Indecent Attractions: Should DAYS “Go There” With EJ and Will?!

Okay, don't act like we're the only ones who've noticed the highly-inappropriate, yet insanely-hot chemistry between closeted gay coed Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and his former stepfather EJ DiMera (James Scott) on Days of Our Lives! Ever since EJ flipped the script on Will—who tried to blackmail the dastardly DiMera about his recent romp with Will's mama dearest Sami (Alison Sweeney), by revealing that he knew it was Will, not Lucas (Bryan Datillo), who shot him all those years ago— we've been treated to scenes between Will and his new "Master" that threaten to burn up our LED screens.  

With hit primetime soaps like ABC's Revenge offering up delicious, omnisexual villains like the unstable Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and envelope-pushing cable sudsers like Shameless providing raunchy, dugout sex between a pair of gay teens, we can't help but wonder if DAYS and other soaps wouldn't benefit from broadening their sexual horizons?

We're not talking about the garden variety, preachy "coming out" storyline that seems to piss off Middle America so much, but instead a good, old-fashioned tail, er tale of blackmail, sex and seduction — only with same sex lovers and schemers. The Young and the Restless tried it a few years back with the character of Adam Newman (Michael Muhney), but ultimately chickened out. If soaps are gonna start competing with the antics of The Jersey Shore and all those cable TV "housewives," something has got to give. 

Just imagine Sami reacting to the bombshell revelation that the man she loathes to love has seduced her first born son? Or, maybe it's Will who does the seducing? What do you guys think?

Should Days of Our Lives go there with Will and EJ?


Indecent Attractions: Should DAYS "Go There" With EJ and Will?!

  • Yes! EJ and Will would be hot! (67%, 1,303 Votes)
  • No! That's disgusting! EJ and Sami belong together! (33%, 645 Votes)

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I’m sorry and kind of ashamed to say this … but boy, these two are HOT!!!! Their chemistry is awesome. What a scandal that would be. Seeing Sami and Lucas’ faces … oh dear. LOL

  2. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yeah. Days should do it, it will be better if Days did it that way than the same, boring gay s/l that soaps have been doing for the past decades, spice it up, I would love to see something different than the same stale s/l. jmo. Ej and Will have great chemistry together, why not use it to their advantage???

  3. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Yes, soapjunkie, I would love it also and they have great love/hate chemistry and days needs all the buzz it can get, soaps are not being around and they need all the excitement and buzz it can get.

  4. Profile photo of harlee490

    I would love it DOOL would go there, Marknsprmo & I have been discussing this for a couple of weeks now through emails. We noticed the CHEMISTRY between these two actors popping off the screen. EJ is always touching, winking, and the lines the writers are using for this dialogue is brilliant. Are they writing this purposely or just how James Scott is delivering the scenes? When EJ is talking to William (EJ doesn’t call him Will) it has a sexual overtone…or is it me and wishful thinking? EJ, dark, tall, handsome European could possibly have bi tendencies and why not? Look at the press buzz this would generate for DOOL alone! What I would like if EJ & William have May-December affair, soaps have done this type of story since soaps started with str8 couples older male\female, (Rachel\Mac, Victor\Nikki), but the catch would be the viewers know but citizens of Salem have no idea of the relationship. Then leave it at that and don’t let it be scandal and Salem never knows until 5-10 years from now as Bill Bell did with Dru, that s\l lingered for a decade. I still want Will to meet his true love in younger character but EJ will always have a deep caring and respectful side toward William. What people of Salem can’t figure out why….. ;)

  5. Profile photo of SlutOfSpringfield13

    I will admit that I never thought about the two of them together. But watching their scenes over the past week or two have really opened my eyes, and set my pulse a-racin’!!! I sincerely believe that James Scott and Chandler Massey have picked up on it, and are deliberately playing it up. And they are brilliant for it. The only problem is how will Kristian Alfonson react if such a storyline would progress….

