Alison Sweeney Hopeful Days of Our Lives Can “Continue to Fight the Fight”

One of daytime and primetime's busiest stars isn't ready to give up on her soap hub. In an interview with Parade magazine, The Biggest Loser's Alison Sweeney commiserated with fans of recently-cancelled sudser One Life to Live, but dug in her heels about the future of her own soap opera Days of Our Lives.

“It’s really hard to say goodbye to shows that have been a part of television for so long. As a member of Days of our Lives, I meet soap fans every day who talk about what a big part of their life it is and how they watched with their mom and their grandma. Those characters were a part of their family dynamic for their whole lives in some instances. So I know how hard it is for all those One Life to Live fans right now and how hard it is to say goodbye to something that’s been so close to their hearts.

"We’re just hopeful at Days of our Lives that we can continue to fight the fight and represent daytime and keep our characters on for as long as we possibly can. We want fans to know that we’re still there and we’re making the best show we possibly can. Hopefully NBC will believe in us and keep us on for a long time.”

If Sweeney and her TV mama Deidre Hall (Marlena) keep giving us bombastic performances like the ones they turned in this week during a Marlena/Sami mama drama meltdown, we might be inclined to believe DAYS just may have a lot more life in it yet!

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    I haven’t always liked DOOL, but I’m watching it regularly again (now that OLTL is gone) just to give it my support. Hopefully, it should be safe for now; I read recently where DOOL and the Nightly News does better than most any show currently in NBC’s primetime lineup. :)

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    Jamey Giddens

    Days always seems to get their renewals by a pubic hair
    Unfortunately, I’ve encountered some people that would cause me to think that’s a much more considerable margin than I suspect you’re going for. :-(

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    I hadn’t watch DOOL in probably four months before this week and I have to saying, I’m really enjoying it. It actually plays out like a soap! It’s nice to see family and a little lightness, but I’ve really enjoyed the clashes with other characters that EJ has endured all week. Soapy goodness!

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    Alison is doing her best work on the show right now. She has never been this good. She’s playing out the mature version of the story she started playing twenty years ago and showing great depths as an actress.

    It would be personal sacrilege for me to say she’s matching Deidre Hall at one hundred percent in their scenes together; but dog-gone-it she’s coming close.

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    Yes, I remember when Sami came to town in 1993 and was bulimic. I’ll never forget Marlena yelling: You have a problem and let me help you with it!

    She’s really become a great actress.

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    I’m also find AS more focused and less histrionic as Sami; maybe it’s the influence of Deidre Hall, who I also think is doing some of her finest work right now.

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    I’ve started watching Days every day now that OLTL is off. They have good stories, great actors, so many vets and keep bringing back fan favorites and NBC put in a lot of money for their reboot (unlike ABC and CBS).

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey: Days is the most stable show written on-air currently. They are building things ups. Not rushing us and not demoralizing the black people. No crackheads or baby momma drama. Now there are a few quibbles I may have, but Days is the best in the business right now.

    The Corinthos, Newmans, Abbotts, nor the Forrester’s can compare to the Dimera’s. They are just a one of kind daytime family. And there is no villain left quite like Stefano and his son E.J.

    Days has got the romance, the realistic drama and mostly veteran characters and returns planned that we know and love.

    So as long as they are like this, count me in as a lobbyist for Days. Cause I’m shilling for them.

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    How much time does the days have before its next renewal? A year? Plus an automatic year if ratings are good?? I agree with the people on this site who think the days need to get in touch with its campy past. I also think that RC would be good for days should General Hospital get canceled. Honestly I think he is the best in the business since James Riley. I don’t think that we need to have “green poop” but there needs to be compelling, unbrella story arcs, that lead to a gripping cliffhanger. Nobody does that that better than R.C. in my opinion. When I talk about Ron, I am also praising F.V. at the same time. I’m a writer, I know what it’s like to write. I don’t have a lot of experience producing. I tend not to speak about things in where I don’t have much experience. :-)

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    DAYS is a dynamic soap and I hope to see the ratings rise. Since the reboot, things have started a little slow, but now it’s boiling in all sorts of directions. I love it and I’m glad NBC is supporting DAYS. Maybe the OLTL love can be shifted a bit to DAYS since it’s presently the best soap on the dial.

