One Life to Live’s Heavily-Hyped Replacement The Revolution Sheds 17 Percent of Soap’s Audience

This should come as cold comfort to fans of ABC Daytime's recently cancelled soap opera One Life to Live. According to TV Media Insights, the 43-year-old sudser's aggressively-marketed replacement The Revolution lost 21 percent of lead-in The Chew's audience and was down 17 percent from OLTL's numbers in the same timeslot a year ago. Can you say The Jay Leno Show disaster in daytime?

According to weighted results for the 56 metered markets on January 16, new talker The Revolution, hosted by Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, opened with a sluggish 1.9 rating/5 share.  Comparably, that declined from the lead-in average (2.4/ 6) by 21 percent in rating, and year-ago time period occupant One Live to Live (2.3/ 6) by 17 percent.

It's really too bad that Disney-ABC's investors will ultimately be the ones who pay the price for the corporation's leadership thinking it would be so easy to "train" viewers away from scripted programming in the daytime. Much like NBC's idiotic move a few seasons back to do five hours of Jay Leno in primetime, a shift to an all talk/reality daypart will prove disastrous for ABC. Did you tune in for The Revolution? If so, tell us what you thought about it in the comments!

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    It’s good news, but I’m sure ABC isn’t considering it a failure as it’s a lot cheaper to produce this show as opposed to OLTL. I’m hoping it drops from here on out and the 1.9 was for people just checking it out. It needs to go down a lot more in order for ABC to have egg on their faces.

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    Jamey Giddens

    as it’s a lot cheaper to produce this show as opposed to OLTL.
    It might be cheaper to produce, but they spent millions to market, promote and advertise a show that just flopped and that they will make less money on, because of the lower ratings it brings in.

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    I have not tuned in. Nor will I. Just like I have not tuned in to The Chew. Sadly, people are still watching The Chew. I hope that the ratings for The Revolution are so dismal that it fails and is canceled swiftly.

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    I gotta tell you, that’s the best news I’ve heard. And I don’t feel sorry for Disney, their sponsors or ABC. Those of us who protested, wrote letters, made phone calls etc., told them this would happen. What goes around comes around. I haven’t tuned in and I won’t tune in. I won’t watch the Chew spew puke show, or the Revoltion, and sadly, I love Clinton Kelly and Ty Pennington, but I won’t watch. You could’t pay me. The only reason my TV went on during the day was for my soaps. It goes on now for GH, and that’s it. I don’t need ABC or daytime TV to survive if my shows are not on.

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    Soap Fan LisaW

    That’s what ABC Gets for screwing with our Soaps. To bad for them. The only time my TV is on ABC Daytime now is for General Hospital. I don’t watch The Chew, I won’t watch The Revolution, and i sure won’t watch Katie Curic new Show. Ty Pennington Left Extreme Makeover, for a day time talk show. That’s nice. There are so many people out there who need help fixing up their homes, and you leave them for a talk show. Sorry,I will watch anything else but ABC during the day.

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    They’d rather replace it with another snooze fest talk show than replace it with a soap. GH ratings would have to surge 50% from where they were last week to even get their attention. And no way they’d bring back AMC or OLTL. That ship has sailed.

    And this as a lead in for GH will only hurt GH. Not that GH isn’t doing a good job of killing off viewers on its own.

    At the height of OLTL ratings resurgence last summer it was getting nearly a million more viewers than GH got last week…that didn’t save it. Hard to believe GH could get back enough alienated viewers to even get ABC’s attention.

    It’s much harder to get a viewer back once you’ve lost them. And with GH sitting at a 1.8, it has a long way to go to be relevant to advertisers again. Maybe we’ll have two AJ quartermaines return from the dead? The tale of the two AJ’s just doesn’t have the same ring as the tale of the two todds… Maybe soap viewers do value campy over quality? Certainly worked for OLTL ratings…but ABC didn’t care.

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    The big question for me is what will the sponsors do? It doesn’t seem logical to me that the companies who advertise on The Chew and The Revolution would want to throw away their advertising dollars on programs that people don’t watch.

    Even if ABC dropped its price per 30 second commercial passing on some of the savings, it wouldn’t matter because consumers aren’t watching.

    I don’t understand. That said, I will enjoy seeing these two programs hit the skids.

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    ABC/Disney deserves to have a huge flop! I watched ten minutes of this crap to see who was advertising. It is awful! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of greedy creeps. I know, mean. But I am so angry with ABC/Disney!

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    Give it time….remember we saw this same Post/Headline with The View Clone and the Barf when GL and AMC were shit canned? I love this country, but we are a Forgiving, yet Wacko bunch. 43 years will be forgotten soon enough, when This Shitfest gathers momentum and picks up speed (I predict a noreaster on the East Coast of the Country is the way that’ll happen. 2 days of being shut in and nothing but shitty TV…People may be so desperate, they’ll watch….)

