Judith Light Makes a Little Time For The View’s One Life to Live Kiss, Er Send Off


Judith Light may not have agreed to reprise the career-launching role of Karen Wolek before One Life to Live wrapped production, however it appears the actress will find the time in her busy schedule to join ABC's upcoming concilatory send off on The View.

Soaps In Depth is reporting Light will appear on the special episode of the relentlessly-cloned ABC chatfest on Jan. 13. While I'm glad Light will be a part of the hour—which will likely have Whoopi Goldberg trying to stay awake, while Sherri Shepherd does the whole "sassy black girl who loves her stories" schtick yet again—it would have been nice if Light had been able to actually appear on OLTL before the end. I hear it was only for a cameo, and the brass reportedly courted her something serious. Oh well, maybe the producers of Who's The Boss? will have better luck should they ever do a reunion movie. Watch a clip of Karen Wolek on the stand after the jump!

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    [quote=blake3b]Maybe she didn’t come back because it was so long ago and a majority of the people and characters at that time are not on there anymore.[/quote]

    ^^ I totally agree with you. Who really knows what goes on with the behindthescenes negotiations. At least Ms. Light is making the appearance on The View. As much I enjoy OLTL most days, it is rather sad that we have yet to see the characters that made Llanview a community, like Larry Wolek, Wanda, Hank, Jenny, RJ, Renee, Andrew, Cassie, Dorian and Max Holden!!! I’d trade all of the crazed convicts currently on the loose for any one of these characters

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    I am only watching the last few years so I could care less. I have seen the clip several times. She has moved on. It is what it is. I am not moved to visit where I worked decades ago. Most people move on. I liked her on Who’s the Boss. She has been on several shows since oltl.I would rather honor the actors who have longtime careers on the shows going.

    Even the need on GH to have Laura back?…..Can’t they just imply that Luke and Laura reunited. So much time has passed and the two actors are only so/so now together.

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    The moustache, I have the same question. Absolutely no love until the end. I was hoping for a commemorative book or magazine like AMC got with People and one of the soap mags. I saw those two on the shelves through December.

    I think this has to do with what’s been mentioned on the podcast. There is now one actor/character that hit the zeitgeist on OLTL, like Erica Kane and Luke and Laura. Or maybe it’s soap cancellation fatigue.

    I do have one Renee question that I hope someone has insight on. I seem to recall, during the Shane/Stacey donor storyline, Renee was in a clinic and the gang stumbled upon her. It seemed they were setting something up but it never materialized. At the time I thought maybe it was just Renee getting “refreshened” outside of Llanview, but I remember there was a sense of foreboding to it all.

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    This will make the 2nd time I have watched The Few. First being the AMC tribute. I hope no one farts.
    That clip of Karen always gives me the chills.

    Speaking of AMC, it would have turned 42 today. Sniff.

    And I too think its crappy that OLTL isn’t getting any special publications sold about it like People and Digest did for AMC.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]how come OLTL isn’t getting all the tremendous media attention that GL, AMC, and ATWT got when they went off the air?[/quote]

    That is a mystery…this is my theory…since day one OLTL has taken risks…it had an integrated cast, it had interracial kissing, it had an homage to the Ewings of Dallas that other soaps soon copied when it was apparent how popular the Buchanans were…it has pushed the envelope on every possible story that has ever been told when other soaps were playing it safe…somebody once said that OLTL is the “independent soap opera” and it is. It will never be appreciated for its courage and ability, because it isn’t “sanitized” enough to report.

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    Yeah why is OLTL always getting the red headed step child treatment? It has been the # 1 ABC soap for a while now (yet it’s cancelled lol), and it’s not getting any notice in the media right now about going off the air. It did when AMC was cancelled but that was months ago. Hopefully the media will talk about it more next week during it’s last week.

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    Hasn’t she been performing in a stage production lately? I know I saw her on GMA last week promoting the play and saying it was doing well. They even mentioned that Danza had come to see one performance. Maybe she was simply telling the truth when she said that she was too busy?

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    OH.MY.GOD!!!!! Just finished watching today’s (Thursday’s) episode and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! What a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day-YUM the suspense was INCREDIBLEEEEEEE! Can’t believe, though, that Clint didn’t at least try to lunge at Allison to stop her….THIS was one of the best episodes EVER!

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    To me it seems Judith Light has never been ashamed of her daytime work. I mean really, how could you be. It was something I have always gathered from interviews that she learned to get over right away because it was the work she was being offered at the time. She chose to make the most of it. Eventually she grew to become an even bigger star in prime time and that sort of added to her estrangement. Plus how do you write Karen Wolek in all of a sudden when her ex-husband, sister and other relations have been gone for a number of years. I kept thinking she was either going to turn out to be Cutter and Kim’s mom, but the writers went with Alex Olanov instead…or when Aubrey mentioned her real name was Christine Karr, that she would somehow be related to Aubrey’s story given Katrina Karr was Karen’s friend from her hooker days. I don’t know what Ron and Frank had up their sleeves, but I am kind of glad she didn’t come back because it would have been so random given where the story is.

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    Stefanstavros, you just took the words Out. Of. My. Mouth!!!! STILL CAN’T believe they are cancelling this show. Been watching all ABC soaps for almost 43 years. Disgusted!

