Todd and Blair Caption This: One Life to Live Finale

Take your best Caption This shot of this scene or the one after the jump from One Life to Live’s finale. 

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    Blair: Todd!! What is that greasy-haired man with a gun and the stone-faced statue with a black leather jacket doing in our bedroom!!!

    Todd: I don’t think we’re in Llanview anymore!

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    1.Todd and Blair: Oh,brother…We are a supercouple reunited after 9 years and they won’t let us enjoy it.

    2. Todd: I am dreaming of a world without the Delgado trolls
    Blair: Let’s go to Port Charles and get them off our backs.

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    Bottom Picture: Todd and Blair happy, content and secure in the fact that Frank Valentini and Ron C are taking over the reigns of General Hospital and using John McBain to FINALLY clean up the mob scene…

    Top Picture: Todd and Blair learning that John McBain could not prevent the unavoidable demise and disposal of Frank and Ron by the mob and the new executive producer is Ellen Wheeler (killer of Guiding Light), with new head writers David Kriezman and Donna Swajewski(killers of Guiding Light and All My Children fame). Kim Zimmer joins the cast of GH as the new mob boss…

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    #1: What do yew MEAN Nafessa Williams is comin’ to Port Charles?!

    #2: Is that a rolled up copy of The Sun, or are you just happy to see me?


    SLAYED! :D :D :D :D

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    Top one ” Cockblock much? Do you KNOW how long it’s been since I got laid???”

    Bottom one ” Oh Todd you are definately bigger than Victor! How could I not have noticed?!”

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    “Dang, I was just about to get me some! Can you come back in an hour after they’ve yelled CUT?…….”

    Picture 2: Okay, now where were we? We’ve got less than 20 minutes left before they go black permanently, so you better make it count, Todd!” :D :D :D :D

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    (First Pic)

    Blair: Oh my God! Todd, it’s my father…
    Todd: (as a Japanese man stands in the doorway) I knew they never should of gotten rid of Mia Korf!

    (Second Pic)
    Todd: I put it down, didn’t I, bitch?
    Blair: You should did, daddy.
    Todd: Good. Now get yo ass in the kitchen and fix me some tacos.

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