Reaction Hotline: One Life to Live’s Finale

The curtain has fallen on One Life to Live and we’d love to know what you thought of its finale. Did it live up to your expectations? Did the couples or characters you love get their happy ending? Share your thoughts on the last OLTL episode in the comments.

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  1. Profile photo of akbad806

    The finale for OLTL was befitting for the iconic daytime drama, but I can’t lie. I am a bit disappointed. It left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth as everything in Llanview culminated.

    For starters, I would’ve loved to see some of the characters of yore be mentioned like Carla Gray, Ed Hall, Vinnie Wolek, Wanda Webb, and the biggest snub of all, Dr. Larry Wolek. Where were the flashbacks and montages? Instead we get action centered around teens like Matthew, Starr, and Destiny who ate up enough screentime over the years. In fact, the younger crowd is what killed OLTL! Yes, it was a fantastic soap with thrilling stories, but the acting on this show had been dismal for years. Unless heavy hitters like Erika Sleazak, Jerry verDorn, Kassie D., Hillary B. Smith, Robert S. Woods, Florencia Lozano, and others were in scenes, the show floundered to a “Degrassi” esque soap that irritated me.

    But for all the bad, OLTL will always live on in my heart. Most of DC knows I love Y&R (except for now!), but Llanview is old stomping grounds for this soap viewer. My first episode was when Gabrielle Medina entered the scene during the Argentina storyline and I was hooked! A three year old who was fascinated by the gaudy dresses and elorabate sets and, most of all, the opening sequence. Peabo Bryson sang to me every afternoon as a toddler and I looked forward to his voice, along with the voices of Tina, Cord, Asa, Renee, Clint, Bo, Jake, Megan, Mari Lynn, Max, and the queen of OLTL, Viki. And I will always worship Viki! She was always hurt or kidnapped, and no soap diva does “I’m in danger” like the divine Erika S. Nobody!

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    OLTL was on FIYAH today! After the past two (AMC and ATWT) disappointing finales, I am simply thrilled that we weren’t forced to watch Clint and Viki get into a rickety old pickup truck and drive off into the sunset together, as banjo music blared in the background…………

    Well done, Ron Carlivati! And please extend my congrats to Ron the next time you talk to him, Jamey/Luke/Jillian/Reagan/Melodie……….(whoever sees him first! ;) )

    Of course, it was not without it’s flaws! Where was Renee? Or Tina? And why so much focus on Starr?

    But that baby was beautiful…..and I think he popped out with more hair on his head than his grandpa, Bo Buchanan! :D

  3. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    BEST SHOW EVER!!!! Really, that was an absolutely beautiful finale. And THAT ENDING! Truly what soaps are all about. Kudos and thank yous to Ron, Frank, the actors, the other writers, the crew, everyone involved!

  4. Profile photo of mipeony

    I had really hoped that “Victor” was really alive, so I really liked the ending… but I wanted it to be a case of McBain having him kept hidden so no one knew and I wanted Tea’s last scene to be John showing Victor to her.

  5. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    akbad806: You know they destroy all the tapes that were done prior to the 80’s or more the point the recorded over them. So they have no film to represent OLTL prior to the 80’s. That means that the classic Carla and Ed Hall scenes they would not have been able to incorporate into the show. But they could have used video from these two’s in the 80’s. As for others that mentioned they could have incorporated scenes into the show for the last week or last month and had each actor that is still alive drop in for a day on the series and have a flashback to one of their most defining moments in history on that show. And I mean the actors that really made their marks and the show’s on OLTL. Bringing back these magnificent and wonderful actors/actresses would have been great. But then again they had the idea that they were going to be moving to the internet I might give them a slight pass for that.

    I do believe that so far no soap ending has compared to AMC’s last week on air. Agnes and Lorraine really crafted each episode well and gave many nods to history. And that was good for the fans. Also AMC had not replaced half its cast with The Stedford Men, Good Times and El Mal Actor. They were in a much better position when it came to the cliffhanger end.