  6. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=Jon]Why would Kristian Alfonso (Hope) act any particular way to such a storyline?????[/quote]

    Me too, not sure why she would care? Not trying to be an idiot please fill me in about the situation. Is it a religious thing?

  7. Profile photo of DenverDean

    How old is Will and how old is EJ? Sorry, but this breaks from the character of EJ. I like sexually ambiguous characters, but EJ is not one of them. Can’t compare to Adam for two reasons: 1) the Adam character was relatively new to the Y&R landscape as an adult; 2) Rafe was fairly close to his age; and 3) it was clear that he was doing it for non-sexual reasons. (There was NEVER any sexual attraction by Adam to Rafe.) Trust me, I’d love to see Adam in some hot man-on-man action, but it’s all fantasy.

  8. Profile photo of BFluellen1

    First Rafe and now EJ. Jamey, you want Will to be Salem’s new man whore don’t you? LOL. But I am all for it. That last scene when there were together on the sofas grinning yesterday made me see that there was something more there. Oh how juicy would it be if Will got his mother back by sleeping with EJ!!! All I have to say is get that back broke, Will!!

  9. Profile photo of Michael886

    Your article and article title seem to imply that a homosexual coupling of a younger man / older man should somehow be seen as more lurid or frowned upon than that of a younger woman / older man, or even the reverse. When the truth is, soaps have been doing May/December affairs for decades – and even affairs between step-relations in one family. So what do you mean by “should DAYS go there?” You mean, should DAYS treat gays and straights equally? Gasp. Tough to grasp, huh?

  10. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Please do not use the comments section to spread unsubstantiated rumors about actors. Any posts alleging vicious gossip about Kristian Alfonso or any other actors will be deleted.

  11. Profile photo of sillytee

    thanks jamey for the love this storyline..and hope DOOL writers don’t ‘pull out’…no pun intended. it would be amazing. i for oneam bored and tired of the coming out storylines teens get on TV..snooze button alert. there have been enough already. it’s time to progress, make Will the villain he could be and hook him up with EJ. for the record, i hated the EJ character since day one, since he was sorased sooo much.. but now i’m loving how james scott is delivering those lines!! ( the future bond, james bond!!)

  12. Profile photo of Bob


    You wrote, “With hit primetime soaps like ABC’s Revenge offering up delicious, omnisexual villains like the unstable Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and envelope-pushing cable sudsers like Shameless providing raunchy, dug out sex between a pair of gay teens, we can’t help but wonder if DAYS and other soaps wouldn’t benefit from broadening their sexual horizons?”

    Please — dugout should be one compound word (or at least hyphenated), otherwise your sentence has a meaning totally different from what I think you intended, lol.


  13. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Michael886: With statements like the one you made I would just scrap the whole gay storyline. You know why? Because if you are going to comb every article, blog posting and piece related to idealizing a potential story goldmine to find something negative about it, then you are cutting your nose off to spite your face. And who wants to deal with that?

  14. Profile photo of smellykellyjay

    You know, when I first read the sentence you pointed out, Bob, it made me stop to think about it for a second to figure out what Jamey meant. I figured he was saying that two guys did it in a dugout, as in baseball, like Jennifer Jason Leigh and that hot stereo salesman in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” But I hope he leaves it as it. . . with all the dirty (literally and figuratively) connotations.

  15. Profile photo of jphelps

    I dont believe for a second DOOL will go there and its a shame because while I find DOOL boring these days, this dynamic is just too hot to pass up. There is no reason that ej can’t be a sexually ambiguous character and him seducing will or how about will seducing him plays into IMO the one and only interesting dynamic on this show. Kalinda on The Good wife is IMO the most fascinating female on PT tv these days and her sexuality is a key part of who she is and *gasp love scenes between she and other women and she and other men. Remember its this dumbass show that has also failed to capitalize on the chemistry with will and chad also.

  16. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    I am not for gay storylines and I never ever would have thought that EJ and Will would be considered. I am 2 months behind so I need to catch up to see whats going down. SOunds good. I much rather see EJ/Will than EJ/Sonny snooze. No idea who Tyler even is.

