Marcy Rylan Returns to The Young and the Restless Jan. 23

The Young and the Restless just hasn’t been as fun without Marcy Rylan’s Abby running around Genoa city. Thankfully, the star is returning from maternity leave this month. According to Soap Opera Digest, Rylan  will be back on our screens on January 23. 

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    The cast is do large, I didn’t notice Abby was gone. I like the actress but Abby became so shrill and annoying. I wish the writers knew how to write for their talent and also decrease the size of their very large cast. Instead, Hogan Sheffer is doing his usual hack job. We have the clone of ATWT’s Rose running around Genoa City. Her name is Angelina and she’s AWFUL.

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    Most of the women in Genoa City are shrill and annoying and Abby certainly is one of the main culprits. Why can’t some (most … all?) be reborn with new qualities we can all respect and admire (or at least love to hate)?

    Regarding Sharon … why should she not challenge Nick over Faith? Just who is the worse parent here? Non of anyone’s kids are ever around (always out on “sleepovers”); so where is the parenting? Nick was much more disruptive to Faith when he stomped in and grabbed Faith out of her sleep chamber. I just roll my eyes when the saintly Newman clan is always astounded when someone dares to challenge their supreme “authority”! I am definitely not that great of a fan of Sharon but I stand with her in this matter.

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    This was all done by Victor, with Sharon getting to share custody of Faith and the Judge owing him a favor. This in my opinion, should never have happened, but we all knew when they went to court that it was a done deed.

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    The character needs to mature. Lets face it the publicity has died down on the real life divas. She was based on some of screwballs out there. Time to move on. I see the same scenario in the Diana D character. Copying a real life flavor of the month.

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    I’m not sure how they have been writing “Abby” because I haven’t watched but they probably are writing her still too young in letting “Abby” to mature…poor Marcy. But I still love her to death because to me she will always be “Lizzy” to me. “Lizzy” was a spoiled brat but they did write “Lizzy” growing and maturing after she gave birth to “Sarah” and she played that part with such gusto, being crafty, bitchy Spaulding heir but at same time had the softness and conscience of the Raines’ women which was a perfect blend. After she took the part of “Lizzy” everyone was like Crystal Hunt who? I wish her the best in story because she’s a wonderful fireball of an actress. :)

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    Ugghhhh…..haven’t missed her one bit.

    Annoying as ish and her dating options are limited.

    I’m not a fan of MR’s acting. Its too over the top and similiar to Judith Chapman’s, which I can only take in small doses.

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