Kirsten Storms Returns to General Hospital!

It appears the prayers of General Hospital fans have been answered. After much speculation, Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Kirsten Storms is returning to Port Charles as Maxie. Reportedly, she will begin taping at the end of January and will appear onscreen in late February. 

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    Welcome back KS! As much as I’ve appreciated JL covering for you and (I admit it, I did enjoy some of her work), I am ready for you to assume your
    place as the Maxie I love… 0:)

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    Unlike most of you, I actually liked Maxie’s replacement! She’s a good actress! However, of course, Kirsten IS Maxie, so I am thrilled that she’s coming back to where she belongs!

    Now if only we could get Megan Ward back where SHE belongs so that I will no longer have to deal with NuKate!!!!! :p :p

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    Was hoping she would go back to Days as Belle and Jason Cook going with her. Pesonally,I liked her best as Belle. As Maxie she got on my nerves. Spinelli would have been better off with Georgie. Oh, well.

  4. Profile photo of giogio

    I really enjoyed Maxie’s replacement. She fit right in. I love Kirsten and very happy she is well and coming back. But the girl who filled in for her should get a role in GH as someone else cause she shines.

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    ^^ I agree with alstonboy and giogio – The actress who has subbed for Kirsten Storms is a good actress and did a fine job. I was surprised GH frontburnered Maxie while KS was on leave, but the replacement did very well. I was hoping KS would return when the show’s writing improved (hopefully, when RC and FV take over.)

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    I havent missed KS one bit which is either a testament to Jen Lilley or that Kirsten Storms is not that indellible an actress. I think both. I am glad KS is on the mend regardless.

  7. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I thought Jen L did a good job filling in for Kirsten. Jen IS a very good actress….but Kirsten IS Maxie for me. So I am happy to welcome her back…I DO wish Jen all the best…not only is she a good actress…she also appears to be a really nice person. She was very gracious and friendly to the fans during her stint on GH. Soap fans are loyal, and I am sure she picked some up the past four months…she will be supported where ever she goes in the future. …In the meantime I am very happy that Kirsten is finally better… and coming back to her role.

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    Maxie is a much needed character on the canvas as she is one that ties so many people together from the show’s history. However, Maxie has been used as a whining and complaining airhead nag for so long that I hardly enjoy her on screen. How many times is she going to call Liz a slut before the writer’s realize the viewer is numb to her critique? When will Maxie be something other than an insecure girl trying to hold onto her man? LIke so many female characters on GH, Maxie has suffered from the sexist pen of inept writers and the “leadership” of a soap killer.

    Here’s hoping Maxie comes back with a change for the better. She could really be a zany and funny and multi-facteded Lucy Coe for a new generation of GH fans. Well, if GH makes it past this year…

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