Will One Life to Live's Nic Robuck Take His Shirt Off For Sarah Michelle Gellar on Ringer?

Starr might have broken James Ford's heart during One Life to Live's final week on the air, but the character's hunky portrayer Nic Robuck is feeling no pain! According to ABC Soaps In Depth, the actor has booked a guest gig on The CW's Ringer, starring fellow ABC Daytime alum Sarah Michelle Gellar. Which OLTL alum are you hoping to see pop up in primetime next?

Photo credits: ABC and The CW


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12 February 2010
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It's great to see the mediocre actors from soaps still getting all the primetime opportunities. First, Denise Vasi and now this........

I am losing more and more hope with each passing day.........

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2 April 2009
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Ringer seems to love to cast soap actors, and hey thats fine with me. I loved seeing Billy Miller on there.

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I want to see Florencia get a Primetime job. Does anyone else remember that she was in the very first episode of Gossip Girl and she played Blair's mother? Does anyone know why she was replaced or did she leave on her own? I've always been curious about this.