    I am so upset with Michael Simon and my Beloved Tim Gun….but, like The View Clone, I will NEVER EVER watch what they’re selling. EVER.

    Nor’Easter’s be damned.

    I boycott ALL SHOWS that replace soaps.

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    Marland Fan

    This wasn’t entirely unexpected. It’s cheaper, so it can get lower ratings than OLTL and still make money. Besides, it’s just the first day. The Chew has grown in the ratings every week since it went on the air. I would expect the same for The Revolution.

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    I won’t watch this show or the The Chew. I have no interest in more talk and self help, lifestyle and reality tv shows. The only thing I will watch on ABC is General Hospital since they preplaced All My Children and One Life To Live with these two lame boring shows.

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    OMG, this is hilarious…Oh yeah, we never saw it coming…And the Spew won’t have OLTL to steal time and ratings from…Let’s see how long they last…Of course, they’ll put other reality shows in their slot which will also flop and the vicious circle never ends…So they’d better give the rights to people who want to do sth with OLTL and AMC and stop being the vengeful, stupid , insensitive people that they are…

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    Has grown in ratings every week? Seriously? How come I don’t see that? But oh well, now that OLTL is off the air and they cannot slide into its time slot anymore to steal viewers and ratings, we’ll see…

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    Wow…like that was unexpected?? I have to laugh. We all wrote letters and comments wherever we could to tell ABC that it would be a disastrous mistake to give OLTL the boot. But of course, they didn’t listen. I will NOT watch ABC. I am dvring GH to watch at night. Outside of that I am boycotting that station. The powers that be over there need a reality check. Karma is a bitch!!! Lololol

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    Whether it bombs or not, OLTL is gone and it ain’t coming back. I’m not sure there truly is a way to show ABC the error of its ways; mainly because ABC didn’t give a damn about OLTL and AMC and not FV, not RC, not God Almighty, nobody’s gonna save GH from being put down like a rabid dog before 2012 is up.

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    There was similar gloating when the Spew premiered. But it’s still here and while not a runaway hit, it’s enough of a hit to make ABC think they did the right thing. I feel sorry for viewers who want nothing more than this crap but let’s face it: this crap sells. The taste of the American public needs to be called into question.

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    It’s easy just to dismiss this show after the amazing last week of OLTL. However, I am a fan of cooking and decorating shows so I gave it a shot.

    It’s terrible. Even if it was replacing Teen Moms, my most hated tv show, I would still say its terrible.

    First of all, what’s the premise? Is it a makeover show? Because nobody got made over and I wouldn’t watch a make over everyday. The closest they came was Tim Gunn picking out clothes that were too small for people so that they would loose weight. But, why couldn’t they wear new shoes and jewelry while they were loosing weight?

    Second, the hosts have no chemistry. As a doctor I am always offended when tv docs wear lab coats on screen, its so cheesy. These hosts seems to have never met each other and completely lack a sense of humor, charm or inspiration.

    Third, the set seems cheaper than a local news station in Iowa. The desk actually wobbled when it was touched.

    Finally, who is the intended audience for this show? If I were an 18-39 woman, I don’t think that the pedantic tone would inspire me. AND it lacks the ability of the VIEW to attract a wider audience. It lacked a structure and there didn’t seem to be any room for daily repeated segments such as Hot Topics which seems like a big mistake.

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    I’d love to know what percentage of OLTL viewers last week are watching this crap this week. I’d bet it’s higher than we think. Do those numbers exist? I’m sure ABC knows…

  20. Profile photo of keanna

    Not the kind of shedding ABC had in mind, like Jamey said shows come back on the time, hey Family Guy’s been cancelled twice, and look so, things happen.

  21. Profile photo of AWfanforever

    Over the holidays I came home from work and my hubby was watching The Chew. I told him we don’t watch this in our home because it’s replacing the soaps. He shrugged and told me it was a pretty good show. Dumbass! :hat:

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    Im tell you this and don’t throw stones at me…I’ve seen The Chew and the cooking seems to have gel, but I think the audience would have perfer AMC… That show belongs on food network…The Revolution the opening credits looks inviting but it totally a snooze fest…I just.wanted to be nosey and after 5 mintues I said.this shit should be.cancel effectively….

