One Life to Live BEATS The View Among Women 18-49 During Final Week on Air!!!!!


Cancelled ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live was the No. 2 program in daytime among women 18-49 for the week of January 9. That's right, I said program — not just soap opera!

OLTL, with a W18-49 average for the week of 1.2, came in behind CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless (1.4) in the coveted demo, but bested The View (1.1), The Bold and the Beautiful (1.0), The Price Is Right (1.0) and General Hospital (1.0), which rounded out daytime's top five broadcast programs for the week in question.

Now for the funny part. Even with these stellar ratings for OLTL, the ABC ratings press release is touting The Chew having its most watched week ever. Um…yeah and it still didn't make the Top 5! Spin much? Shame on any entertainment website or blog that runs this dressed up press release verbatim without actually taking the time to analyze the numbers!

OLTL also finished the week at No. 2 among women 25-54, according to the press release. Meanwhile, ratings for the popular soap opera's replacement, The Revolution, continue to erode dramatically. According to TV Media Insights, the talk show/reality series hybrid was down yesterday by 43 percent from where OLTL was in the same timeslot this time last year. Isn't it about time someone at ABC admits they royally effed this one up?


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    LMAO!!!! I am loving this!

    But where did the show make it with the regular ratings? How many viewers watched it last week and the last day? I hope OLTL not only beat B&B but was very close to Y&R!

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    Okay I just saw that press release, what BS!!! They don’t even mention OLTL, they make it look like the reject replacement shows are what brought it the killer ratings. Well, what will the rest of the press releases after this week will look like since their ratings are plummenting lol.

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    I watched some of the Revolution again today to make sure I wasnt being a nasty b**** cause Im mad. Not only is it bad, its depressing, yesterday it was offensive. They are talking about stuff that we have learned years ago. Yesterday it was body odor, today Perio disease. Told us to brush our teeth and floss. Who knew!! Im not being a b*****. Its bad. Truly bad. If I had to pick my poison it would be the chew. Even tho their enthusiasm is so off the top and phoney I dont know how the hosts are agreeing to act like that, but I am only saying if I had to pick. The Revolution is bad. Very Very Bad. That is not a b***** talking. Very bad business decision, cause it will eventually take the whole line up down. All ABC needs is something really great going on at another local station and they are toast. They never thought about that did they? If one of the other stations put a soap on or another passable talk show, channels will be switched. They didnt project very well down the line, did they?

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    It’s like ABC doesn’t think we’ve already learned all that already thanks to A. My Family and B. The internet.

    I know to floss, how to dress myself, I even knew that PB could get out scratches on disk’s. What I want but don’t know is IF VICTOR EVER GOT BACK WITH TEA!

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    GO SOAPS WORLD!!!! Soaps ain’t dead! Erika Slezak was right, people still want to be entertained.

    I hope the executives will see that some day and give these genre another golden age.

    “The Revolution”, “The Chew” people don’t want to see this. They just don’t. A dream come true would be: Both of these shows get canceled, ABC decides to renew “General Hospital” and bring back “One Life to Live” (says someone, who isn’t even passionate about this particular soap – but enjoyed at least hours of it ;) ).

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    This kind of breaks my heart. Don’t get me wrong. I’m ecstatic that those gawd awful replacements are tanking. I’m boycotting all of Abc daytime and I used to watch the view and live w /kelly. I’m glad the boycotting is working. I just know that ABC will never admit their mistake and bring back AMC and OLTL. And, I sincerely hope that the bad ratings for The Revollution won’t cause more trouble for GH. I’m calling all fellow soap fans to stick w/GH but continue the boycott of all other ABC daytime programming. Keep GH on the air past 2012!!!

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    The Revolution,and it’s side kick the Chew… can go flush them-selves down the toilet. ABC if you’ve notice there is enough talk show on every channel, A little honest research you would of noticed that No body is watching the food and health channels. OLTL-I am walking the floors over you. I can’t believe it true! song by Ernest Tubb – I’m Walking the Floor Over You once said it all.

  8. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    HA! HA!! Suck on that ABC :p !! Just goes to show that soap viewers are loyal and cancelling OLTL was the most stupidest thing that ABC could have done!! May their ratings be doomed from daytime to primetime! May they stand dead last in ratings and be the laughing stock of the TV industry!! Hell hath no fury like soap veiwers scorned!! >) ;) :p

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    ABC should go hide their faces in shame with the REV- Terrible terrible show. That was a classic bomb. Very bad. I am appauled as I am because the minutes I spent watching they were talking body odor and gum disease which — WHY – what the hell blew in those conversations?

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    Some of you will just never get it..

