SOAPNet Exits Airwaves March 23 For Disney Junior

It is official. According to TV Guide Magazine, SOAPnet departs cable and satellite systems on March 23 and will be replaced by Disney Junior March 23. As previously reported last year, Mickey Mouse made the decision to axe the soap channel in favor of a 24/7 preschool channel. According to Disney Channels Worldwide president and CEO Gary Marsh:

This marks the beginning of a sea change in the 'preschool plus' television landscape. The response to our Disney Junior programming block has been extremely positive.

I guess they haven't talked to soap fans. This news comes during the same week One Life to Live finally takes a bow after being on air for 43 years. 

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    Even though we expected this, somehow reading it has ruined my day. I thought it wasn’t going to be until more like the summer and I even thought maybe there was a chance that they’d change their minds and keep soapnet on. It looks like after OLTL ends this week they’re going to be showing two old episodes of AMC and OLTL in the middle of the night. But what difference does it make when they’re pulling the network in March.

    I still think there is definitely room for a soap opera cable channel, just not owned by Disney.

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    Preschool channel?? Seriously? I thought this idea tanked…but then since when does ABC care what the viewers want. They just go ahead with their own “brilliant” ideas…

    I am so done with ABC. Nothing worth watching on it anyway.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Well it’s no surprise that Disney is pulling the plug since they have all but killed their own soaps. GH will be gone by this time next year according to most people close to the situation. That leaves Days and Y&R as the only two shows that had been on the air. B&B never made the cut. Maybe another cable network will pick up both Days and Y&R, plus add B&B to their nightly programing. I’m sure CBS/Sony/NBC could cut a deal with some other network.

    I guess we’ll wait and see.

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    I don’t watch SoapNet as a rule, but I LOVE having the complete episodes available there in case of unnecessary network (Obama speech) or local (traffic accident, snow flurry, amber alert) interruptions. Just last week our local Philadelphia ABC affiliate pre-empted the first act of GH for some stupid sports announcement. Fortunately I could watch my backup SoapNet recording and watch what was missed. I will miss SoapNet for that convenience alone!

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    I stopped watching a long time ago. It disappointed me when he (frons) stopped promoting soaps. i.e. Day in the life, Soap talk, Soapograpy, etc. They started showing movies from the 80s and reality. This is all on him, he’s gone and he killed all that is soaps before he left. Wish I had a voodoo doll so I can keep poking him over and over and over.

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    I pulled the plug on cable sometime ago, but when I did have cable, like other soap fans, I only tuned into SoapNet to watch re-runs of Y&R on the weekends. When SoapNet had original programming I tuned in more but once they started showing repeats of 90210, etc, I only watched for the weekend Y&R marathons. Now that I’m not even putting up with Y&R, I feel nothing but I do feel for people who still find use in the channel.

    In terms of this new Disney Jr., when I still had cable, I only let my niece watch PBS because I’ve never cared for Disney Channel nor it’s content and I noticed the difference with my niece (behavior-wise) when she watches Disney Channel and when she watches PBS. NO comparison.

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    Does Disney really think that 5-10 year olds watch tv 24/7? I have to presume that most of them have a set bed time and will not be watching anything on that station or any other station after 9 PM. And since most children that age attend school during the day Monday – Friday, they won’t be watching then either. So for 8 – 10 hours every night and 6 -8 hours every day, most children will not be watching Disney Jr.!!! That means there’s approximately 6 hours in the day when children MIGHT choose to watch their station. A VERY BAD BUSINESS DECISION IMO!!!!! :Sp

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