Susan Lucci to Host Deadly Affairs

Who better to host a show about romantic entanglements gone wrong than Susan Lucci, whose Erica Kane often found herself in the middle of complicated romances on All My Children for many years? According to The Hollywood Reporter,  the former AMC star will host and narrate Deadly Affairs for Investigation Discovery. Reportedly, the show “will feature true-life tales of crimes of passion, that lead people down very dark paths.” Lucci described the real-life relationships Deadly Affairs will focus on to the AP.

“They are deceptive love relationships, love triangles and betrayal that have deadly consequences,” Lucci told The AP. “And they end in tragedy.”

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    The producers must have “respected” her enough to visit Helmut. Further proof that an actor should never be managed by a family member. Dumb woman.

    The Alderson kids should take note, especially the talented one who isn’t going to GH.

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    Maybe she can do a show on the disasterous end of the love affair ABC Daytime and its’ deadbeat parent, Disney had in poisoning (and ultimately killing), the relationship it had going with all of our shows. She can incorporate Frons, Phelps, Sweeney (and anybody else who had a hand in this), into the narrative. I think I’m going to be sick… 0:)

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Well being a soap star does not translate into the rest of the industry calling you for jobs. In fact most soap actors who try primetime and Hollywood will tell you that when you mention you were on a soap directors think you can’t act. So a soap actor has to prove themselves as a “real thespian” all over again.

    They don’t consider over-acting (which is what most actors actually do on soaps) as “real acting.” We accept it as soap fans, but in the rest of the acting world where realism is at the utmost importance (unless you are doing slapstick comedy or a Tyler Perry film) they don’t take too kindly to it.

    There are a few daytime actors who brought more realism to their performances, but most (even the good ones) have mastered the art of over-acting to Daytime Emmy gold.

    Like that sistah who played Maya on GH. When she would say “hello” she acted like she had just lost her momma, daddy and a baby in a car wreck. And she did that no matter what the scene called for. Basically she acted our every scene (even playful ones) like it was a tragedy.

    Same goes for the actress who plays Abby on Days. She was in that every scene’s a tragedy mode too.

    Everything is not that serious…

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    I see this as a good thing for Mrs. Lucci! First the ID network has some quality shows, it’s not like it has pathetic shows like “The Chew” or “The revolution,” and second…it keeps Mrs. Lucci in the spotlight. This proves she is not willing to just disappear off of the TV radar. A lot of the soap actors will disappear…never to be seen again…but she is figuring out ways to stay in the spotlight. Good for her! And good for us, her fans, for having a chance to see her continue working in whatever she chooses to do. I for one will be watching just to see her. The show could be total crap (which it won’t be because as I said…the ID network has quality shows) but I will still watch to support her.

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    Soap fans will rationalize absolutely anything. Susan Lucci has done sitcoms and prime time series and TV-movies. She should have been able to parlay her talents into something better than this bilge water. She’d be better off retiring than stooping to this sub-level of the entertainment industry. Perhaps there’s senior porn…

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    I’m thrilled to see her again. I think she would be great as a host of a 48 hours type show. This is PERFECT for her in light of her being a soap vixen.

    And she has money, a long career, fame, etc…she can do whatever the eff she wants at this stage. She probably thinks this is a fun non-typical project…it actually is for her.

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    I enjoy ID well enough, it’s been one of the channels I’ve been tuning into now that I have nothing to watch in the daytime. I don’t see anything wrong with Lucci hosting or narrating something on ID, I hear the voices of famous, so-called legit actors on History Channel, ID and other places all the time. Are they lowering themselves?

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