    On that note I just do not see this happening at all.

    But yes imagine Marlena Sami Lucas and Rafe’s reaction among many others!

    I bet anything though that if EJ and Will had sex moronic Ejami fans would still be hoping for a reunion after that.

    Sami would be certifiably insane if the guy who raped her, the guy she shot in the head and then the guy who had sex with her son and yet she still got back together with him.

  17. Profile photo of blake3b

    I thought about this yesterday when the show was on! I thought it was just hopeful thinking on my part lol. But seeing EJ next to Will, EJ is not only really hot but he’s so tall and built like a greek God! I hope they do do this, man it would be so hot and would rock the show!!!

  18. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Yes, the chemistry between EJ and William is scorching HOT. But the best scenario for this storyline is one as old as time on soap operas – and sometimes in real life, too. Will hates EJ because of who he is (a DiMera) and what he has done (slept with Sami, disrespecting Rafe, flipping the script on Will and blackmailing him into doing his bidding, being EJ, etc.) However, as he begins to work even closer with EJ, he begins to have an attraction to EJ that is undeniable for him. Will fights the attraction hard and EJ’s orders even harder because he is conflicted about his sexuality and the good and evil (mostly evil) of working for EJ. EJ notices William’s turmoil (just the way he noticed William’s uncomfortabilty with his sexuality around others) and uses it to his dastardly advantage. A longing glance here, a lingering touch there, even a kiss, perhaps. And lots of EJ parading around in front of William in various states of undress. :-) But never “officially” crossing the line into physical (bedroom) sexual territory. (Because, you see, EJ is not gay; but he is not above exploiting the feelings of an impressionable, young gay man to further his cause.) Until, of course, it all blows up in their face when it all is seemingly outed on EJ’s Mayoral Inauguration Day. The revelation would make Will hate EJ more than ever (or does he) and make the citizens of Salem hate EJ even more than they thought possible. The ramifications of which could propel story for YEARS. And could have the kind of psychological effect on Will that renders him a flawed human being who just so happens to be gay. (Instead of the often-times saccharin sweet gays or coming out story that we are used to getting. Which is why I LOVED Oliver and Kyle so much on One Life To Live – they were well-defined characters first and gay second. Boy, am I missing OLTL today!)

    Anyway, it would be a great story that would give half of DOOL’s canvas so much great story.

  19. Profile photo of soapfan616

    [quote=Michael886]Your article and article title seem to imply that a homosexual coupling of a younger man / older man should somehow be seen as more lurid or frowned upon than that of a younger woman / older man, or even the reverse. When the truth is, soaps have been doing May/December affairs for decades – and even affairs between step-relations in one family. So what do you mean by “should DAYS go there?” You mean, should DAYS treat gays and straights equally? Gasp. Tough to grasp, huh?[/quote]


    Did you read the same article I did? I’m fairly certain its taboo in the straight or gay world to have a fling with your ex-step dad. And I’ve broken a few taboos in my day. At the very least it’s a head-turner.

    This article made zero judgments. Gays have never been treated fairly in daytime but this article is hardly praising that fact. Think before you jump.

  20. Profile photo of keanna

    Guilty, I will be all for it, too. The chemistry between EJ and Will is undeniable, don’t think Days will go there, unfortunately. This would be soapy goodness, I know corny, just go with me on that.

  21. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    [quote=Cyberologist]Wow then this storyline would be like a Gordon Merrick novel..[/quote]
    OHHHHHH That would be a soap I could dig my teeth into! Gordon Merrick geez I remember buying his books when I was 18 or 19 and trying to hide them in my room so noone would see them!

  22. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Actually I haven’t seen this kind of man on man sexual chemistry since Y&R Ronan used to boss Chance around at the police station all the time and Chance panted and lapped it up like a bitch in heat. Ofcourse that is before they knew they were brothers. They were like the perfect Dom/sub couple. I kinda see that a little with EJ and Will except I think maybe it is more just the older wiser/ younger needs to learn things man/man relationship. But boy do they have the heat! They are like you said the Doug and Julie of the 21st century. Chemistry and all!