    ABC should of cut AMC/OLTL into (2) 30 mintues shows AMC @1 and OLTL @1:30 and move GH at 2pm and ABC should put Katie at 3..Im just sayin’

  23. Profile photo of blake3b

    [quote=AWfanforever]Over the holidays I came home from work and my hubby was watching The Chew. I told him we don’t watch this in our home because it’s replacing the soaps. He shrugged and told me it was a pretty good show. Dumbass! :hat:[/quote]


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    This is great news! The Spew’s high ratings are probably from people tuning in right before OLTL, let’s see how it does now. I truly hope both shows tank miserably and anything else that takes AMC’s and OLTL’s place.

    I also boycott any show that has replaced a cancelled soap.

  25. Profile photo of KathyNYC

    I wouldn’t watch the Chew or the Revolution if you paid me. I am really annoyed that modern day TV keeps telling me how to “improve” myself. Frankly, I thought I was doing pretty well without ABC’s help. Secondly, if I wanted info, I would look on the internet. I like to see acting and stories in general in nighttime or daytime.

    ABC lost me as a viewer in more ways than they planned. First, ABC tells me I need to forget about the soaps and move forward – and then I have to have the ads for the replacements hitting me in the face 24/7 when I least expect them – it’s impossible to forget as ABC keeps reminding me. I no longer watch ABC morning shows or the news on ABC because I am sick of hearing about the new replacements. I would rather watch another channel or read a book.

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    I am laughing so hard that the ratings for this show is so low!!!! That is what happens when you cancel a 43 year show!!! I will not be watching this show or any other shows on ABC or Disney, except General Hosptial!!!!

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    Well said to everyone, when the moron Brian Frons got the AXE, oh I do know officially it has been STATED that he RESIGNED,as ABC/DINEY execs would like everyone to believe, but the old “karma is a BITCH”, and “what goes around, COMES AROUND”, cliche as those sayings are, certainly applies here. I only hope the other old cliche works here for BRIAN FRONS, that “You’ll never work in this town again”. IF GH cancels, I will have no reason to watch ABC ever again, as I only tune into ABC for the daytime soaps, I will never watch any ABC NEWS, THE VIEW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA or any local ABC affliated news or SPORTS BROADCASTS, ever again. Although I was sorry to see ALL MY CHILDREN go, I knew it was inevitable. Several years back, when they started writting the whole FUSION cosmetics BS storyline, and the show was only appealing to certain viewers, and just alienating long time viewers, deviating the show from the EXCELLENT STORYLINES the kept viewers watching for years, again, I was sure the writting was on the wall even way back then and I am sure that when BRIAN FRONS took over the HELM at ABC/DISNEY DAYTIME, he planned this from the very start of his tenure at ABC. Cancelling ONE LIFE TO LIVE is the final insult here, I did watch the VIEW’s farewell to OLTL ( that was the very LAST TIME I ever will watch THE VIEW, PERIOD), I was so proud of HILLARY B SMITH when WHOOPIE GOLDBERG, announced to everyone that they could catch the last broadcast of OLTL today ( that is LAST Friday, 1/13/ at 2:00pm eastern time), and HILLARY B SMITH gave an overwhelming THUMBS DOWN SIGN, although no one was asked or allowed to speak about the injustice they were just handed, and the insult to every loyal viewer of OLTL, her thumbs down was just the point we all felt, and the point that was left UNSAID/UNSPOKEN. As for me, as I said ealier, if or once GH goes off the air, I will watch nothing else ABC, period, infact, during those times, I would rather sit ouside my house and watch “THE GRASS GROWING OLYMPICS”, WHICH I WILL BE HOSTING BY MYSELF, in the backyard of my home, over ever watching THE SPEW or THE DEVOLUTION!!!@!!

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    I expected the initial ratings of “The Revolution” to be lower than OLTL’s, but like “The Chew,” its ratings may be enough to at least satisfy ABCD. But an interesting component of “The Revolution” that doesn’t exist with “The Chew” is that “The Revolution” borrows at least one soap convention, in that viewers are expected to watch for the entire week to see one individual’s transformation from dowdy ugly duckling to fabulous swan, before moving on to the next “victim” the following week. But real soap fans aren’t going to be that interested in this structure, and I imagine most viewers aren’t going to care to watch for a whole week to see one person’s story, when other shows encapsulate fashion/lifestyle transformations much quicker, usually in the space of one episode. At least with “The Chew” (which I don’t watch), I would guess they vary the cooking/decorating/etc. segments and whatnot enough to keep its viewers somewhat interested. But how do you make a show that will inevitably follow the exact same structure with the same tips and ideas presented each week? I don’t see this show doing very well.

  29. Profile photo of neptune714

    Don’t be so sure. It is only still around because they can’t admit so quickly that they made a horrible choice. They failed. Neither show will last. They will both fall flat on their faces. I mean really, could you see either of these two shows on TV for let’s say the next 5 years…they wish…won’t happen.