    Despite all that I found the OLTL ending to not be all that bad. I’d give it a B-.

  6. Profile photo of giogio

    I didnt watch yet, but i did watch the view. Applauses to Whoopi. She said something about the fool who canceled this show. Frons used to be her boss also. Im so happy she said that. Will watch later and call the Hotline. I will identify myself. Hope I dont rant and rave. SOB’s!!!

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]OLTL was on FIYAH today! After the past two (AMC and ATWT) disappointing finales, I am simply thrilled that we weren’t forced to watch Clint and Viki get into a rickety old pickup truck and drive off into the sunset together, as banjo music blared in the background………..But that baby was beautiful…..and I think he popped out with more hair on his head than his grandpa, Bo Buchanan! :D[/quote]

    I agree with you. I also see AKBAD’s point. I only started watching AMC and OLTL about 2 years ago and I would’ve LOVED to see the Ed and Carla characters (is the actor who played Ed still alive?) and some of the other 30+ years ago vets.

    But yeah, although ATWT was my favorite (EXCEPT for the last DECADE of the show) I was dissatisfied with the ending. I thought GL’s ending was even worse. OLTL, while not perfect, at least attempted to pull it together.
    Still, I was disappointed with the cursory acknowledgement of the ‘historic’ nature of the 1st AA family on ABC daytime.

  8. Profile photo of lfad

    I watched. I don’t care about the characters or their situations, so I’m clueless whether there was appropriate closure for the the viewers and the characters. The episode, overall, was okay I guess. Like I said, not my show or characters, Llanview could have been sucked up by a sinkhole all I cared.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Sticking to what has sadly become an all too frequently observed personal tradition, I never say anything negative about a show during its final week and especially its last day on the air.

    But for me this finale earned a C+.

  10. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I would give the finale a B-. I thought the episode felt too much like a regular episode. I didn’t think it packed the punch that the last episode should have. I thought it should’ve tugged more at the longtime viewers’ heartstrings, evoking nostalgia and focusing on a well-earned happiness finally, FINALLY achieved by Viki, Clint, Bo, Nora and Jessica. There was too much focus on Destiny with her baby and Starr arriving to LA. However, the highlights were the scenes when Bo looked back at Nora and expressed his love (so sweet and such good acting by Bob Woods) and the Viki, Clint and Jessica scenes. I didn’t quite buy the line when Jessica said learning of and having Natalie was one of the best moments of her life. The final surprise was cute, but not jaw-dropping. I had a feeling Victor could still be alive. I did think it was very cool how Ron and Frank and the media fooled us viewers with leaks that Trevor St. John would NOT be returning. And last but not least, the absence of my beautiful and wonderful Robin Strasser as Dorian was glaringly obvious.

  11. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    Hilary B Smith is joining The Bold & the Beautiful!

    Digest can confirm that fan favorite Hillary B. Smith (ex-Nora, OLTL) will join the No. 2 show in the brand new role of a sex therapist. The news comes mere hours after ONE LIFE TO LIVE aired its last episode on ABC. The actress had hinted earlier today that she had a new job in the works: “There will b other projects. I have one at the end of the month. It will be announced shortly….. Not ABC.”

  12. Profile photo of GG78

    The finale didn’t focus at all on the history of the show and it definitley didn’t focus enough on VIKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought for sure she would’ve been the main focus of the last show and the last scene. I’d give it a D.

  13. Profile photo of harlee490

    I would grade it a C, overall it was a good episode and personally it was a hoot Allison doing the voice over narration. I did like the ending, but how are they going to explain this on GH? I think they will be bring over Victor Jr. & Tea to GH now. The episode was entertaining and had some great moments but the reason I only gave it C is solely based on Dorian. Dorian should have been there in Llanview for this episode. I’m sorry but that was HUGE gaping hole and it showed. Robin S. would have made that final appearance and so I put that squarely on Frank’s shoulder for not giving the fans the special episode between the heavy weights of Viki & Dorian. Frank made a bad decision of not having Robin to return. Ron I’m sure would have loved to write the ending between these two beloved characters. The last half hour could have Viki & Dorian stuck somewhere again talking about Llanview and bringing up the past characters if not flashbacks. OLTL did a good job the last week of episodes but AMC’s last week’s episodes were excellent and every single day building for the final Friday and fitting where that OLTL slightly lacked the depth.

