ABC Prexy Paul Lee: “I’m a Fan of General Hospital But We Have Not Made a Decision”

With Katie Couric's talk show debuting this September, soap fans and TV critics alike are wondering what will be the fate of ABC's sole daytime soap left in production, General Hospital. When questioned about the sudser at the Television Critics Association's (TCA) winter press tour today, ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee said this (according to TV Line):

I’m a fan of General Hospital but we have not made a decision, and we do not have a time frame for [making that call] either.



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    I think they are giving GH six months after Frank/Ron take over. Frank is good with budget aspect. If he can get costs down and have GH more profitable..maybe there is hope? I say that knowing OLTL was under budget, but GH seems to have rowdier fans and for whatever reason, I think ABC actually likes GH. If they can get the ratings up a lil, stay under budget, and if OLTL’s replacement isn’t this amazing new show with insane ratings, I think GH has a shot.

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    Liar Liar…
    To be read “We have not made a decision as long as GH can improve its ratings to the current level of OLTL that is to say between 1.9 and 2.2 (if not more)”… and considering the disastrous ratings of their latest huge promoted event that is to say the pathetic Falconeri wedding of which all Spencers and legacy characters were excluded (which got a laughable 1.7 and made GH dead last of all soaps that day when weddings always bring viewers), I am betting for GH being cancelled before July…

    And what is weird is that I probably won’t be as sad when it happens than I am right now because of OLTL even though I have watched GH 20 years more than OLTL.
    But the Corinthos-Falconeri-Morgan unholy trilogy killed that show for me… Sonny and Dante I just plain HATE you both for ruining my beloved GH (thanks Guza for your obsession about Dante and his beloved Daddy).

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    PUH-LEASE. The decision was made at the same time the decision to axe AMC and OLTL, right around the same time they moved AMC to LA and lied to the whole production team. My feelings about the demise of the soap opera genre aside, these suits can be trusted about as far as you’d trust Ted Bundy with knife or Jeffrey Dahmer with a 15 year old boy.

    GH is only around because they couldn’t steal Ms. Couric from CBS fast enough. GH is in a holding pattern before it crashes down.

    And although I started watching GH as a six year old (albeit with a big break during the Guza/Phelps reign of terror), I must say that its demise has been made much easier for me because of its current state. The only thing worse than the lying executives at Disney is the crap they are calling GH.

    GH died around 1999. The Sonny Show (AKA “How many stupid women can one mobster impregnate”) replaced it and is the show that is now being cancelled. And that show is NO great loss to any genre anywhere. It’s an embarrassment to any thinking viewer, to any lover of this genre and especially to all of the female viewers they have alienated with their endless parade of insulting female stereotypes and their double standard that men can be lovable killers but any woman with flaws risks being the town slut or whore.

    So ABC, you killed GH long ago. Attempting to keep us guessing about whether you’ll cancel the Sonny Show makes me just want to say: No one gives a f**k!

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    [quote=soapfan616]….GH died around 1999….. Attempting to keep us guessing about whether you’ll cancel the Sonny Show makes me just want to say: No one gives a f**k![/quote]


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    I’m going with April 1st. ABC isn’t interested in producing soap operas anymore. They should just man-up and admit it. Let the cast and crew of GH go out with the dignity and respect they didn’t give the folks at AMC & OLTL.

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    You know they have already made this decision,because awhile back we were dicussing local station being given back GH’s time period.How can you raise ratings when some of your affliates aren’t carrying the show.Plus wasn’t GH also part of the prospect package?

    I cannot watch ABC do what they did to AMC & OLTL again.I stopped watching GH several weeks ago because I was FF thru almost everything.GH may get better when Frank & Ron take over,but I think it may be difficult for them.It sounds like some of the GH actors aren’t happy with the NY people coming.

    I do hope GH turns around just so the fans will have the happy ending they deserve.

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    GH’s hour is going back to the affiliates regardless, so the fact that ABC’s syndication arm is producing a show with Katie Couric has nothing to do with GH’s fate. If the affiliate in your city decides to put Judge Judy in that time slot, will it then be Judge Judy’s fault?

    The only hope GH has is that The Chew or The Revolution is cancelled, because those are the only ABC network slots available in daytime (other than The View, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere).

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    I agree SoapsArmageddon. Days always seems to get their renewals by the skin of their teeth everytime. Y&R is going to continue to sink if a change isn’t made.
    I see B&B lasting the longest. It’s such a huge hit in Europe I think it will stay for awhile.

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    GH went to that land of no return for me when Guza had Luke run down his grandson drunk and NEVER WAS ARRESTED AND AT LEAST SERVE SOME TIME. Still gets me so angry. So irresponsible.
    You’d think he hit a stop sign.
    Such bullshit.

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    By federal law when there are over 50/75 people 90 days notice must be given. With daytime soaps I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply. I am guessing May or June. Just counting back.

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    I believe that Paul and the ABC brass have already made their decision, but I think they’ll give Frank and Ron time, if the ratings pick up on Febuary sweeps, when their work starts airing, great it might be saved, if not bye, bye GH!!!!

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    Angie Lucy

    [quote=marybee50]GH may get better when Frank & Ron take over,but I think it may be difficult for them.It sounds like some of the GH actors aren’t happy with the NY people coming.[/quote]

    They should be so lucky as to have Frank and Ron on board. Right or wrong, at least they try and they care. I wish we were having them write for OLTL 2.0 rather than the GH Titanic. But since they’re there, I hope they can write that show out as well as they did One Life (not that I want GH, awful as it is, out but that decision has likely been made).

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    Ron/Frank believe in daytime. They “get” what soaps are about and Frank is brilliant at putting together a show that doesn’t cost big $$ but looks good. Daytime has lost a lot of the true believers of soaps. Some just got burned out, like Chris Goutman and Hogan Sheffer, some love the genre but don’t necessarily know what to to do keep fans tuning in, like Maria Bell, and then there are a few like Ron/Frank, and the current producers and co-head writers of Days, who still get excited about soaps and work really hard to tell stories that honor the history of the show, entertain viewers, and make viewers want to tune in every day.

    Could a 30 minute GH be a possibility?

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