Cameron Mathison Does Special Report on One Life to Live for GMA


A former soap star who knows all-too-well what it feels like to lose a sudser recently reported on the end of One Life to Live for Good Morning America. Cameron Mathison (ex-Ryan, All My Children) produced a special package for GMA celebrating "four decades of fabulous" on OLTL. Grab your hankies, then watch the clip after the jump!


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    Loved seeing the clips,but someone needs to count how many times 43 years was said.Robin appreciated soap actors but her yeah;yeah at the end sounded like she was glad the piece was over.

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    I saw this on Monday and I really do not get the appeal Cameron Mathison at all. I thought that when he first appeared in PVH with Gloria Marsh and now with Robin. He’s very robotic and it was painful to watch the end part of this piece.

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    I think Cameron Mathison was the right person for piece. He obviously has a personal connection with the topic. I get the impression that Mathison was trying to hold back a tear.

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    Okay, what happened to the piece? I’ve been looking for it for days to no avail :.( Of course, with the show gone and Soapnet on it’s way out the opportunity of catching various vintage episodes is soon gone, too… I sure would like to capture
    that piece for my own collection. So if anyone can help me out I’d sure appreciate it. So, here’s to enjoying a nice way the powers that be are going to give us soap lovers to continue enjoying our ‘drug’ of choice .. :-))

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