  14. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    I loved it. It wasn’t perfect, but I don’t care. No one was ever going to get everything they wanted. Yes, it was more action-packed than reflective, but I didn’t mind that. I enjoyed the ride. A- for the day, and an A for the last two weeks.

  15. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Todd and Blair said their ILY’s and finally had zeeeeee sex! Bo made me cry when he choked out “Red” to Nora, and Clint made me cry when he propsed to Viki. Then they played the theme over certain character’s speeches again.

    There were certainly more things I loved than didn’t. I certainly didn’t need to see the Trio of Smug, though I had “victory” in them being WRONG. That said, I also get that this show was canned, then picked up, then canned again and had to deal with many rewrites and actor departures and other demands that they needed to work around. AMC had a better ending that felt like an actual ending, but they had much more to benefit from in that respect. They were pretty much done when PP came a’callin, so it was indeed much more of a wrap up with a cliffhanger tacked on at the end. OLTL didn’t have that luxury, unfortunately. So was it perfect? No. Could it have been better? Sure, but that’s all subjective. As a fan who can hardly get through YR and GH on a daily basis, I was satisfied. The show trended on twitter for about two hours straight.

    I will say, the moment that made me cry the most was Jessica being Re-Buched. As much as I love Bree, I never could relate to her as Jessica, but when she burst into tears and hugged Clint when she learned the news, I was a goner. I’ll miss this show on a daily basis as a part of my life and I’ll miss these characters like they were actual members of my family. :cry:

  16. Profile photo of ER Writer
    ER Writer

    s so sad watching all these soap finales. When I was a little girl in the and I found out Santa Barbara was going off the air, I remember saying ‘I didn’t know they could do that? Soaps are supposed to be on forever.” No Lie.
    I forgive OLTL and AMC for their finales considering they were written for transition to the web.

    Such a sad day…

  17. Profile photo of dancingelf88

    I loved the ending of One Life to Live. I was practically bawling my eyes throughout the entire episode. Things I loved:

    -The fact that it ended with us knowing that Jessica is a full-blooded Buchanan. That was important for the audience and ALSO that hint that Jessica and Brody will make their way back to each other. I never bought her with Ford nor did buy Natalie and Brody so I LOVED that.

    -Clint’s proposal to Vicki. About damn time! They needed to get back together…those two belong together.

    -Matthew FINALLY manning up. I thought it was incredibly realistic how Matt reacted to the news of his impending fatherhood. And I loved that it was David who made him see that he needed to step up.

    -Vivian/Shawn although I wished the show could have focused on their relationship more than it did.

    -Everything Bo/Nora. From Matthew naming that child “Drew” to Bo choking out that “Red” towards the end. So perfect. I love Bob Woods.

    -Although I am a die hard TNT fan, Todd and Blair was really good too. You can see the history with the couple and their sex scene was hot

    -I loved the 4 musketeers Lang, Markko, Cole, and Starr reuniting. That was boss. I squealed when Cole showed up.

    -And finally that cliffhanger! That was the BEST MOMENT EVER!

    I could have done without Natalie and John. I’m not a fan of the coupling and am no fan of Natalie. Also I think a big hole that was missing was Robin Strasser.

    I’m not one of those that believes that the ending of a soap needs to be an hour full of reminiscing. I liked that it focused on wrapping/continuing the stories of the characters that were currently onscreen and not those that have been gone for ages. Sorry but I wouldn’t be interested in that.

