DC #659: Looking Back at OLTL’s Final Week, on The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr joins Larry Flick and Keith Price on The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick to discuss One Life to Live and General Hospital. During their visit they discuss OLTL’s final weeks, its final episode and the news Roger Howarth, Kassie DePaiva, Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton are joining the cast of General Hospital.

They then dive into what is being done to save GH, which will be competing with The Chew and The Revolution for a spot on ABC’s fall lineup.  Will the OLTL transplants help boost ratings? Is there enough time for the return of fan favorites to have a positive impact on the show’s survival?

As the segment winds down the three celebrate the return of Kirsten Storms as Maxie and debate whether-or-not Natalie should make the jump from Llanview to Port Charles. 


All this and listener’s Daytime Confidential Hotline calls on today’s episode. 




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16 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapstud

    OMG! I CANNOT STAND LARRY FLICK! His shows on OutQ suck so bad that he is the ONLY person on OutQ that I dont listen to. I am so sick of hearing him bach on OLTL and talk about how GH is going to be ruined by OLTL people. He is a tired old queen that needs to just go away.

  2. Profile photo of smellykellyjay

    While I don’t have the same opinion of Larry and his show as soapstud does, I thought Larry was assy here. Though I can see and understand where he was coming from, he was such a Debbie Downer and came off as smug and superior. Seemes to me he was rabble rousing, trying to rattle Luke’s cage. Good on Luke for gracefully, graciously maintaining his position.

    I really wish one of you podcasters would call Larry out on his saying that AMC would never get cancelled. He did that on one of the first — if not THE first — visits y’all had with him. I doubt you will do it, but it’d be fun to hear him squirm him way outta that one.

  3. Profile photo of reverly54

    I don’t give a damn about “The Sonny Corinthos Show”–I mean, General Hospital. Larry Flick seems to believe that the OLTL transfers are going to mess up “his show”. One Life to Live was “my” show and I would have been angry if GH cast members insinuated themselves on OLTL. But the thing about soaps is that they’re on their way out and this “my soap won’t be axed” attitude is plain and simple denial. Perhaps Mr. Flick will be brought down a few notches when he realizes that “his show”, like the others, is living on borrowed time.

  4. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Here are my thoughts on it. Days has brought back characters that fans know and love: John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin, Billie, Lucas and Celeste. And then they have added in just a few newbies Madison and soon actor Ian Buchannan. They listened to the fans and went for the gold. So this is something I can say works better than if they started and I hope they don’t plucking out-of-work actors from OLTL and AMC. I just don’t feel that other soaps have to pick-up these actors when the fans want to see the characters that they have known and love for years. These are the most important
    characters for any soap.

    So for me as a viewer, if you start bringing on a bunch of actors from other soaps because they need a job and you think we fans will like it, I will mostly likely tune out. And I am not a fan of GH but I would not wish Victoria Rowell, Amelia Marhsall, Tamara Tunie and Keith Hamilton Cobb on them no matter how much I want to see them back on screen.

  5. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    I really enjoy listening to Larry Flick and his outspoken opinions, but he’s just soooo negative. I mean, OLTL hasn’t always been great, but it has been great the last year or so and GH has not. The ratings can prove this. Yes, OLTL can get cheesy and silly with its musical numbers and melodrama and babies and dogs talking to each other with their minds, but it’s entertainment, and anything can happen in entertainment. Like Viki’s speech on the show yesterday, these shows are about family and showcasing stories for characters of all ages and being fun and being serious and romantic…like a novel that takes you away to a far away land. It’s fun and it’s entertaining.

    No disrespect to Mr. Flick, but he just sounds so bitter and jaded about the state of soaps in general that he doesn’t wanna be open for any kind of good change to happen. I know that Frank and Ron will bring back the history for GH fans and after some new characters and OLTL characters are on the show, they will probably try to bring back Bobbie and Lucy and Felicia and Frisco and maybe even Alan. Hell, Robert, Anna, and Holly are already back! If they can do to GH what they did to OLTL, I know GH will be a million times more successful.

    OLTL wasn’t canceled because it was bad, it was canceled because it never had the name AMC or GH had and in an effort to make things look fair, ABC had to cancel OLTL with AMC or else why didn’t they cancel all three at the same time? I wasn’t gonna watch GH after OLTL ended, but now, I’ve got to…as a fan, it’s my responsibility, and that doesn’t make a sad, depressing person who watches soaps all day; it just gives me a reason to escape reality for an hour or two. I don’t feel Mr. Flick feels this way and I hope in the future he becomes a little more positive and a little more respectful of the fans who are still with these shows everyday.

  6. Profile photo of harlee490

    I respect LF’s opinions and stated some hard truths for true GH fans. We all had or have favorite shows and loyal “Generals” want their soap back with characters they love in GOOD stories so I can see his opinion. It was great podcast and Luke I love hearing your opinions. Most of time you don’t get your opinions in all the time because you are usually the conductor of the podcasts…speak more my friend it was a treat. :)

  7. Profile photo of westvirginiafan

    Flick is a dick. It wax extraordinarily tacky to use his show that aired the last day of OLTL to harp about what he didn’t like about it and to talk about general hospital. If he doesn’t like oltl, then don’t have a show about it–it was insensitive to those of us who cared about the show to leave so little time for his guest to talk about the windup of a 43 year institution. That’s what I thought I was getting (from the description) when I hit the link, not a bitter whiny fart who needed to use the occasion of a day that was quite sad for legions of us, to harp on his own opinions. This kind of prima donna act is what gives soap fans, (male. female, gay, straight) a bad name–take a tip from Roxie and Nigel (and even David)–who were much classier about the end of Fraternity Row

  8. Profile photo of jphelps

    Not everyone thinks OLTL walks on water and I get what Larry is saying and GH can’t be saved. wake up there is no timeslot come Sept and this constant crap about how fantastic OLTL’s ratings are. Read their demos which is all the TV networks and advertisers look at. They are neck and neck with DOOL, B&B and the faltering GH. DOOL did bring back all these vets and where are their demos? in the crapper also. Some of you ratings experts need to read advertising age and get a reality check.

