The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki Confesses All!

Victor/Nikki/Deacon: The long and lame mystery of who killed Diane is solved. Nikki snuffed Diane out in an act of self-defense. Nikki was trying to stop Diane from having Victor take the fall for "her death," when an enraged Diane attacked her. Deacon claims he was trying to keep Nikki out of jail, but she doesn't buy the bull he's selling. Nikki races over jail to tell Victor everything, but walks in on his wedding to Sharon. Nikki attempts to tell Victor what happened and find out why he went through with the sham of a marriage, but jail is placed on lock down. Victor is taken back to his cell, leaving Nikki and Sharon stuck together. The two women go head-to-head.

Later, Nikki goes to Gloworm after the lock down is removed and almost takes a drink. Instead, she calls her BFF Katherine to meet her and clues her in on everything. Kay is shocked to learn about Victor's marriage to Sharon. She doesn't judge Nikki for icing Diane. She knows her dear friend was defending herself. Meanwhile, Ronan, Phyllis and Nick meet up with the D.A. to have Victor sprung from the pokey, but he isn't too sure as yet. The D.A. wants to make sure the video footage is the real deal. Nick, Phyllis and Michael watch the video of Diane and Nikki. They see for themselves that she didn't mean to kill Diane. Michael heads off to inform Victor about  what happened, and he is thrilled his lady love has been exonerated.

Although Victor is glad Nikki will be cleared, he is going to use certain elements of Diane's death to his advantage. Michael and Nikki go to the police station, where she must recount what exactly happened. Nikki can't really remember the events due to being a hot drunken mess.  However, Ronan eases her tension and she starts to recall the events. Nikki overheard Diane and Victor in a heated argument. Once he left, Diane realizes Nikki is around and starts to become violent with her, when she figures out Nikki is onto her plans to have Victor take the fall for her death. Even though Nikki is the one responsible for Diane's death, watch for more revelations to come.

Victor/Nikki: The two reconcile.

Adam/Sharon: The black sheep decides to sell Beauty of Nature. When Victor learns of what his wayward son has planned, he contacts Sharon . He lets her know he wants her to vote against what Adam has planned.

Sharon is a bit torn between doing what Victor asked and going against Adam. In the end she sides with her husband (yes it made me upchuck also), crushing Adam. All isn't lost for Adam; he gets a vote that secures his plans.

Jeffrey: He heads back to Genoa City.

Chelsea: She stuns Billy and Victoria with her behavior. Chelsea also has another person to deal with, Nikki. She starts to wonder what is going on with Billy's baby mama.

Cane/Lily: The two have a romantic evening together. February will be a great month for fans of Cane and Lily.

Devon: He questions Tucker's motives.

Eden: She clues Kevin in on what Chloe's been up to.

Genevieve: Her drive may damage her relationship with Old Smilin' Jack.

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    hey mon

    Hey, things aren’t that bad right now at Y&R.

    Could use a little bit more Ashley, and a little bit more Ricky. And a lot more Jill.

    Little bit too Newman-y, as well. But I really think that the show has hit on something fairly good with the marriage of Victor and Sharon.

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    [quote=hey mon]Hey, things aren’t that bad right now at Y&R.

    Could use a little bit more Ashley, and a little bit more Ricky. And a lot more Jill.

    Little bit too Newman-y, as well. But I really think that the show has hit on something fairly good with the marriage of Victor and Sharon.[/quote]

    Things are terrible on Y and R.

    Ashley would be okay, Ricky can’t act his way out of paper bag.

    Jill would be ok.

    The marriage of Vic and Sharon, is beyond disgusting.

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    Are there plans for Victor and Sharon to consummate? Because I’m just saying, until they consummate it ain’t a real marriage and everything she does in the role of his wife can be legally challenged. At least in the wacky world of this show.

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    Why was Diane laying on the ground at the beginning of that film clip? Who did she call or talk to on the cell phone before Nikki showed up on the bridge…where did she suddenly get a syringe filled with seselsuxococohline ( WTF is that) to try to kill Nikki with….how did she end up in the water? What about the key in her mouth? Way too many questions here…Patty might still be involved….

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Please give Genie Francis free so that Laura can return together with Lucky to Port Charles. I DON’T care for Genevieve!

    Happy that the Diane murder mystery is “solved” even though it was a unbelievable stupid storyline. I hope the reunion of Nikki and Victor puts an annulment to his marriage with Sharon!

    MORE Ashley, MORE Jill … LESS time for characters we don’t care about. I can live with the Newmans on my screen five days a week. That’s not the worst thing. But Chelsea, this awful Angelica and these no emotion characters like Tucker or Eden should not waste airtime that should go to the vets of this show.