    I’m going to miss this show so much. Damn you ABC

  18. Profile photo of beansmorgan

    I thought they did an amazing job. Shows should go out on top, showing why they are great, not becoming some syrupy homecoming show. There were wonderfully sweet moments, in particular the Bo and Nora scene, but as a whole they were moving story forward in a compelling way. I say job well done. And the end, while it makes no sense at all (how would Allison have Victor when she was in jail at the time?), it was a real WTF moment — much more so than the dumb shooting on AMC which felt tacked on and wasn’t edited well at all.

    Furthermore, while I love Dorian, she got her own special goodbye episode. So while it would have been nice to see her again, I was happy the way she was written off. I mean she got her own goodbye montage package — how many other actors can say that?

    Yesterday we got Vicki’s lovely speech about why people watch soap operas. That was profoundly elegant and sweet. I don’t think we needed a whole hour of that at the end.

  19. Profile photo of Punky

    I was so excited to see Trevor St John at the end and I think that was a good cliffhanger. Its sad that he and Florencia Lozano arent going to finish this story on GH. It would have been nice to see her reaction to him or his reaction to her pregnant belly. I loved Bo&Nora and Destiny having baby Drew. Overall today’s show did not feel like a finale something was missing and it felt like it was dragging. I think the prison break should have been this week. The show lost momentum this week and things really slowed down so I give it a B.

  20. Profile photo of Punky

    Of course, it was not without it’s flaws! Where was Renee? Or Tina? And why so much focus on Starr?[/quote]

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who was bugged by the focus on Starr. The last two weeks felt like Starr’s life to live while the other children barely got any scenes. I think the LA stuff could have been shown yesterday or cut because we know she is going to end up in PC.

  21. Profile photo of liason4real

    Wow. What a show. We got to see Bo and Nora become grandparents to baby Drew. The next generation of Buke men (Ryder, Liam and Drew) have big shoes to fill. Asa is in heaven waving that ten gallon hat of his! I can just see those three boys getting into mischief years from now.

    Starr, Langston, Cole and Marrko scenes should have aired on Thursday.

    Memo to Shaun, if Vivian does not want to marry you then it’s time to move on.

    Jessica being turned back into a Buchanan was the best news! I just don’t buy Rexx or David as Buchanan’s.

    Sorry, Tomas, but TnB were H.O.T!

    A montage of old characters would have been nice but doesn’t the show have to pay the actors?

    Where was Renee!

    Allison blew me away at the very end!

  22. Profile photo of oltlrants

    I have not read everyone else’s comments, but I was as satisfied as I could be with the finale. I believe that the show should have had a 2 hour send off, regardless of the PP deal or not. With that said, I think the finale could have been at least 50% better if PP wouldn’t have been pulling chains. I am glad it wasn’t tied up nicely with a bow, because as we know, life is not always a happy ever after.

  23. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    I thought AMC’s finally was much better, even with JR’s shot at then end. Today’s episode of OLTL just seemed like another episode. I will give them a pass though because they though the show was going to continue online. I’d give it C on a curved grading scale.

  24. Profile photo of sethbook

    I really had no major complaints about the finale. Personally, I was quite happy with the idea of Cole vanishing with his parents, so I really didn’t need all that time spent in LA with Markko and Langston. PS: If you are faking someone’s death, don’t tell EVERYBODY! And then bring the guy back to his girlfriend. But it shows that Original Todd was putting Starr’s emotional needs first.

    If they had spent less time in LA, we could have had some extra Teat/Todd/Victor/McBain/Blair time.

    I thought the Allison narration was strange until it was revealed she was reading to someone, and my longstanding hope has been that Victor is alive, and this means Todd did NOT murder him. I never liked Irene back from the dead as an explanation, but she did the story justice, and if she could brainwash Victor with decades of Todd’s life, what would it take to brainwash Todd?

    And Allison has been in jail. So, who arranged Victor’s fake death and how did Allison get custody of his kidnapping?

    But you know what, I don’t mind not knowing that. I am perfectly happy with the idea that Todd didn’t murder anyone. Todd has always CONTAINED people illegally, like what the did to Tomas, and he literally put Will Rappaport in a container destined for a ship years ago. He endangers, but he doesn’t actually kill. LOL!

