Secrets, Schemes And Games Heat up The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) children have secrets; and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) is scheming, but this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo is all about Pam (Alley Mills) and Nick’s (Jack Wagner) visit to Let’s Make a Deal. Watch it after the jump!

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    Amber and Rick are awesome!!!! I want more of them. I want to see more Brooke/Amber scenes. This story is what keeps me going. Jacob Young still looks at Adrienne Frantz like fourteen years ago. Brilliant!!!! :love: :love: :love:

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    Why does B&B keep propping up the CBS game shows? Hack Bell has no new ideas so he writes in this filler fluff. I hate Let’s make a Dud and wish it would be cancelled, same with The Balk….

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    The Hope/Liam thing isn’t as great as the writers think. A couple of dull characters hooking up does not a super couple make. You need some sort of spark. Liam being a dullard needs a little spice to make him interesting. Hope just needs and needs and needs. Aaarrrggghhh please with only 4 soaps left, please at least make them interesting. Steffy needs a real man, not Liam or his dum dum daddy. Kill all the Logan sisters and get us some new sluts. Actually kill Ridge too cause he is just so boring! Want to keep watching but not the way this show is going. Also Brooke’s sexy days are gone just let them go or at least make them age appropriate. Well as long as I’m on a rant, I can’t think on a single relationship other than Amber and Rick that has sparks. I can get dull right here in real life I look to soaps for fun and exciting. Too too too many holier than thou characters and not enough interesting (Bill is just stupid and tacky-no super tacky)bad guys and gals.

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