BREAKING NEWS: Darnell Williams Heads to The Young and The Restless

Soap Opera Digest is reporting Darnell Williams is reunting with his All My Children co-star Debbi Morgan on The Young and the Restless. So far the sudser is keeping quiet on Williams' role and when viewers can expect his first airdate. Here's hoping Williams doesn't wind up like some of his Y&R co-stars, being seen on the 1st and 15th…

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    I’m excited. ANd Y&R seems to be doing just a TAD bit better than the 1st and 15th now that YoHarmony’s around. I haven’t seen so much of Devon in YEARSSSS. ANd Neil’s even catching a piece of the action. So hopefully with Darnell coming on, they’ll actually get a FRONTBURNER story!!! Well shoot, a guy can hope, can’t he???

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    Welcome Jesse, by the time you arrive Angie,,,errr i mean YoHarmony should be turned into a dumb pathetic whore like the rest of the Y&R females.

    You can abuse them, cheat on them them, treat them worse than animals but all they do is want to do is please you. Pick a piece of furniture, they will jump on top of it and offer themselves up any way you want it. They have no choice, the Y&R ladies are dumber than dogs, they aren’t smart enough to do any work or much of anything without male oversight, they can’t even open a box.

    Hope your new character has screwed thousands of woman and treated them like crap. The women in GC just love that in a man. And don’t worry about dealing with any woman your age, Y&R only brings out it’s older woman on holidays, weddings, and funerals. If the woman your age need a love interest TPTB at Y&R will throw them an ugly mobster played by a day-player. So enjoy.

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    Another MAB ‘stunt casting’, just in time for February ‘Sweeps’. With any luck, MAB’s planned ‘stories’ for next month will tank, leaving CBS/SONY no choice but to cut her and her co-hacks loose.

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    Good luck Darnell…hope you get a fab storyline. There’s lots of potential there, but I don’t have much faith in TPTB doing anything right. Still, it will be nice to see Jesse/Angie on the same show again!

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    Restless Fan

    I don’t feel either way about this. Maria Bell is the kind of writer that thinks in the moment and not long term. That’s why most of her new characters lose steam 3-6 months into their run. Personally I won’t be excited til I see the headline “Bell, Sheffer, Hamner…FIRED!!!”

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    Wow, this one came out of left field. This is one casting I was not expecting at all. But given MAB’s track record with stunt casting, I’m being very guarded about all of this. It’s a wait and see attitude for me.

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    Jillian’s 1st & 15th comment is so sadly apropos.

    Also … where is Olivia’s son (after just maybe a couple of appearances)?

    But if this guy is cast and used correctly then anything to counter that confused dour sourpuss Neil would be a welcomed addition.

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    Darnell is a great actor would be super if he could be Malcolm would like to see him paired with either Ashley (the lovely Eileen could work magic together) or even Sharon that would get her away from the Newman merry – go -around dull dull boring ick pairings she has had lately.

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]This is NOT *my* Y&R. Stick a fork in me. I’m done.[/quote]

    I’m just about there myself, Coffee_Junkie. Been a faithful viewer since the Summer of 1981 and this current regime is stomping my beloved one hour of escapism right into the ground with a pile driver!! Even worse is watching this runaway train in HD!!

    Stunt-casting has now become MAB’s forte for the past 2+ years – hiring a well-known soap actor/actress to play a poorly conceived, one-dimensional character in a long, tedious plot-driven tale that nobody will find entertaining IN THE LEAST! That is what I have been seeing on my screen!

    Apparently CBS/SONY didn’t learn from their previous error by having the Head Writer also be the Executive Producer (hello, Lynn Marie Latham?!? We all know her tenure was a horror story!). Perhaps another Writer’s Strike is necessary to get rid of the mess that is showing up on my screen on a daily basis.

