All My Children Stars Honor Pine Valley’s Past

All My Children fans were treated to A Tribute to Pine Valley by former stars of the series, Cameron Mathison, Jacob Young, Darnell Williams, Alicia Minshew, Vincent Irizarry and Walt Willey on January 15. The event took place at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago. Williams will soon reunite with Debbi Morgan on The Young and the Restless.  See more photos from A Tribute to Pine Valley after the jump!

Darnell Williams

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    Its really good to see them. I dont know whose worse…ABC or those invisable forces of PP who took us for the most horrific ride of our lives. Dont get me started.

  2. Profile photo of days4ever

    What a great cast of actors. I miss AMC even though the writing was sometimes terrible, the actors always made it work. It is too bad ABC had to take our shows away from us. I have hope that Agnes Nixon will get the rights back to AMC and get another network to revive it in some form.

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