DAYS Stars Shine at NBCUniversal Press Tour All-Star Party

Days of our Lives stars Kristian Alfonso (pictured above), Alison Sweeney, Galen Gering and Lisa Rinna appeared at the NBCUniversal Press Tour All-Star party on January 6, in Pasadena, California.  The event also featured soap alums Tia Carrere, Mark Valley and Matt Bomer. Carrere will appear in the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice. Valley stars in NBC’s legal drama Harry’s Law opposite of Kathy Bates, while Bomer leads USA’s White Collar. See more photos from the event after the jump!

Matt Bomer and Tim Dekay

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    Kristian is still a stunner at 48 and after nearly thirty years in daytime. My goodness, she looks great. Definitely a “Fancy Face!”

    @david46208 – I totally see where your coming from regarding KA’s acting ability but she has entertained me over the years. I thought the writing of Hope Brady has been lightweight and hoped she would have gotten something ‘meaty.’ Unfortunately, when the story of Zack’s death rolled around, her performances were cringe-worthy. Still, I just adore KA, always have.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @soapbaby: Yeah that scene with her and Peter when Bo and Hope were at therapy last week was the toast of it all. Peter knocked it out of the ball park when it came to emotions and the ability to remember the loss of Zack and portray the emotions needed. As for Kristian I don’t know what she needed a tissue for… I guess it was just a prop to show that she was supposed to be sad. And Deidre had that look on her face (in character) as if she was concerned about their issues. But I think she was really concerned that Kristian, after all these years, had not learned to emote or have the versatility to change emotions on a dime.

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    I see the Kristian haters are still around! :D I believe both Kristian and Peter did a fabulous job in both episodes where they FINALLY started to deal with the death of Zack! :( I wasn’t a Carly fan but I NEVER went after Crystal. Even though there were plenty of scenes that warrented it! I choose to respect the ACTUAL PERSON and only address the character. But hey! That’s just me! Still, I respect the right of differing opinions, so I will also respectfully choose to disagree with those that feel that Kristian is not a good actress. Being a long term viewer, and seeing her in many scenes, in my opinion, she has proven that she very much is a talented actress! :) JMO

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