    I don’t mean to come across as nasty or bitter, but 30 years is a long time to invest in characters and great storytelling. Unfortunately, I see myself being driven away from Genoa City because of tired, predictable tales being stolen/re-used/’re-imaged’ by the current regime. I still intend to watch – just not sure for how much longer…

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    Roxy’s father? I would like to see that. Tatyana Ali is awesome and should be on contract. They need to expand her family and give Roxy a bigger role. I heard Abby will be stalking her and Devon similar to that Beyonce movie Obsession.

    Don’t they realize one soap can’t recapture another soap’s popular couple? Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans never clicked on GH like they did on Days. Neither did Lindsay Hartley and Eric Martsolf on Days.

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    I love Darnell…but this I just don’t trust. When is that idiot MAB going to LEARN that just grabbing the well-known star is not instant ratings! You have to actually WRITE GOOD STORY! Day-yum! And like someone else mentioned if you’re going to keep adding new people PLEASE eliminate some of the unecessary FAT…please send on their way: Angelina, her mafia dad, Avery, Kevin, Cloe, Billy, Victoria (bring back Heather Tom), Geneiveve…At least Ronan is OUT…And as usual this show starts something and then drops it…where the hell has Paul been and his son? Bill Bell and his legacy deserve so much more….The one good thing=Patty and her portrayer…Keep!

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    Maria hires all these soap icons and does nothing with them after the initial entry! Its almost as if she’s making fun of their fans; I feel bad for Darnell I think he deserves much better but hey he’s working.

    Maybe they’ll let him direct instead. I haven’t seen Y/R in awhile so how is the Harmony storyline advancing or was it dropped? Classic Bell.

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    [quote=Cyberologist] I haven’t seen Y/R in awhile so how is the Harmony storyline advancing or was it dropped? Classic Bell.[/quote]

    Answer: D.O.A. – dust forms quicker than this hackneyed story is playing out. We deserve SO much better!!

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    My concern is Darnell’s character will be tied to Harmony in the introduction but she is still too new for that to be really effective when she is still finding her footing in Genoa City. I hope the team at Y&R is smarter than that.
    Not everyone knows them from AMC so some viewers I’m sure will have the opinion of “WTF?” if that ends up happening.

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    Here we go again another new face, first it was GH, now MAB is on AMC, but also equally blame the new casting director from AMC. No disrespect to the actors or the loyal long time AMC-ABCers viewers that could find this exciting to see their favorites…BUT they are alienating long time Y&R-CBSers because these actors are not their favorites they watched for decades. Our longtime favs most are languished on the back-burner except for a handful of vets that are sooooo overused and been character damaged because of the rewrite or changing of one’s history. The long time viewers are leaving, is that accomplishing anything positive…hell no. The ratings are in finally, and Y&R ratings for that week skyrocketed and it’s from the episode of on Christmas surrounding NIKKI! The reason is simple because long time CBSers like myself returned to see Nikki Reed Newman in all her glory and the fan base of MTS lives larger regardless of some that wanted to rip MTS’s acting and character the proof is in the puddin’ to long time fans succeeded. Y&R could had Susan Lucci, Darnell Williams, Debbi Morgan, MCE, Tristan R., Genie F, etc in one special episode and it wouldn’t pulled the ratings in as MTS and her “Nikki”. That should be an eye opener Sony to see long time viewers want THEIR vets not a recycled vets from now a defunct soap that has no connection to Geona City. What about storylines for Michael, Lauren, JILL, Neil, Paul, Nina, Ashley, Jack, Olivia, Nate, Noah, there are as many new characters (if not more, do the count) then vets. All these new characters on contracts could have went to Traci, Christine, JT, etc.. Instead NEW characters adding to canvas add EXISTING characters fans know and liked. MCE could have been a easily been a recast of Brittany w\baby and bring back Bobby, JT\Billy\Victoria w\Reed, DRUCILLA is needed badly, Kemo would had been a great addition and an Abbott, younger Abbott mixing it up with younger set, we have nuRicky and as like Adam they are going to write him in corner as crazy, over the top annoying character, my point is fans have no investment or connections to these new characters and because of stellar performance in ratings it’s just ONE week and the returning long time viewers knew it was special because MTS, they will fall again. I don’t mind having these strong actors aboard if Bill & his writers were around because they would had been woven nicely on the story board and Bill, Kay, John, Janice etc would had made family connections somehow so the viewers could relate to them on screen. But everything is falling on deaf ears.

