Will Wants Payback on DAYS!

After years of watching his mother pull every trick in the book and invent one or two too, Will (Chandler Massey) seems to have caught on. This week on Days of Our Lives, Will tries blackmailing EJ (James Scott) with the secret Sami slept with her ex. Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!

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    This is good soap!

    The mistakes Will is making are fully grounded in who he and his mother and father are and the circumstances of how he grew up.

    I just wish the writers would bring some of this to the other stories on Days.

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    This is awesome. When I started watching Days again, Will seemed to be awfully nice and sweet considering he is Sami’s son, haha. I’m glad to see his dark side coming out!

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    Will was always Sami’s conscience since he was a kid. I guess he just got tired of it because she never developed her own sense of right and wrong.
    I am very happy they are traveling down this route. First off, its damn good tv. Secondly Chandler Massey is not only up for the job but even more. Keep it coming Days! You got me glued!

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    I agree with SoapArmageddon on this. I love that they are delving into the show’s history to add layers to the existing story. This is the best story line on the show right now. Today’s episode was great, seeing flashbacks of Marlena and Sami revealing that Sami knew about Marlena’s affair with John (on a sidenote, Alison Sweeney has grown SO much as an actress since those days!). It ties the show together and is multi-generational. I also wish the effort that they put into this story line was applied to the other story lines.

    The Madison story started off promising, but Sami jumped from Mad World so quickly that there really was no point in tying the two women together from the past. I read somewhere suggesting that Madison should have been Maggie’s kid instead of Daniel and I would have thought it was more compelling than making Daniel related to Maggie. On a side note, it means Melanie, Maggie’s granddaughter, dated her grandson, Nathan. Ugh! Yes, I know they are not linked by blood, but imagine a family get together: Hi Nathan, isn’t it great that even though we aren’t a couple anymore, we can now be tied together by a mutual grandmother! That was my issue with making everyone related. It dilutes the established families that it makes it hard for anyone to have affairs or pair up because eventually you are related to everyone else. It’s OK to be friends and not have everyone blood related.

    But back to the positive. The show IS better, leaps and bounds above what Dena Higley was hashing out. I’m curious about the Alice story line and enjoy seeing Jack winning Jenn back. Spread the love writers and balance the other stories out too! This is the one I care the most about!

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    I love Will’s atitude these days! Too bad his attemot at blackmail will only come back to bite him though. Poor Will. :( How Great are Chandler Massey and James Scitt these days?
    Snaggs- ITA! Madison would;ve beeb a much better choice as Maggie’s child than Daniel, the way Madison’s storyline is going at the moment I’m quickly losing interest. never a good thing.

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    I think I have soap-nesia, can someone help me out? When did Will shoot EJ and when did Lucas take the wrap for him? Does anyone know the circumstances?

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