Ron Carlivati Podcast Breaks Daytime Confidential Download Record; Bests Victoria Rowell Episode as Most Listened To Show!


It appears a LOT of you were interested to hear what former One Life to Live head writer-turned-General Hospital scribe Ron Carlivati had to say! In just four short days, our interview with the writer has become the most downloaded episode in the history of the Daytime Confidential podcast series!

This morning, downloads for our chat with Carlivati surpassed our previous top podcast, former The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell's explosive tell-all. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, tune in to hear what Carlivati thought about how One Life to Live wrapped its iconic run on Jan. 13; not to mention some of the plans he and newly-minted GH showrunner Frank Valentini have in store for General Hospital. When you do, you'll be in the company of almost 10,000 other listeners in less than a week!

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    Ron C, now that you’ve beaten my girl’s record, you had BETTER bring your A-game to “General Hospital…”.

    No turning back now…….. :beer: :beer: :beer:

    Please give me a reason to watch this awful show again!!

  2. Profile photo of Scout

    I don’t know…I don’t particularly think that RC is one of those lying liars who lie about what’s really going on at ABCD, but I’m just burned out on the spin and trying to sort the truth from the crap we’ve been fed for at least the last year. They all need to give it a rest.

    I’m of a mind to just wait and see how it all plays out. I think the decision has already been made and the GH cancellation will be announced in April. As it was always planned.

    Also I’m not willing to follow GH into some convuluted 13-week train wreck format. I’d like a five-day-a-week drama. You know, a soap opera. Obviously that is becoming too much to ask. :(

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’d like a five-day-a-week drama. You know, a soap opera.
    Telenovelas air for thirteen weeks, but they air daily, just like daytime soaps. But, if by chance it became a weekly series, you don’t count Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Beverly Hills, 90210, Knots Landing, Revenge, Desperate Housewives, etc. among soaps? The genre is in transition whether we like it or not. If the option is All-or-Noting in terms of keeping them airing in the daytime, I am afraid of lot of us are gonna end up with nothing.

  4. Profile photo of Scout

    I guess my problem is that I don’t watch telenovelas or, really, any of the shows you mentioned. And while they are soaps in the broadest sense of the word, they are still primetime drama, not truly soap operas, or, if you prefer, daytime dramas. Remember, Jamey, the name of this site, your site, is Daytime Confidential, not Primetime Soap Confidential.

    My biggest issue, I suppose, is that I see an art form, the five-day-a-week format, headed out to pasture and it makes me sad. While I’m not willing to give up on that format, it seems that the networks (and maybe some others ’round here?) already have.

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Remember, Jamey, the name of this site, your site, is Daytime Confidential, not Primetime Soap Confidential.

    Yeah, but we’re kinda like MTV when it comes to branding. You know, how they’re called Music TV, but don’t have any music videos, anymore?

    We’re gonna follow soaps where ever they go, the web, primetime, heck the moon. The day when daytime is all talk or game shows, this site will still be here, and still focusing primarily on scripted, serialized drama.

    We might have the occasional topical post from The View or The Doctors or Judge Judy (any talk shows that didn’t cost us a soap), but we’ll cover all the the primetime and web soaps here and on Pop Confidential before we ever give so much as an inch of positive HTML code to The Chew or The Revolution. I suggest you check out primetime and web soaps. You might like them! ;-)

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    I, for one, can’t wait to see what Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini do with GH. I haven’t watched GH in years. OLTL has always been my show; I’ve been watching it for 30 years. What Frank and Ron were able to do with OLTL for the last 4+ years on the air was fantastic. While they definitely had their misses, like all production teams do, their understanding of history, quick story pace, and front-burner stories for vets made the show one of the best. If my show had to end, at least it went out with a bang – and it most certainly did, despite what some may think (I’m talking about you, Larry Flick, and your “with all due respect to the fans of OLTL” BS.

    As for GH, I’m excited to give this show another try. Lord knows I’ve stayed away for a very long time. Let’s give Ron and Frank the opportunity to turn this once great show around instead of bitching and moaning about OLTL characters crossing over, who’s going to be in lead stories, etc. This show, and this genre, is fighting for its life, and we’re much better off putting our loyalties where they mean the most instead of acting like spoiled brats. I have to say, soap fans are their own worst enemies. Get it together, people, and fight the REAL battle for our shows!

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    Marland Fan

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]
    Yeah, but we’re kinda like MTV when it comes to branding. You know, how they’re called Music TV, but don’t have any music videos, anymore?

    FYI- They officially dropped the “Music Television” part of their branding a long time ago.

  8. Profile photo of Scout

    I understand your reasoning, Jamey, and I get the branding thing and following soaps wherever they go, as you and your group there should do; and all of you do a good job of it, the passion is felt.

    I dropped out of Housewives after the first season and was never drawn into the others all that much, but I am looking forward to this summer’s TNT revival of “Dallas” — it looks good! Here’s hoping… ;)

  9. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @Scout You HAVE to watch Revenge. It’s classic soap in the vein of Dallas, not any of this dramedy stuff that’s been passing for soaps since Ally McBeal. It’s good, old-fashioned scandalous soap opera!

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    Good! I listened because I love One Life to Live and wanted to hear what Ron said about it and clear up rumors and explain things and how the show would have gone on to online if it had.
    I don’t really care about General Hospital. I’m glad he and Frank are going there to help that show get better and please the fans before it goes off.

  11. Profile photo of VannieNY

    i loved the interview with Ron, i’m listening to the Victoria Rowell podcast now since i didn’t know about this site then & never heard it, lol. I hope Ron can work his magic on GH, it’s in my dvr & i still haven’t watched it lol @ dooley i watch novelas but i’m not really sure what you’re asking as far as after the 13 weeks, please explain:)

  12. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Sorry I wasn’t more clear. Jamey said that telenovelas run in 13 week cycles. My question is, do you get to see the same characters in each 13 week cycle or when the 13 weeks is over, do they come up with completely new characters? And, if they are completely different stories with completely different characters every 13 weeks, do they use the same actors?

    Clear as mud… :)

  13. Profile photo of VannieNY

    ok, gotcha, didn’t have my coffee yet so it wasn’t sinking in. so with novelas for the most part you have your main characters & your other characters that are there also to enhance the story but they’re not on all the time, just like a regular soap. the main people will more than likely be there until the end, the others it depends. killed off, living in another country, etc sometimes if they’re killed off at some point before then, that’s it. you’ll see them in flashbacks or when they’re showing you who killed them or just refreshing your memory on how many people xyz character has killed when the show is ending & now they’re going to jail or all their crimes are discovered etc. however new characters are also added sometimes when the first batch are gone, next cycle i guess. those character’s have little mini-stories at the same time as the main characters stories.
    most of the time these new people are tied in to the main characters somehow, in some way. either xyz girl is the daughter of this main character born out of wedlock & she’s coming for revenge & he didn’t know she existed, for example. or here’s a guy who will do anything for $ & is hired to cut the main guy’s brakes & that guy is related to some chick the guy screwed over back when the show first started whose now dead or whatever. when you watch a novela sometimes in one episode 10 years can pass by to speed up the story so all those other characters that helped build up the story that are no longer needed are usually gone but again they will more than likely bring them back at the end or wrap up their story at the end if it wasn’t already. this can happen on screen or off screen, main character will say something like oh Maria called me, she’s in school in Argentina, just got engaged etc something to that effect, lol like i said it depends on the novela & the way it’s written but i’ve been watching novelas with my Mom since i was a little bit, this is usually what happens on them. hope that somewhat answered your question a little bit

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