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    Wow this woman is so ARROGANT! I don’t believe this woman is thinking of the long term success of this show, she just wants to snatch and grab popular actors from other shows to show off. And as we’ve seen before, she’ll use them heavily for a couple of weeks then forget about them. Meanwhile Jess Walton, Tracey Bregman, Doug Davidson, and Tricia Cast are left twisting out in the tumbleweeds.

    I wonder if the plan is a Sophia/Neil/Harmony/Darnell quad. If that’s where they are going, there is no way Julia Pace Mitchell is going to be able to keep up with Kristoff, Debbie, and Darnell. They should just send Sophia off with Malcolm, the character has added nothing to the show IMHO. The “Who’s the Daddy” storyline was a pathetic attempt to copy the Neil/Dru/Malcolm storyline.

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    When Sony calls for cutbacks on pay for these actors. How can Maria justified by bring castaways from other shows? This show can’t even play their regular contract players such as; Jess Walton along with Doug Davidson and they both been on the show for years.

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    Let Sophia die and bring back DRUCILLA and have Neil & Dru raise the boy, as Neil did with Lily…I read the post about ES adding to Y&R please no because we have ENOUGH castoffs already and they done nothing for ratings. I don’t want MAB to start adding a dozen of castoffs with OLTL.

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    As we speak, Maria Bell has already done a HATCHED job on Darnell’s character. And we don’t even know his name yet! SAD! Very sad!!! Not even Emmy-winning powerhouses like Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams can turn her BLEEP into gold. I don’t think there’s an actor under the sun who can! They struck out with Maura West, Tristan Rogers and Stephen Nichols. Not to mention Stacy Haiduk.

    I applaud the show’s continued diversity and the fact that Y&R is making an effort to write for its AA characters, but I see this story crashing and burning already. :Sp

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    All of the above aside, why didn’t I make a New Year Resolution to not watch Y&R for a while (of course I would have broken it anyway). But with the seemingly never ending lunacy going on all around … maybe I should have.

    There is absolutely nothing interesting going on right now except very slightly possibly with Billy’s latest baby making machine. I really don’t have any clue where that might be headed, but I’m sure it will be much more of all the same we’ve seen time and time again.

    The Kevin predicament grows increasingly annoying by the day. Please let it end very soon! Of course the lunatic mob “boss” is probably also responsible for Gloria’s beloved husband doing his Tom Hanks impressions.

    We “still don’t know who killed Diane”. But of course we do and we are subject relentlessly with all the same Patty nuttiness! Please let all that end very very soon too!

    Why do I not like too many women in Genoa City at this time. The obvious ones I do like are never around. At this point I think Chloe is at the top of my hate list. That scheming hypocritical harpy has no redeeming values at all. She hates men and destroys them so maybe she should leave us alone for a while and get herself caught up on L-Word reruns.

    Nothing has changed (not even the titles) and there really does not appear to be too much light on the horizon. I hope that changes real soon!

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    [quote=harlee490]Let Sophia die and bring back DRUCILLA and have Neil & Dru raise the boy, as Neil did with Lily…I read the post about ES adding to Y&R please no because we have ENOUGH castoffs already and they done nothing for ratings. I don’t want MAB to start adding a dozen of castoffs with OLTL.[/quote]

    I’m with you harlee! But bringing back someone that the fans actually care about would be too much like right! Unfortunately, I’m expecting to hear within the next couple of months who from OLTL she snatched.

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