  6. Profile photo of tedew

    The Victor/Sharon marriage makes no sense at all except maybe for Victor to be able to use Sharon as a proxy for important business matters thinking that he would be incarcerated for years. Still it’s all rather stupid. Also, why would Sharon want to marry Victor for whatever reason knowing just how he treated Diane during their unholy union?

    Of course there is still the matter of Patty …

  7. Profile photo of pfflyer

    [quote=rsactuary]I think Patty did kill Diane… not Nikki. Hence the reason for showing Patty going to the needlepoint store at the end of last Friday’s show.[/quote]

    Patty could have shown up with her blond hair and tried to kill Diane with that syringe and fought with Diane….thats how Diane ended up on the ground…Patty might have heard someone coming and tried to hide….Diane got up, maybe a little stunned and thought that Nikki was Diane and tried to stab her with the syringe she took from Patty….maybe Diane didn’t die and Patty came back, finished her off and shoved that key in her mouth and Diane ended up in the stream.

  8. Profile photo of Chelley62

    I don’t care what the video shows, we are supposed to assume that a “dead” body managed to get in the creek face down by itself? How about the fact that Diane’s head was bashed in 10x and Nikki hit her maybe once or twice tops? Not buying it, there’s more and I’m sure it was Patty who finished her off and threw her in the creek. She’s the only person who hated Diane to bash her in the head multiple times. The spoilers all say the killer is revealed but IMO the end of the episode with Patty and the pillows scene is the “reveal” of who actually killed Diane, it’s not Nikki.

  9. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=pfflyer]Why was Diane laying on the ground at the beginning of that film clip? Who did she call or talk to on the cell phone before Nikki showed up on the bridge…where did she suddenly get a syringe filled with seselsuxococohline ( WTF is that) to try to kill Nikki with….how did she end up in the water? What about the key in her mouth? Way too many questions here…Patty might still be involved….[/quote]


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    ok so..i’m thinking if it was patty diguised as diane (nikki was too drunk to see who it was she was fighting). so patty’s burn scars were actually bruises from being hit in the face with the rock. patty killed diane, hid her body, and stole her dress…then she ended up in the explosion (which since i skipped a few episode, i have no idea how patty became geneiveve’s maid.anyone wanna explain that one to me…


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    hey mon

    I’m thinking that MAB and the Gang could bring Ricky on, cause the show with him and Paul arguing over the way Rick treats Heather was some good drama.

    Got to find a way to have Ashley forgive Adam for the gas-lighting of 2009.

    Happy to see Billy and Vicky together.

  12. Profile photo of harlee490

    Ahhhg…(as I roll my eyes) I just don’t know if I want to laugh or cry in my martini over how Y&R has become SOOOOOOOOOOOO ridiculous…I just want to go home, I know the way, I have lived on 1313 CBS Dr. for many decades and need some of that comfort food to glutton myself on…sign…just not happening :((

  13. Profile photo of akbad806

    Y&R desperately needs a reboot! Can you imagine what it be like if we got to press the reset button in Genoa City and get back to basics. I’d slim down the cast, dial WAYYYYYYY back on jail and back from the dead stories, and make Y&R an epic character-driven drama.

    MAB seems to love “dark” plots and favors them above light fare. Even her attempts at comedy (i.e. Angelo and Angelina) are a bust! Tell me why she has this bloated cast, yet everyone on this soap is just running amok? Nothing of substance to draw us in as viewers with these spoilers. I usually would relish the Beauty Of Nature sale, but I don’t. Y&R doesn’t engage or excite me anymore which saddens me. I want to love this show!

  14. Profile photo of harlee490

    Akbad806, you said it! If we could have a reset button. Only Sony, & Bells I believe have that power, not sure CBS has that ability, just loud bitching maybe but the owners are Sony & Bell. CBS has officially found in MAB a hack and deserves a Dena Higley award of writing plot over character driven stories. I would give anything to be frustrated (not disappointed mind you)by Bill Bell’s snail pace storylines and thinking “come on Bill”. But in the end of whatever story DID Bill Bell deliver, not once, twice but over & over again through out the years…David Kimball marrying Flo, then have “Killer” craved in his forehead and ending with his death in a trash compacter…that’s is how you deliver. Just a example. The couples and romance was so abundant on canvas and now so lacking in romance in quality. Bill might had a bigger cast but never bloated and he gave stories to all of his actors. “Star bright, star light I wish upon a star tonight”.. :((

  15. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    The show is not that far off base.

    I know that people want to get rid of Adam, but hey, the guy is celibately loyal to Sharon. Who else can claim that as far as Sharon goes? Certainly not Nick, at all. Jack was pretty nice to Sharon, though.

  16. Profile photo of akbad806

    @ hey mon are we watching the same soap opera? Y&R is not Bill Bell’s masterpiece anymore, the show is cannibalizing itself!