  25. Profile photo of appleridge

    When this was filmed PP was still happening so it wasnt a finale the show was gonna continue the following Monday

    Everyone got a happy ending and the Victor/Todd cliffhanger well I believe that will conclude on GH and even though FL & TSJ arent signed on (yet), I do believe we will see them there at some point

  26. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    For me, the moment was when a tearful Matthew chose to name his son after his late brother, Drew. Eddie Alderson has grown into a good actor. Other highlights include Bree’s performance in the scenes where Jessica finds out that Clint is indeed her dad and of course the cliffhanger of Victor being tied up.

    I urge OLT fans to follow Blair, Todd, Starr, and John to Port Charles. Show GH love… and show ABC what a mistake they made!

  27. Profile photo of westvirginiafan

    great job, today and this entire last couple of weeks

    An incredible range of stories were brought to good plateaus–think of the sheer range of characters that had some level of closure to their story lines but without “wrapping things up” in a way that precluded further development. Clint and Vicki back together again, Nat and mccain, rex, gigi and shane reunited, starr and cole, destiny and matthew. But even the ‘happy endings” allow our imaginations to continue with these characters (and would have allowed prospect park or agnes to develop new chapters). In many ways it had the bittersweet sense of fulfillment of a high school or college graduation. Happiness at the sense of culmination of an important stage of life, the rich sense of connection we have as we hit a milestone. And the sadness that this era is over. What parent doesn’t thrill at their children’s moving into the fulfillment of their adult lives, yet still tear up that the years of shared day to day lives are over?

    And so many of these stories mirrored the transition we all face losing a show we love–the catharsis of sharing Roxie, nat, vickie and even clint’s goodbyes to the balsams, the kramer/mannings watching star go, and of course the whole cast letting go of fraternity row.

    They also, for the most part did a great job not allowing the goodbyes to not overwhelm the experience of a soap moving forward on all cylinders. Think of the sheer amount of story telling that has gone on the past six months that was not about saying goodbye.

    All of us will have our regrets of people who didn’t make it back for guest spots, or who left the canvas too soon. But having Nathan Fillion pop in with the memory of the lame most recent Joey recast wouldn’t have worked Max was a great character, but having Blair juggle four men in the last few months wouldn’t have worked and while I wish they had explored where he and Roxie could have gone, in a triangle I’d root for Nigel. Where they were able to bring characters back and have some resolution of their stories (Cord and Tina) they did and they did it well. Even the disappointment of not having Robin Strasser on the last show was somewhat mitigated with them having done something nice with her character’s development–moving on as being something more than mother hen to the kramer women or the slapstick romance with David. As someone else has pointed out, she got a classic goodbye montage this year, really more than anyone else on the show has but Vicki.

    I would have liked to have seen less Ford bro’s (and wasn’t sorry to see one die, although the possibility that he escaped to some kind of purgatory for further atonement, was a nice nod to his character’s development without whitewashing the date rape). And other than his moment in fraternity row, rick could have been out of the show (or never on it). And I am not a huge fan of Starr or any of the teen characters on the show.

    But they have their fans too–the show was been tremendously popular with teens in recent years and to have given their faves short shrift in order to bring back wanda, larry, jenny, and others who have not been on in years wouldn’t have been fair to them.

    The oltl team did three things very well this last year: 1- they paid tribute to the show’s rich history (both in the character drop ins and the nods to great story arcs of the past (heaven, fraternity row, etc) 2) they kept us going with new head spinning story lines (the two todds, david’s movie career (and the growth of his family life as a buch), the redemption of clint, the gigi/stacy/mystery) and 3) they kept us wondering “what would these fascinating people do next” (how will matt and destiny cope with a child; how will the truth of victor being alive come forth and what agony will todd and blair go through until the truth comes out; will jessica reunite with brody, will roxie and nigel have grief sex over the loss of fraternity row–these and a dozen other possible story lines go through my head instead of these charters lives being “wrapped up”
    what more can we ask of the tradition of soaps ? and how could we better say goodbye to a show (that has been part of my life with my mom when I was home sick from junior high 43 years ago) while carrying its possibilities in our hearts for years to come?

