Faces From the Past Terrorize Llanview on OLTL!

You are not going to want to miss a minute of this week’s One Life to Live, as some of Llanview’s most notorious faces return to terrorize its citizens. Watch this weeks’ OLTL promo after the jump!

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    This is freaking awesome! It’s like watching an episode of Justice League, the gallery of rogues and their escape from Arkham! Cancelling this show was a BAD idea…in fact we all know it was stupid. And I am sure Frons and other mindless execs are pishawing us off as they run to the bank to dispense their earnings for a hack job well done but guess what…money gets spent, but stupidity remains in spite of it and it’s your legacy not mine GSlam…it’s so nice to see your shades in 2012. You are so cute.

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    PS I am still hoping the bomb that helped the Llanview notorious was built by Ursula Blackwell,but I am guessing that is too much to hope for in terms of OLTL history.

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    Llanview76, I cannot imagine a better thing to happen at the show’s finale! I loved the summer of 1988 so much and the Faux Bo storyline where Delilah, Rafe, and Tina were locked up by Ursula was one of my favorite stories ever. If only we were so lucky to get one last snapshot of Ursula. :(

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    I stated awhile ago I return to watch the last 2 weeks which I did today and I want to see how OLTL ends. The soap at it’s best was “Todd & Blair”…I gushed and it was romantic and warm. I hope OLTL doesn’t end with a bunch of craziness no warm tender moments of some closure…I just can’t believe TSJ isn’t coming back but besides him ….Dorian she should be there stuck with Viki and having the last scenes between Robin & Erika…shame on Frank, ABC, & Frons. This time it isn’t Ron’s fault because if Robin was on canvas he would had wrote a spicy ending for Dorian. I want more Todd & Blair..Please.

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    I CAN”T WAIT!!!! I’m going to savor every millisecond of the last nine episodes….like someone stated earlier, it’s like the rogues gallery from Batman…all the villians let go at once! LOOOOOVE IT!

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    I feel like this is going to be the worst ending.. At least with AMC there was some resolution and happiness with every character before all hell broke loose on the cliff hanger.

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    [quote=stefanstavros]….like someone stated earlier, it’s like the rogues gallery from Batman…all the villians let go at once! LOOOOOVE IT![/quote]

    That someone is me Mr. Stefanstavros…and you’re cute too!

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    I’ve seen that promo many times, and each time, it still makes me weepy.

    [quote] Where is Lindsey? [/quote]

    If I’m not mistaken, she becomes involved at some point in this Troy/Nora debacle. I’ve seen Cat in media pics in character.

    HOLY HELL! The show kicked ass today.

    [quote] The soap at it’s best was “Todd & Blair”…I gushed and it was romantic and warm. [/quote]

    Swoon! :love: I was 12 years old again. I felt like a Beliber or something, lmao.

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    Just watched today’s episode. It was really good although I have never enjoyed Mitch Laurence. Mitch Laurence is just an opportunity for Roscoe Born to chew scenery and the show’s heroines be needlessly terrorized. He offers nothing but takes away a lot. I can only hope that before the show concludes that Jessica is re-Buchananed (biologically Clint’s daughter) because the de-Buching of Jessica was the single worst decision any writer has ever made on OLTL. Ummm, David Vickers and Rex Balsom get to be biological Buchanans yet Jessica gets to be the result of Mitch Laurence’s rape! Seriously?!

    I see Ty Treadway is still beautiful to look at and painful to see act. Lol.

    NuCole was very good and made me like the character in the first time ever. Too bad it’s the end of the show’s run because I could see myself liking this version of Starr and Cole.

    Oh yeah, Todd and Blair are EVERYTHING!!!!

    Still, I’d trade these convicts for Larry Wolek, Hank, RJ Gannon and Max Holden.

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    Troy looks mighty yummy like he always has! MMMMMMM!

    I have a feeling the prisoners won’t be until just the end of the week, or at least I hope so. I love this story but it shouldn’t take away from the last week of the show. I read an actor say that the last week of the show ties up loose ends to stories and it sounds like it’s pleasant and not wild like it is now.

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    Good idea Stefan, it’s about time I show my face that is since it is going to be a face that launchs it’s own soaptacular web series…and please everyone feel free to tell me how much I look like Michael E. Knight, I never get tired of hearing it.

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    These final weeks of the show are AWESOME! Really enjoying it. Would be truly amazing if Jill Larsen pops up as old Ursula. She was a total whack!

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    I have a feeling that the ending is not going to make anyone happy. There’s only 6 episodes left to wrap up all these stories and if a bunch of people were shot there’s no way all that can possibly be wrapped up in a week. Neither Nat and John nor Vicki and Clint ever remarried, Todd hasn’t been exposed as Victor’s killer, Tea’s brother is still missing and we’ll never learn the sex of the baby, Matthew and Destiny’s baby hasn’t been born yet either, etc. PP insisted that they end OLTL with cliff hangers and I’m very much afraid that’s all we’ll be getting next Friday. Very very sad indeed!!! |( |( |(

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