  23. Profile photo of snags

    Um, why not? I had actually thought about it myself as I’ve been watching the show. After all, James Scott is HOT! Can you blame Will lusting after that? And Will is pretty hot too. And it would be interesting. How many stories have we seen on soaps of the offspring going after their parents’ lovers or vice versa? On B&B, the lines have been blurred between Brooke and all of her daughters’ lovers. On DAYS, Julie went after Doug even though he was married to her own mother Addie (I’m too young to know the exact timeline of when Addie died and when Julie and Doug eventually hooked up, but still that’s pretty crazy nonetheless). In this case, Will could or would go after EJ or Rafe. After all, he cares greatly for Rafe and could be attracted to him. Who knows. Or EJ could be like Adam Newman on Y&R and be that devious enough to seduce Will. Story potential is there, daytime just needs to embrace different twist on story line potential. Imagine Sami’s jaw dropping to the floor finding that out!

  24. Profile photo of soapbaby

    This would be AMAZING! Too bad it would never go down on DAYS. The show is too busy shoving Brady/Madison and Melanie/Chad/Gabi in no-chemistry having relations to be bothered to capitalize on the obvious natural chemistry between EJ and Will, just like the case of Chill (Chad and Will.) I’ve found that DAYS fans are generally more conversative than other soap fans (based solely on my experience.)

  25. Profile photo of gato1

    HA! This wont happen! We have been hearing for a year (!) that Will is gay, but it hasnt come up once onscreen! Now ya’ll want him to boom boom with EJ? come on yall!

  26. Profile photo of aveRex

    Let freedom ring! Will should seduce that cock and wear it out! By any means necessary…get ‘em drunk, get ‘em high, tie him up and suck it bone dry! Get it all on videotape. Now THAT..would make the ratings go through the roof. DAYS would rise to the top.

  27. Profile photo of southern Scarlett
    southern Scarlett

    Absolutely Not! Will is only 18, and still strugling with his sexuality. The idea of him being in a sexual relationship with a thirty-something man, who was his stepfather, has a creepy, abusive, child molester vibe. I can’t understand why so many people are alright with that. I loved the recent scenes with EJ and Will, they’re some of the best for the last month. There’s no need to alter their relationship into something you can call “Go There.” They’re great together just as they are, and I disagree with the notion it would be good for ratings.

  28. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I would totally go for it! Heck, James Scott is already playing it that way anyway. I couldn’t see them as a lasting romantic pairing by any means, but I think it would be a *great* step in Will’s road to self acceptance.

    After things ending badly with E.J. will could eventually find a man who will love him and treat him well.

  29. Profile photo of aveRex

    Even if they don’t do it in reality, they should at least treat us viewers to a fantasy sequence, whereby Will fantasizes about a hot night of passion with EJ. Set some music to it, like, Akon’s ‘I Want to [Love] You’.

    Now, that would be HOT!

    song lyrics:
    I see you winding and grinding, up on that pole,
    You know you see me looking at you and you already know,
    I want to [Love] you.

    Of course those of us who know this song are aware that there is a much more raw, explicit version, which obviously would never get played on broadcast TV.

    I can see it now. GO THERE, Days!

  30. Profile photo of GaryJr

    This is EXACTLY how I’d hoped/expect this story to play out. It’s seriously the only surprising and ‘what will they do next’ story arc on the show. The rest of the stories are endlessly boring.

  31. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Agree, Gary, I am a Ejill fanatic and I want Days to do this pairing. It would be hot and scandalous and get a jot to Days sagging ratings and buzz that they haven’t seen since the Salem Serial Killer s/l. I am so on board with this pairing. the other s/ls, suck. but I am liking Austin/Abby, Rafe/Carrie pairings a bit too, LOL.

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