  28. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I started watching in 1988 and am very sad to see this show go.
    I would have loved a montage of memories instead of the scenes of “Old friends reunite in LA”. I think Starr’s last scene should have been yesterday which I thought was yesterday and they could have worked in Cole yesterday. The narration by Alison I didn’t care for. I liked everything else.

    How Todd coming to GH will be written should be interesting.
    I am happy that a little of Agnes Nixon’s show will live on.

    Naming the baby Drew, seeing the last scenes of Nora, Bo, Viki, and Clint and seeing the real life feelings of the actors were almost too much. The picture of Asa was nice to see.
    Goodbye to a great show. Many thanks to the cast and crew.

    Oh look…GH is on….Jason has a gun on Franco and Helena has a knife…CLICK.
    And OLTL was the show that got the hook first.
    Oh what the f#ck?!

    Good show today Frank and Ron. Thank you.

  29. Profile photo of TnT 2.0 Forever
    TnT 2.0 Forever

    MY TSJ CAME BACK! ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD AGAIN! That was the best part of the show for me. It would have been even better if they had reunited my TNT, but I am so happy that I am not going to complain at all. I think hell just froze over. But I’m sure I will soon be back to criticizing RC and FV once they start at GH.

  30. Profile photo of aveRex

    Great show finale! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The emotion expressed, especially by Erika Slezak, Jerry ver Dorn, Bob Woods and Hilary B Smith, was really heart-felt.

    Boy I will miss this show.

  31. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    It’s just sad to me that so many fans don’t know about the PP bullcrap so like the AMC ending they don’t know why there were cliffhangers. It’s really unfortunate.

  32. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    It seems to me that PP never really intended to continue the soaps. Today’s finale wrapped up too many storylines. Where could they have gone on Monday? I think the whole PP mess was just a way to shut the fans up all these months, and to stop the flow of angry mail going to ABC.

  33. Profile photo of giogio

    I just finished watching, and it was obvious that they really believed they would have continued that on the internet Monay Jan 16th. I dont believe this is the last of it. The last we heard from PP they said they were still sorting out logistics an it was impossible for them to have gone on with the shows as planned January 16th. They needed more time. Since people are moving over to GH with their OLTL characters, it seems obvious to me that something is a cookin’. And today on the View, at the end when they were all on stage with Agnes, she was smiling and so were the actors. They AMC went off Agnes was clearly distraut as were the actors. Im hopeful!

  34. Profile photo of rlshel1015

    i loved the ending. i thought that Victor was alive when Megan, Gabrielle and Luna were talking about the bad deeds that Todd did and mentioned him raping Marty but did not say anything about him killing his own brother. i am excited to see how the last scene plays out when the Mannings come to GH. also, did anyone notice the weird look that was on Langston’s face when Cole told everyone that his father was alive? i could be looking too deep at things but i thought that something was there and the cameras made sure to show her reaction. anyway, i am looking forward to seeing what FV and RC bring to GH. one more thing, i was so moved by the finale that i bought the commemorative photo of the cast. well done – A+

  35. Profile photo of Dragonfleye1973

    The last two weeks have been fabulous! I loved the finale… can’t stop crying!… The kind of crying you do at a good movie! My only gripe is there wasn’t an end game for Tea. Of course we know there would have been. I really think that Ron should write One Life to live themed serialized novels for us.

  36. Profile photo of robertscorpio

    I think yesterdays show was meant to act as a finale and todays was suppose to serve as a transition. I thought both shows succeeded in their purpose. Bravo OLTL for going out on top of the game. Yesterdays speech by Vicki just simple perfection.

  37. Profile photo of amberwaves

    Wow. I was blown away by the finale (It may have helped that I stopped reading spoilers. Thursday and Friday was the most satisfying conclusion to a series that I have loved for so many years. I went from crying to laughing and clapping during the last minutes of Friday’s finale. OLTL went out out ALIVE. I did not feel like I was watching a dead show limp away into to night, I was watching a show with possibilities and such great energy. It was a joy. (I find the mixed reviews here interesting!)