    All this soap did was go back to its original identity and that is sadly something all daytime dramas have lost (I’ll be posting a forum of this subject soon)

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    I loving DOOL right now, like how they have been using ALL their vets unlike the other two soaps…I wouldn’t include B&B, because Brad like his Papa knows how to balance and keep his vets viable. I’m discovering as we all have or had drawn to certain characters and couples. I have fallen in LOVE with Nicole & EJ, they are smoking HOT, especially Nicole. Arianne Zucker is my kind of soap diva, she can play anything from being bad, good or in-between has chemistry with every man on show I seen her interact with on canvas. She is excellent actress. I love the family drama being played out right now from all the families. Days is using all families not just some dominating the canvas. I’m so happy I decided to start watching back in September, I’ve never watched Days until then and finally a soap doing character driven stories…Be still, my beating heart, I’m hooked big time. :love: I personally don’t want nothing to change and I mostly certainly don’t want RC at Days, just my taste personally.

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    I have not been as glued to Days in a long time. Every episode has something good in it. The show crosses their characters back and forth in interesting ways. It seems like every day some new combination of the cast works together. Considering they are all related in someway, it seems real.
    The young cast is bangin’ and the beloveds are leaving it on the floor.
    They need to duplicate Chandler Massey. He is too good for just one actor.
    If Will is on screen, I am paying attention. His scenes with EJ, or Marlena or Sami, are spot on every time and I can see that they all elivate each other. Bo and Hope’s marital issues are the most realistic I have seen since Tom and Margo on ATWT. Mel and Chad have a ton of chemistry and could be a break out couple for the show. Am loving Sarah Brown on the show. I think the way they are bringing the character along is terrific. I hope she has some juicy stuff in her background!
    But what I am loving most is the absolute sense of community and family and friends on Days. It is the most complete package I have seen in I don’t even know when.

    And lastly THANKS for showing some love for Days!

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    She went by Maureen Lockhart back then and she and Mimi and Mimi’s little brother lived in a cardboard box(!)

    I loved Judi Evans as Bonnie.

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    [quote=harlee490] Arianne Zucker is my kind of soap diva, she can play anything from being bad, good or in-between has chemistry with every man on show I seen her interact with on canvas. She is excellent actress. .[/quote]

    And she is fearless. In those early morning bedroom scenes with EJ, she looks like she has zero makeup on. :)

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    LOL David I must have missed those 6 eps she was on in 2000. Oh well. The only Bonnie I remember is Judy Evans. And although there is a considerable age difference between the two actresses, I think it works fine that Ilene could play the role. Especially since Judy is playing Adrienne again. I could see Ilene doing every single thing that Bonnie did in my head. Plus she would have looked more age appropriate with John Ingle (not that is important any longer.) If Farrah were to return as Mimi, it is a cool tie in to OLTL as well but I wasn’t even thinking that way when I said it. I was thinking of Ilene as Delhia on Ryan’s Hope. Personally I wouldn’t mind Mimi returning. Of all the characters from that bratpack, she was my favorite (second place Shawn D.) I could see her mixing it up in the cosmetics/fashion industry that has recently been revitalized in Salem. I think Mimi and Madisen would get along well. They have a similar vibe except Mimi has a better sense of humor.

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    DOOL is doing everything right. It looks and feels like a soap opera. Sweeney, who has had much success outside of Salem, has always been proud of her work and time on Days. I think she is doing some of her finest work right now. She and Chandler Massey have great chemistry and I love every scene between Sami and Marlena.

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