    As for Adam, he needs to go! I like Michael Muhney, but his character has been ruined and so has Sharon. She’s supposed to be this tragic version of Brooke Logan which leaves a yucky taste in my mouth. Send Shadam back to Hope’s farm in Kansas and call it a day! Meanwhile, Phyllis and Nick need an old-fashioned triangle with Avery, where Phyl’s little sister proves to be batshit crazy. Use the characters they have to tell stories and stop overpopulating Genoa City.

    Also, Genura and Jack just aren’t working for me. Peter Bergman and Genie Francis don’t sizzle to me, so I’d rather they just end things so she can left town and take Dark Shadows mansion, the cats, and Patti/Myrna with her!

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    [quote=david46208]Diane’s real killer was Maria Arena Bell, writing a bad script, for a bad storyline, with the laptop, in a Sony office. Mystery solved. Any questions?[/quote]

    Nope. Case closed.

    And yes, the scenes with “Diane” are painfully obviously NOT Maura West. I might salvage some respect if it turns out that Patty has a bad blonde wig.

  18. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Sooooooooo Ronan’s learned hypnotherapy in his spare time, eh? GMAFB.

    Victor and Nicki RECONCILE??? Have they forgotten a little thing called “Mrs. Victor Newman”?! This show is insane.

  19. Profile photo of Bartman202

    [quote=hey mon]Hey, things aren’t that bad right now at Y&R.[/quote]

    It’s quite obvious that you are not watching the same show every day that the rest of us are viewing. This show is making me CRINGE!! The characters are becoming dumber, with half-assed motives for everything that they do.

    This is NOT Bill Bell’s “Y & R” – NOT EVEN CLOSE!!

    Go to YOUTUBE! You will find clips from when the show had characters you cared about because of the well-thought stories and textured plot lines that would inhibit the character, not shoe-horning a character into a ready-made storyline.

    Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks Hogan Sheffer and Scott (My Name is NOT Earl!) Hamner have to go!!

  20. Profile photo of tedew

    The “revelatory” scene in the needlepoint shop may not mean that much or it may mean a lot … we will never really know until this whole mess of a story line is wrapped up (if it ever is).

    The whole jail lock down gambit is also rather silly. Since that jail seems to have the swinging doors of a western dust bowl tavern … how would anyone know that a lock down was needed?

    Bartman202’s comment above is basically what most of us feel about the current state of Y&R. I also don’t get (even though they probably do and are entitled to enjoy) what the yaysayers are seeing and liking.

  21. Profile photo of Dyllan

    The show is in the sh*tter, but MAB’s done worse.

    I’m ready for Ronan to leave. His character got wasted.

    Ugghh…no matter what they do to Kevin I can tolerate him. Blah… This Angelina stuff is awful!

    I think the Sharon and Adam storyline is BORING. Adam needs to be a supporting character. MM is not the dynamic or a strong enough actor for the amount of airtime he receives.

  22. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Hey, do we really want the old Y&R back? I think we are seeing a lot of it right now. Seems pretty consistent to the ol’ show that Bill Bell had going on.

    What exactly of it do we think that Bill did that was so different? The Josh and Veronica Landers story of the late 90s was ridiculous. Rick and Blade Bladeson of the mid 90s with Brenda Epperson’s Ashley was stupid, as well. Only Tricia saved the whole Megan and Tony waste of 3 years from the same period.

    For those who think that Adam is getting away with murder and mayhew, that is a Bell tradition. Phyllis most likely burned down a hotel room to kill her best friend Sasha, but was always let roam freely by Bill Bell. Also, Phyllis ran over Paul with a car, and she is still walking scott-free. Speaking of Scott’s. Lastly, Scott, who was both Lauren and Sheila Carter’s ex-husband, just ‘died’ of an illness, in one week, back in 1994.

    So my point is, Bill Bell had his motives for keeping people out of jail, let’s not forget them.

    We pretty much have the Y&R we’ve always had.

  23. Profile photo of Dyllan

    True, but Bill Bell didn’t shove Phyllis down our throats like no tomorrow (as in the case with Adam and Phyllis). That’s why people want them to go to jail because viewers want a break. Plus, Adam has become such a self-righteous character.

    And I’m sorry, but this show is NOTHING like when Bill Bell came on. It is more similar to LML or Dena Higley.. She brings on random characters with no storyline planned out and they have no emotion. He had dumb storyline but never this many and over such a long stretch.

    The only time MAB was good and the show was like Bill Bell was during the first half a year in MAB’s reign. After that the show sucked.

  24. Profile photo of tedew

    Dyllan … I just can’t agree with your MM comments.

    In my opinion he gets the best lines and also makes the best of them. Adam is the most interesting and complex character around. Also … MM can act whoever he has a scene with right of off the screen.

    However, the best actors in the Y&R stable are out to pasture and never used to full advantage.

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