  38. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER


    the whole finale was the WORST ending I ever seen….
    Its in the same disaster as ATWT, GL, and now OLTL!

    STARR is BOOOORING! She can’t even act..Todd & Blair was ok story….the Alison Perkin scenes were great along Vicki & Clint….just like a regular day…..

    The FINALE SHOW should be about Dorian and Vikki that carried the show til the end…
    Trapped in a wine room and Llanfair and bitch, complained about their lives with tons of flashbacks and at the end, they become best friends..
    That should be the best ending…….

    I was expecting more from OLTL, but instead it was just another day…..
    not a very unforgettable ending…

  39. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    The past 2 two weeks of OLTL have been nothing short of amazing. Thursday- 1-12-12’s episode was heart breaking.
    However- I felt Friday’s episode was somewhat plain in comparison to the last 10 episodes. Yes the ending was surprising (especially after reading reports that TSJ wasn’t asked to return). I just would have liked it to be a little more sappy! I didn’t like the return of Brody- felt it was wasted air time, and to be honest I wished Starr’s last day was Thursday- her send off was very sweet. If they really wanted KA in the finale episode I would have been fine with her arriving at the Langston and Marko’s door– and seeing she reunited with her best friends..THATS IT! The return of recast Cole- not really needed at that point.
    I had to keep reminding myself that when this show was filmed that thought they’d be crossing over to the web on Monday- so it was setting all that up. That in case RH didn’t sign on with PP- Todd would go to jail. The return of Tomas- since TK was signed on with PP. I assumed the rush to deliver baby Drew was to set up Destiny in the Buchanan house with her child on Monday even if EA wasn’t crossing over to the web.
    I had really only one big disappointment on the finale– I felt a large void in the show without Dorian. I mean if Brody, Langston and Marko were thrown back in for the last epsiode- Dorian could have been brought this week back somehow. Even the scene on Thursday when Star said goodbye– Dorian should have been there to say goodbye
    So I see all the reasons everything was done- and it was a great set up for phase II—but since that has been scrapped I am disappointed I didn’t get a mushy ending. I had hoped to at least end the show with the cast photo!

  40. Profile photo of marybee50

    I cried more on Thurs than Fri,but I think Viki’s speech triggered that.I felt more closure on Thurs,but I did love Fri because of the closures that were given,Brody’s return.and Todd & Blair.Thank you Ron for showing Victor was still alive,but I would have preferred him being found and reunited with Tea.

    Someone in the comments said ii seemed disjointed in the filming.I read in one of the mags that several endings were taped for several couples including Bo & Nora and that decisions were made as to what to include.Some actors didn’t know what scenes were being used.That maybe why the filming and direction were off.

    Anyway,I am kind of depressed about the ending of my show.I will probably watch GH but my feelings for ABC are total distrust.I do trust Frank & Ron,so I will give it a shot.Just not sure of the blending of the shows,and fan reaction.Too much negativity and nastiness lately.

  41. Profile photo of Dew Chanin
    Dew Chanin

    In a way it was excellent because it was so bad, I don’t feel sentimental.
    I don’t see the point in having a nonentity like Allison do the VO except that it might have been a PP issue. I thought they’d name the baby Asa. It was stilted and everyone looked uncomfortable. Which I’m sure they were but suck it up, cast, do your job one last time.

  42. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I needed a day to digest and mourn before I could really offer my opinions.

    I cried buckets on Thursday but yesterday I found myself too excited to see what was going to happen to shed many tears. I am so glad they gave us some excitement in the end and they put Victor back on the canvas! I have to say it was nice to be left with a few little cliff hangers… and while it would have been nice to know how Victor got tied to a bed by Allison if I never find out I can use my imagination! LOL

    A great ending to a show that I have loved for over 30 years!

