slowly start to come around, when he realizes he needs his mother.

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  1. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Sounds like predictable bullshit. God, when will Sony/CBS fire MAB and get some competent writers on this show? It’s like watching the Titanic sink in slow motion.

    More of the same old crap.

    BTW, Diane Jenkins’ murder has become the new Richard Hightower murder. We’ll never know who did it. Now THAT’S shitty writing and insulting to the audience that watches this drivel.

  2. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Maybe if Patty kills Genevieve (or incapacitates her for a few months give or take), it’ll give GF a chance to swing over to PC/GH for a spell. Where she needs to be. Just a thought… 0:)

  3. Profile photo of cgoff

    [quote=The_Moustache]how about putting Phyllis on the back-burner for a while and give other actors a chance to shine.

    i swear Big Red is on EVERY DAY!!![/quote]

    I swear I almost pee on myself laughing everytime I see a MS/Phyllis basher post this!!

    Phyllis is hardly on everyday!

    January-November 2011 Episode Rankings
    A total of 232 episodes aired this month.

    1. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) 149
    2. Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman) 138
    3. Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) 129
    4. Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) 124
    5. Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott) 120
    6. Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) 118
    7. Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) 117
    8. Sharon Case (Sharon Collins) 107
    9. Stephen Nichols (Tucker McCall) 98
    10. Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) 93

    numbers do not lie! MS/Phyllis was only on HALF of the episodes this year through the end of November. Kinda hard to be on EVERY day huh?

    I think Nikki and Sharon need to be sister wives to Victor!

    Sharon Newman is Y & R’s Brooke Logan

  4. Profile photo of goyankees

    …Said it a few weeks back…Chelsea comes to GC with the Spawn of Billy (Liam?) in her belly….I do like MCE, so it’ll be interesting to see what transpires with these 3…

    Victor ‘n Sharon. I can’t. I just CANNOT go there. His Worst Bride Ever, was that Close Talker, Sabrina, but this comes in a close 2nd. So I’m ignoring it. For now.

    All this “Victor in Jail” is hilarious considering WE all know Patty off’d Diane. KARMA, Victor! You brought her back to town 3 years ago, and now Colleen’s gone! (I know, Colleen??)

    And I, for one, Love having Nikki back. :-)

  5. Profile photo of bishbay

    MCE could be exactly what this show needs. That chick was FIYAH on AMC. Besides that and the Victor/Sharon craziness (which is far too interesting to be pursued and will probably get dropped in three weeks time) the rest of this sounds terrible. I can’t believe Patty is back again.

  6. Profile photo of harlee490

    I too love MCE and she was great on AMC, but come on another stunt casting, because DM is heavier hitter (meaning experience wise)and did nothing for ratings because once again of the story is ROTTEN! I wish MCE would go to B&B and had background story for “Rick” when he was away and she comes to LA and he’s seeing Amber. That would of made an awesome triangle :D

  7. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I dont’ think Victor is in jail to protect Nicki. That idiot should know she’s not capable of murder…and bludgeoning someone with a stone several times while drunk? Give me a break. I think this is all about him setting up Adam at Newman.

  8. Profile photo of Duchess

    Not looking forward to Chelsea coming on at all. The last thing Y&R needs is another new character, and now I hear they’re casting her mother too blech. Y&R keeps hiring all of these people that were popular on other soaps and either creating roles or having them be recasts in roles that don’t fit them all in the hopes of getting the fans of the cancelled shows to watch. I guess they still haven’t learned since ratings keep dropping. I don’t care that Billy Miller and MCE were on AMC together just like I didn’t care that Eden Riegel and Liz Hendrickson were together on there too. I’d like to watch Y&R and the characters I’ve loved for years like Jill, Lauren, Paul etc.

    Also, it would be nice to have one happy couple on the show and it’s been so great to see Villy back together. Instead after already going through half a year of angst they’re already going to add more angst to Villy. My only hope is that they did have MCE share scenes with Daniel Goddard and since Lane aren’t totally back together yet maybe they’ll move her to that story especially since it says she causes trouble at Jimmy’s where Cane works. I saw more sparks with Chelsea and Cane in their couple scenes than I’ve ever seen with Lane!

  9. Profile photo of Bartman202

    “GAG”, “SNORE” & “YAWN” – that pretty much sums up the half-baked, plot-driven tales on tap for us loyal viewers in 2012.

    That the higher-ups at CBS/SONY can’t see that this show is on creative life support is beyond me – NEW WRITERS ASAP!!

  10. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Every time I am on the verge of trying to watch this show again, I am reminded why I was right to quit this show (for quite awhile now). I was a longtime watcher of the show and even reading these storylines has become utterly unbearable.