    AS for GH its terrible but if Ron is so so great, try rebuilding that canvas. How about a Dallas and have Alan wake up and make the last 4 years a dream? ALl I see here are a bunch of OLTL fangurls happy that their pets get a new life on another show. Thats fine but please dont act like its happening because Ron is some writing genius its a marketing ploy thats it.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    It’s his show. Why wouldn’t he give his perspective? His “guest” has been on that show several times and by now I’d assume he knew what to expect.

    I think Luke did quite a good job of making it clear where he stands.

  10. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    Luke was classy and Flick was assy. But I also think LF was playing devil’s advocate to some degree. Also, he has made no bones about have little affinity for OLTL, so his attitude is no surprise. Of course, he’s flat out wrong. It was kind of fun to hear Luke solo — just as it would be fun to hear any of the DC gang solo — there’s so much talent with this crew!

  11. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I LOVED this podcast. Two people debating a topic, making clear and concise arguments. There was a clear respect between Larry and Luke. I love how Larry always manages to tell it like it is and Luke held it down, giving valid point after valid point. I love a good debate.

    Larry was spot-on about ABC wanting out of the soap game, so there is no amount of ‘rescuing’ that RC/FV can perform to keep it on the air. Loyal GH fans should be seeing the returns of their favorites. I hope RC/FV can balance the OLTL additions with the return of GH fan favorites like Lucy, Kevin, AJ, Emily, Alan, Felicia, Bobbie, Kristina, Ric and Laura. And reviving the current fan favorites.

    Larry was also spot-on about Starr Manning. Starr Manning offers nothing but takes away a lot. Her singing at the altar was astoundingly ridiculous but only one example of how ridiculous this character is. Starr Manning’s story was concluded as of today’s final airing of OLTL. She got a fully-realized character arc and I am not interested in following her anymore. She’s a tired and over-utilized character played by a sub-par actress. I hate how OLTL frontburnered Starr for the past five years when she was best as a supporting character in her parents’ stories. Todd and Blair are INFINITELY more interesting and played by talented actors. Plus, there was an actual cliffhanger with their story!

  12. Profile photo of mecasey

    FV/RC aren’t writing GH. They are creating a new soap with a few GH-ers and a few OLTL-ers. Instead of insulting the General Hospital fans, why not be honest? GH dies as of the end of January.

    Rename the show cause the arrival of 4-8 characters from OLTL – with the potential of more is NOT GH!

    I am a GH-er. I don’t want to watch The Mannings, John McBain on any other character from Lanview eating up GH time while citizens of Port Charles lose their jobs. If I had wanted to watch OLTL, I would have.

  13. Profile photo of smellykellyjay

    Who at GH — besides Bob Guza and Jill Farren Phelps — have lost their jobs there? It’s my understanding that Kimberly McCullough, Jonathan Jackson, and Nathan Parsons left of their own accord and that they decided to leave before *anybody* from OLtL — even Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini — came over to GH. I may have to eat my words, because time will tell if anyone of great importance to GH will be canned to make room for other characters, but it hasn’t happened yet. Why fret and complain about something that hasn’t even happened yet?

    Something I read on Jamey’s Twitter feed today and some complaints from GH fans about the crossover helped me to realize something that bugged me about Larry in this podcast. Larry and a number of fans have already decided that it’s a bad, bad thing before it’s even happened, sight unseen.

    There’s often a big difference between concept and execution. What looks ridiculous on paper can be magical when executed and vice versa. I don’t think it’s asking too much to open one’s mind a bit and to wait and see how it all plays out. Isn’t that what we have to regularly do with soap operas anyhow?

    Look, I have little love for GH, but I was planning to check it out once Carlivati’s and Valentini’s work was on the air. I will definitely check it out when the OLtL characters appear. I’m probably not the only one. Isn’t more viewers for GH a good thing?

  14. Profile photo of mecasey

    You aren’t tuning in to watch GH. You are tuning in to watch OLTL on GH. You said it yourself. Meanhwhile, long time GH lifers loose our soap to the likes of OLTL characters. Who is going to lose airtime here? Only GH pays.

  15. Profile photo of Peaceole

    I have to wonder if Larry really feels that negative and phooey about OLTL stars moving to GH. I would think as a so-called fan of GH he would want to help boost ratings in any way possible. Considering lately and for long time GH stories have been boring to say the least. But when he said he was “Tired of being let down” well Larry welcome to the fan-world and I for one am tired of you letting me down. That statement was insensitive and yes you gave a disclaimer we were not going to be happy so you decided to say it anyway and on the day the last episode ended. Larry I am disappointed in you. I am so happy that I am not able to catch your radio show online. I have no interest in it.

    Luke you did a great job defending but it seemed like he was doing it on purpose and on a day OLTL fans were mourning. That is like dancing on the grave and telling mourners so glad its dead see ya would not want to be ya.

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