  43. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    I’ve been a viewer of OLTL my whole life, 38 years to be exact. The whole week was great. Yes there were some things that could have been done differently. Starr, Cole, Langston and Markko could have been aired on Thursdays show, I will give that!! And they should have had a montage of the show from start to finish. What really would have been nice is that when Cole was being rushed into the emergency room, that the ER Dr would have been Larry Woleck. At least they could have given long time viewers that respect.

    I always knew deep in my heart that Jessica was Clint’s bio-daughter!! Never believed the whole Mitch was Jessica dad storyline. I thought it was great that Clint and Vicki had a proper send off. And Asa would be proud that Mathew owned up and helped deliver baby Drew into the world. And I had a feeling that Victor Jr was still alive! All in all kudos to Frank and Ron for giving us loyal viewers a proper send off!!

    I truly am going to miss OLTL, and it breaks my heart that ABC thinks that trash like a cooking show or a weight loss show will get viewers. All I have to say to ABC is, burn in hell and may the ratings for The Spew and The Revoltion be so bad, that you will become the laughing stock of the TV industry. You will see that soap viewers will never watch these shows and that they will never let you forget it!!

  44. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Starr Manning is a succubus. Just draining. There are no words.

    I agree with those that the episode felt like an ordinary episode. Special things happened and there were strong, sentimental moments and even a shock for an ending but yesterday’s episode trumped this episode. Yesterday’s episode and Viki’s “eulogy” for Fraternity Row (really for the soap genre) was possibly the most beautifully-written piece ever written for daytime television. Today’s finale also felt awkward and stilted. Just way off. The camerawork, the dialogue, just off. That inappropriately long camera shot of Langston’s reaction to Cole stating his father was alive. Brody and Jessica’s strange brief conversation that held no bearing on anything. I mean, how great would it have been if Jessica suggested to Brody that Ryder receive another paternity test, given that she just received the results of her paternity test!

    I FLOVE Todd and Blair and really wanted to get their love scene but what we got lacked the sizzle all of their previous moments had. It felt forced and we only got the pre- and post-coital conversations. Those scenes were unsexy when these two have been any thing but unsexy since RH’s return! Tomas was a useless character and Tea got no closure and essentially stood around, rubbing her stomach because the audience must be reminded that she is pregnant at ALL times.

    The Buchanan-Evans stuff was great and Viki/Clint/Jessica too but there were too many unnecessary scenes whereas in the finale EVERY scene should have counted. In AMC’s finale EVERY scene counted. So all in all, I thought today was a good episode but a lackluster finale. Now, yesterday’s OLTL had everything a good finale should have, so I will choose to remember that episode as the show’s finale. I may just go watch it again right now.

  45. Profile photo of Ceridwyn2

    I loved OLTL finale. There was the requisite concluding of some storylines and also some stuff left open (on the premise that it was going to PP. However, I actually do like the open endedness of the show as well. It’s left to the viewers imaginations to wonder what would Vicki & Clint or Bo & Nora or Roxy & Nigel be doing next. Life continues. Unless they were all blown to hell like the Blake’s 7 ending.

    In some ways, I can actually see the some of the focus on Starr. She’s a blend of two core families (Cramers & Lords), and she is branching out on her own [to LA] – away from her parental family and with her own family of her, Hope [and Cole]. I loved that they confirmed that Jessica was a full Buchanan. Bree did a great job there.

    Vicki & Clint to get remarried – LOVED.
    Bo & Nora – he called her ‘Red’ again and I teared up.
    Loved the photo of Asa there.

    Loved that the baby’s name is Drew – and love that David got Matthew to Man-up.

    It’s kind of hard to fit in everyone’s wish list of what they want to see in a show’s finale. Someone will always be disappointed that they didn’t get what they wanted in a finale. Given time constraints, actor availability, financial constraints and the aborted plans for converting to PP, I’me more than happy with what we got for the OLTL finale. Frankly the last two eps put together did it so well. I particularly liked Vicki’s monologue on why people watch soaps.

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