Brad Bell Co-Owned Chicago Sun-Times: “There’s Nothing Revolutionary About The Revolution”

We shoulda known a newspaper co-owned by soap heir extraordinaire Brad Bell of The Bold and the Beautiful wouldn't be feelingThe Revolution! (We're just kidding. We know BB isn't telling the reporters what the write!) The Chicago Sun-Times had this to say about the debut of ABC Daytime's latest soap slayer:

ABC’s new daytime talker, filling the time slot of the canceled “One Live to Live,” promises its team of lifestyle experts will help both viewers and its televised “heroes” of the week transform their bodies, minds, style, health and environment.

What it actually delivers — besides one long Macy’s commercial — is a bunch of platitudes, lame tips (“embrace color”), television’s millionth makeover and advice from the no-duh handbook.

Gotta love Chi-Town!

Photo credit: ABC

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    I’m 36 years old…If I don’t know how to pay by bills, buckle a belt, get to the gym, and love my friends and family LIKE THE ADULT I AM, I have no business tossing my ass in front of the TV in the first place.

    That comment I just made, I realize doesn’t make a whole lotta sense….I’m just pissed. I’M PISSED AT WHAT THEY’RE DOING TO SOAPS!!

    Bad Taste in men. THATS my problem. The likes of Sonny Corinthos, Ryan Lavery and Mitch Lawrence have shown me how to Run, RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!

    (Now, Billy Abbott on the other hand…. :-) )


  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Exactly. There’s nothing “revolutionary” about Tim Gunn’s patronizing blend of “schtick” or Ty Pennington’s awkward attempts to be a “host”, when we all know he’d much rather be at the beach getting a suntan or at the bar downing a few beers!! All of these people must be REALLY desperate for a paycheck to jump onboard this SINKING ship!

  3. Profile photo of prenest

    Let me preface this by saying obviously like most of America I did not watch the show nor do I plan on ever watching the show. I believe ABC is not in touch with America today. I seriously doubt that women who are home unemployed or are home makers who maybe facing challenges in their life want to sit down for a hour a day to see these people try to make their lives better. I know the last thing my slightly over weight ass wants to do on a day off is watch somebody working out and getting fashion tips with Ty whatever his name is with the new bad Richie Cunningham hairdo cheering them on. Isn’t he a handy man. If I want to watch see that I would watch the Biggest Loser. I watch daytime TV to escape and forget my problems. Not to have my problems show up on screen. I think as a soap community we need to vote with our remotes and not watch this hot mess. Don’t give these people the statisfaction.

  4. Profile photo of Llanview76

    You know…I think about the “education” angle ABC keeps pitching and I just wonder why Mouse House would not take a tip from soaps past and simply reduced OLTL and AMC to 30 mins each, along with a downsized cast, and allowed the writers on both shows to tell educational yet entertaining stories as they did back in the late 70’s they’d be fine. Like you need a full hour of the Ewww or the Revolve-solution…

  5. Profile photo of goyankees

    Funny you mention the “Mouse House”….. Maybe Disney can round up all the former stars they had on their various shows over the years and have these “Experts” fix THEM!

    But not even I would watch Miley or Demi Whoever the Hell she is get fixed.

  6. Profile photo of elizabethanastasia

    I too have no intention of ever watching the Revolution or the chew. I do not understand why whoever is in charge made this horrible change. I taped AMC and OLTL every day and looked forward to watching them late at night before bed. On Sunday I deleted my taping from 2-3 pm and last month I deleted my 1-2 pm taping, when they cancelled AMC.

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