  30. Profile photo of dkouns

    :Sp I don’t feel bad for ABC. They get what they deserve. They are trying to kill GH now, because they took off AMC and OLTL. ABC should have left well enought alone. I never watched The Chew and I will now watch the other dumb show. ABC just lost viewers and I am very glad. I hope they end up having to take off the Chew and this new dumb show and I will not watch Katie Curic. We do not need another talk show there are enought of those to!!!!!!!!!! ABC wants to put Katie Curic on at 3pm which means that GH is going to be cancelled or they will have to move it to where? Since, Disney is taking off Soapnet on March 23, 2012 where are we going to see our soaps.

  31. Profile photo of Cargoannie

    Definitely would not watch the spew or the revulsion if they paid me. when the took another world of I swore I would never watch anything they put on in that time slot and to this day I never have, it was cancelled in 1999. I just hate what they are doing to us and what they think we want, maybe they should listen to the common people. Just saying. To take GH off for the likes of Curic just frost my cookies cause I can’t stand her on any channel. OLTL has more class than any of these low budget puke shows put together could ever think about having. I don’t think I have cried this hard in a long time our soaps do become our extended family and I have been watching them all since the early 60’s. Sorry just venting but I like many of you will be boycotting ABC.

  32. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Tim Gunn is a pretentious, condescending a-hole who gives gay men a bad name. So even if I weren’t in arms about this crapfest replacing a beloved soap, that fact in and of itself makes me not want to watch. So the sooner it crashes and burns, the better. I TRIED to convince myself to watch at least TWO minutes of it, but then I started getting visions of Dorian Lord giving me the evil eye, so I changed my mind.

    Hopefully, Ty Pennington was saving his pennies for all those years that he was on “Extreme Home Makeover,” because something tells me he’s gonna be back in the unemployment line again sooner rather than later.

  33. Profile photo of missyk12

    :crown: I will not watch anything ABC, except GH, there were a few shows I really looked forward to viewing, but it is an outright Boycott. I also, hope ABC burns out just like they turned out the lights in both Llanview and Pine Valley. This last one was too much to forgive, ever. It feels like all my friends have been put to death.

  34. Profile photo of Chrisann D
    Chrisann D

    Right now I am so proud of the OLTL fans that aren’t watching this Soap replacement. Doesn’t ABC realize there are shows like this all over cable tv and so much better. You can look all over cable and not find one soap during the day. Unless you count SoapNet.We can’t let the ratings for the Revolution go up.

  35. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I love me some Ty Pennington and Tim Gunn, but I REFUSE to watch the Chew or Revolution. I will catch Tim Gunn on Project Runway (If he’s still employed with that Lifetime show). And as for Ty, I will catch him on his next gig. Maybe if they resurrect Trading Spaces on TLC, which I LOVED him on, or some simiiar show. But I support my fellow ABC – AMC/OLTL fans and will not watch the replacement shows. I will only tape my hour of GH on my old school vcr.

  36. Profile photo of Chrisann D
    Chrisann D

    This is for anyone at ABC: This morning I woke up, took a shower,got dressed, grabbed my purse, went to my local store, bought groceries for my family, came home, made lunch and I did this without watching one episode of the Chew and The Revolution oh and with out buying anything from their sponsers. Hmmm life is good. :Sp

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    Karma is a true bitch my family including my father who died last year watched OLTL from 2000 all the way to 2012.I only wish I could have watched it as long as all the other beloved fans did.12 years of some of the best storylines characters and families on television ripped out from under all of us.The Chew screw you and the Revolution I hope you implode period.

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    The problem is the networks are setting a lower bar now for daytime. If they had their way they’d release the hours to the affiliates and let them program infomercials instead. When NBC did the Leno fiasco, they similarly set the bar lower, stating outright they expected to lose the timeslot, but would win over time as Leno wouldn’t airs reruns. The only reason they blinked is because Leno became so toxic it was killing the local evening newscasts, resulting in affiliates threatening to drop the Leno show.

    Unless something similar happens here – that The Revolution does so poorly that afternoon newscasts at the affiliate level begin to drop – there’s probably nothing about those ratings numbers that will be concerning ABC. Odds are they’ll spin it by saying either that the numbers were so high because of the promotion, or that these are new viewers who otherwise would never watch ABC because of the soap operas.

    I personally think the scenario of daytime network TV ending in toto and being replaced with either infomercials, ongoing news broadcasts or syndicated programming is very real. If you think it can’t happen, up until about 15 years ago all the major networks had very healthy, very well-watched Saturday morning children’s programming schedules. And then that ended and today you still find a few cartoons but for the most part it’s all news and infomercials.

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