    Can someone please convince me that Sony/CBS is not trying to devise a strategy to deliberately SINK this show so that they can get out of the SOAP BIZ like P&G did with ATWT/GL?

  11. Profile photo of Bartman202

    After watching today’s nausea-inducing show (if I have to hear that GD song again…!!!), I looked up the latest Nielsen numbers for the week ending 12/16/2011. Not good…

    If the numbers for “Y & R” continue to erode, hopefully TPTB at CBS/SONY will can Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks Hogan Sheffer & Scott Hamner. My once-beloved show is barely recognizable: Established characters being shoe-horned into ready-made, plot-driven “stories”, if that’s what one can call them; the introduction of secondary/incidental characters that the audience hate, yet they remain on the show (Angelo, Angelina, Yolanda/Harmony, Genevieve, Sofia, Tucker, Cane et all); the ‘dumbing-down’ of once intelligent characters for sake of story (Kevin running with the allegedly pregnant Angelina on his wedding day and doesn’t sense he’s being duped by this ditz; Jack falling for and proposing to every woman who sneezes in his direction); storylines that continue, yet are not working (the “Who Killed Diane?” story is a HUGE mess!! We are now 5 months into this snoozefest and the audience is no closer to knowing the true killer’s/killers’ identity – SNORE!!)

    When you spend 30 years watching a show (I’m 46) and slowly observe its deterioration after it’s creator/guiding force steps down, you can’t help but feel bitter – the audience deserves better than what we are seeing on our flatscreens – the Nielsen numbers don’t lie.

  12. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Maria Arena Bell could cast Jesus Christ and I still would not watch this show.

    As for Nikki as a socialite? Nikki was always the whiny weak women living in the shadows of her verbally and emotionally abusive husband. In-fact Victor would embarrass Nikki in the name of showing that she was no shrewd business woman.

    The best way to describe her would be going from “hoe to housewife.” She was a stripper before becoming a Newman. As Victor often reminded her that if it was not for him she would still be taking off one garment at a time and tossing it to the audience in hopes of a good tip.

  13. Profile photo of msellersv

    …and still we wait….

    WHEN WILL THIS STUPID MURDER MYSTERY END???!!!! I swear this story is being written on the fly.

    Ok, I got that off my chest, but my anger continues to mount–is it Daniel’s turn now to have sex with every available woman? Is this a chemistry test (again) with Chloe or is there an actual story or character development moment coming?

    Nick/Phyllis–once again, anger sex is on its way. Will they use a ironing board this time or a desk? And so soon after the sister, Nick? Maybe you and Daniel should form a sex club.

    All this sex and no one pregnant? Impressive. Unfortunately, I fear this screams pregnancy story(or Heaven help us multiple pregnancy stories) coming.

    With all this sex going on (and now today we add Sharon/Adam to the list) something is bound to slip. Preganacy stories are part of the genre–MAB just doesn’t write any that are compelling or entertaining (a light-hearted pregnacy story would be a nice change).

    …and Kevin? I love Greg Rikaart, but my patience with his story is waning fast.

    Long live Melody Thomas Scott, one of the few bright spots.

  14. Profile photo of HowardBeale

    After a while, commenting on this piece of excrement TV show is like teasing an alligator… It may seem like a good idea at the time but afterwards, in the sober light of day you realize what a really unsatisfying thing it is to do… especially when it turns around and bites you in the ass!
    I’ve had my turns poking fun at just how bad is has become, how terrible the writing is and how incredibly asinine the plots truly are. The boring stories go on and on, seemingly without end and new, uninspiring characters come onboard while longtime characters are ignored or disregarded.
    And what is the end result? Not a gawdamned thing changes! Our comments are ignored and the flow of trash continues, and for the coming year it just looks like more of the same.
    Victor will forever be an a-hole… Nikki will stay with the jerkwad through thick and thin… Nick will sleep with all his exes and any other unsuspecting female without an ounce of dignity… Adam? Why bother trying to redeem him? Why can’t he just be a bad guy character, in the vein of a Victor, except someone you actually like to root for as a villain? Billy and Victoria will do their own thing for as long as the writers feel like letting them… and Sharon, well Sharon will once again bring down any positive advances that blondes may have made in gaining a minor degree of respect by showing that she is, after all, the quintessential ‘dumbassed’ blonde!
    As for the rest, who knows or cares? Come the end of 2012 we will probably still be wondering “Who the frig Killed Diane” and Patty will still be skulking around the background offing her umpteenth victim while moaning and groaning about her ‘kittycat’ and how much she loves Jack!
    Oy vey… Saints preserve us and save us all from this debacle, pretty please – with sprinkles on top!!!
    Well gotta run, got clothes in the dryer, year-end bills to pay and (after reading these “spoilers”) I’ve got a powerful need for a couple of Tylenols to kick this massive headache I’ve developed!
    So, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it… Have a great New Years everyone and the Best of the Season to one and all, C’ya!