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    I remember as a very young child peeking around the corner and trying to watch her “testimony” when it was revealed Karen was a hooker. I had no idea what was going on but I knew my mom didn’t want me to watch it. I was spellbound. Twenty plus years later, I had the pleasure of seeing her ( in a mind-blowing and devastating performance) in “wit” off-broadway, coincidentally with my mother. I think she’s a class act with more talent than most realize. I also appreciate her support of civil rights issues. I’m glad to see she’s supporting her roots as well.

    Now if only we didn’t have to suffer the the crap that is the “view” to see her.

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    I took that last Fri Jan 13th{OMG just realized FRI 13th}off from work to watch OLTL and The View.I hope I’m not disappointed with the View show;that the guests they have really want to be there for the fans.About the mag tributes,they may not come out til next week.If I recall right our store got them the last week of AMC then,but carried them for several months.

    As for Thur’s OLTL,I was on the edge of my seat at the end.Cannot wait until Fri’s ep.I know there are characters we miss,but the show is in the can,and we can only enjoy what is there.The writer’s were going on the assumption the show would be back.Six episodes left,keep the faith.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]i hope there’s a discussion post for OLTL later today!![/quote]

    Check out “Hot Forum Topics” over on the right side of the main page near the bottom and you will see “OLTL Discussion week of 1/2/12 – 1/6/12″.

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    OMG. Thanks liason4real. My “forum” reading consists of reading the replies to DC articles and I didn’t know there was such an area on here. It couldn’t happen any sooner than the last week and some change of OLTL, but better late than never.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]I am confused as to why she is doing this appearance but wasn’t willing to do a final cameo on OLTL before the show ended……….[/quote]

    She might have wondered about the integrity of the character. OLTL has botched almost every major return in recent years, and they did an especially bad job with female characters (Pamela, Lee/Janet, Tina’s first return). They only seem to be able to write for returning women if they are crazy and comic, like Alex Olanov.

    If the rumors are true, her return would have been all about Aubrey, a huge waste of a character. I’d rather keep the memory of Karen than have that mess be her goodbye.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]how come OLTL isn’t getting all the tremendous media attention that GL, AMC, and ATWT got when they went off the air?[/quote]

    I don’t remember ATWT getting any more media attention than OLTL has received, with the exception of the little book they released.

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    Judith is currently starring in a Broadway play in NYC with Stockard Channing and Stacey Keach. The name of the play is Other Desert Cities. The show is getting rave reviews. It’s a hot ticket. She performs 8 shows a week.

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    Can’t believe, though, that Clint didn’t at least try to lunge at Allison to stop her….THIS was one of the best episodes EVER!


    I don’t normally advocate violence toward women, but I would not have been opposed to Clint choking a bitch. Today was epically good soap. Edge of my seat spectacular!

    I can’t wait for The View next Friday! I hope I’m off work to catch it live!

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    Maybe the AMC & ATWT special print tribute issues didn’t sell well (I know there were tons left at my local grocery store)so Digest figured a tribute to OLTL would sell just as poorly….

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    That’s what I’m thinking, too, Jon. The magazine stores I go to barely sold any of the AMC issue (in fact, the store where I bought mine taunted me for weeks with the full rack, except for the ONE that I bought. And if there’s one industry that’s suffering as much as soaps these days, it’s the magazine industry…

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    [quote=Carol2]It looks like OLTL is getting a tribute issue after all.[/quote]

    I saw that in the Soap Opera Digest that Soap Opera Weekly was doing a tribute, collectors issue – but is PEOPLE magazine doing one? Why did they do All My Children? Oh, wait forget that…

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    Where I live the special issues for ATWT and AMC were there one day and gone the next. Either a lot weren’t ordered or they were flying off the shelves.

    I AM VERY HAPPY that the show is getting its own issue after all.
    I’d like to add that the current issue of People with The Bachelor has a feature about OLTL and Erika Slezak on the cover.

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    I got the issue today…I had to look high and low…Target didn’t have it, neither did Barnes and Noble but I found it at Walgreens, and picked up a box of dark chocolates to eat, because gotta have my soap opera with a little bon bon. The cashier was the cute lady who said they she used to love watching AS THE WORLD TURNS when it first came on because Penny was her age. Then from what the cashier said they aged Penny to age 60 and sent her off to Europe and it made her mad. I don’t know if they did that but I thought it was cute. She also liked YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and said it drove her nuts that because she worked during the day she used to catch it on SoapNet but now they show the OC in place of the rerun. I hope she can get back to her stories…though I didn’t have the heart to tell her about all the discussion about Y&R on here ;)

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    Coming from a long time CBS soaps watcher, it seemed as though AMC/OLTL are getting more media attention than ATWT and GL did…jmho.

    As for Judith Light, I agree with the poster who stated that she is probably simply too busy to rehearse/film a cameo. Julianne Moore, who is more a film actress, probably had the free time between movies to film her scenes for ATWT but Judith Light is on Broadway performing 8 times a week! Being a theater person myself, I know what a grind that can be.

    I think people maybe are focusing on the wrong thing. The point is that she wanted to be associated with the tribute and saying goodbye. If she were truly ashamed of her soap background, she wouldn’t bother showing.

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