  15. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Right on HOWARD BEALE! By the way, NETWORK is one of, perhaps my favorite all time film. Paddy Chayefsky was an amazing writer, he could’ve taught these writers a thing…or 10.

    When I read the horrible SL on this show I truly want to say “I’m mad as He*l*l and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

    Happy New Year and Bless all the loyal fans who stick with this tripe but I think I’ll stick to reading these spoilers. The comments section alone is far more entertaining than the show.

  16. Profile photo of akbad806

    Three years of this drivel is enough, this regime is done. And much you want to bet Chelsea is either pregnant or really married to Billy? I smell it a mile away…a Victoria/Billy/Chelsea triangle is on the horizon.

    Meanwhile, why is Sharon Case still sticking around? I’d leave the show before I’d let those hacks destroy my character. Sharon is awful And weak. She doesn’t inspire to women at all. Everyone knows she is the Newman brother ‘ho and now Victor is about to unhook that black bra. In fact, a few weeks ago Phyllis was wearing that nasty ass bra when she went to lay up with Ronan(who is not sexy y’all trippin!!!!). Ugh,but that bra just irks me to no end and so does this soap.

  17. Profile photo of tedew

    I certainly agree with the above comments and probably most of those yet to come.

    The whole Victor in jail scenario is just plain stupid, plus when it is revealed he is there under false pretenses … will he ever (we know he won’t) have to pay the that (yet another) misdeed?

    Yes … I know Adam is a bad seed but he is certainly not beyond redemption. This restraining order gambit is just plain silly … exactly what legal viability is there in that anyway? Also, I just get so fed up with the ever so predictable Nick confrontations and threats against him and everyone else around trying to bring him down. Actually business wise, Adam is THE only one who should be running the “mega” empire.

    Victoria and Billy … I hope she does finally grow up and mature and stand by her conviction to let Billy’s Asian “adventures” just be bygones; no matter what we probably already know is on the way. I only say this because I need to see Victor eat crow when it comes to his unreasonable despise for Billy.

    Phyllis … wouldn’t it be nice to have a great deal less of her and her increasingly annoying shenanigans?

    Actually … wouldn’t it be nice to have 100% less of some (such as Kevin’s current predicament) and much much less of most of the rest of what is being currently being force fed to us? Wouldn’t it be great to have some actual exciting and interesting new situations we could really enjoy and be riveted by?

    We can only hope for good things to come for us in Genoa City in 2012 …

  18. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I have never been a regular, every day viewer of the soap. I watched specific story arcs or specific scenes, if I thought they sounded good after reading about them online or in a magazine. However, I really love that Y&R doesn’t get carried away and do outlandish stories. It tells traditional, character driven stories.

    I have decided to add Y&R to my regular viewing after OLTL ends for a couple reasons. First of all, I do think the soap has many great actors and multi-layered characters. Any time I visit Genoa City, I hope to catch Katherine, Michael, Harmony, Neil, Nikki, Nick, and Phyliss in scenes. The actors in these roles work really hard to make every scene they are involved in to be entertaining and worthwhile. The other reason is because Y&R is the highest rated soap and has the longest promise from its network. I am just tired of losing my shows.

    I’d love for the pacing of Y&R to get better and I wish they’d either make the cast smaller or do a better job of evening out the airtime of the characters on the canvas.

  19. Profile photo of HowardBeale

    MsAgent*, Thanks for the vote of confidence and (like yourself), to me Network is a classic and Peter Finch gave one of the greatest performances ever. Hence, that is why I chose my moniker as a tribute and a way to say, with each of my postings that I was, “Mad as … etc. etc…!”
    That said, keep an eye out ’cause I don’t post all the time but when I do then you know that something has really cheesed me off. Either that or I’m just plain bored and don’t have anything or anyone to kick in frustration (just kidding!!)…
    Anyhoo, that’s about that my friend, soooo…
    Well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it… C’ya!

  20. Profile photo of aveRex

    Sharon Case is there so that her character’s honey could be mixed with my main man’s, Adam Newman. They are soooo hot together. So good to see them slip between the sheets again after several months. Keep it coming.

  21. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=Soap_Stud]However, I really love that Y&R doesn’t get carried away and do outlandish stories. It tells traditional, character driven stories.

    Those days are long gone.

  22. Profile photo of tedew

    Soap_Stud …
    not really sure which Twilight Zone version of Y&R you have been watching and gotten enthralled with; but clearly it is not the version in our viewing dimension!

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