    The women’s demo is an antiquated form of measuring daytime TV. Sure it mattered back when most women were home makers and there were only 3 networks to choose from…..but now most women work while these shows air, there are tons of channels to choose from, and DVR has changed the marketing dynamic for advertisers.

    Not appealing to a wider audience is why soaps are failing. These numbers are nothing more than a moral victory to those who dont see the whole picture.

    Its time to see the writing on the wall before we lose the rest of the soaps. Worrying too much about one particular demo while your overall ratings suck is a recipe for cancellation… we have already seen.

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    ABC is puke. Okay, so last night I am watching with my mother the newscast about the Costa Concordia disaster and towards the end the newscaster, I can’t remember his name but he’s NO Ted Kopple, he was finishing up the segment talking about how the public had concerns before booking any further cruises due to safety. He then wraps up the segment and from nowhere starts talking about Disney cruise lines and how they offer cruises. It was like my mother and I looked at each other and we were confused as to what does that have to do with anything – yeah ABC owns Disney, but still this is a disaster and they are pimping their cruise line! I wish I could find a clip, it was just weird and in bad taste.

  12. Profile photo of GH4ever

    I saw it too. It was Dateline. For some reason, they felt they needed to point out that ABC is connected to Disney which has a cruise line but is not affiliated with Carnival or the Italian liner that sank. It came off as very weird, totally unnecessary, and like Disney was trying to advertise their ships. Very strange!

  13. Profile photo of GH4ever

    I saw it too. It was at the end of Dateline. You know how news agencies are supposed to make full disclosures if presenting news stories involving one of their corporate sponsors? Well, it was like that except that Disney Cruises wasn’t in any way connected to the ship that sank. So, it just came off as weird and inappropriate. Like Disney was trying to drum up business by saying Carnival ships sink but ours don’t. I was kind of surprised the anchor could get it out. Very odd. By the way, is the bad economy hurting Disney tourism?

  14. Profile photo of llanviewlovely

    Once again ABC has egg on their faces, Brian Frons told us that we didn’t want to be entertained anymore, that we wanted information. Well Brian, YOU WERE WRONG!!! OLTL’s finale ratings clearly show that we the fans still want to be entertained and that we are NOT dogs that can be trained to watch drivel like The Chew & The Revolution, the Revolution’s ratings are in the toliet and since they can’t use OLTL to bleed over anymore, The Chew’s ratings are headed back to the toliet as well.

    ABC, listen to your viewers, we DO NOT want this drivel, BRING BACK OUR SOAPS!!!

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    It feels so strange every evening when I sit down to watch my soaps and do not have OLTL to watch. I miss the show immensely and I am glad the show ended with good ratings.

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    [quote=SoapGuyFlorida]Some of you will just never get it..[/quote]

    With all due respect, SoapGuyFlorida, I work in advertising, so I understand media placement, ratings, and demos. You are correct to say that the daytime demo has changed. But you can’t ignore the fact that network television execs have not yet figured out that TV is no longer the endgame, but the catalyst. TV must be part of packaged content. Convenience + Engagement = Loyalty. If ABC had spent more time trying to engage audiences by throwing their soaps a bone now and then (I don’t know, maybe by actually running ads for their shows during primetime, doing special events with hot bloggers and media darlings, etc.) and showing the viewers that they actually gave a damn for the shows, there might be a lot more loyalty from viewers. After years of neglect due to bad writers, overly involved network executives, and no media attention, it is really no surprise that daytime television viewership has eroded.

    The latest media research still shows that TV is perceived as primarily a medium for entertainment and laughter, and secondarily as a source for news and information. Two-thirds of viewers have TV shows they “almost never miss.” Half use TV as a social currency to discuss with friends.
    Nearly half say TV is their primary source of entertainment. ONLY four-in-ten say TV is their primary source of information.

  17. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @gslam and SoapGuyFlorida: As another colleague in the business, we also forget that the younger demographic 18-34 or you can go as low as 12-34 spend more time surfing the web and viewing the majority of their video content via the same platform. They also use smartphones and other technological devices to view content. So simply promoting soaps and making them available through traditional media is also be part of the problem.

    Yes all the networks have their soaps on the web, but most networks accept for NBC have limited availability (7 Days) for fans and/or prospective fans to catch up on missed episodes. From what I can see NBC keep each episode for around 20 to 30 days after it aired. NBC is also the only network that allows its viewers to embed the episodes on say a website so that viewers can watch it from other platforms. This way they can generate more discussion and more interest from fans and prospective fans from around the web. I think it is genius idea and one of the reasons why say Days has been getting an average over 4 million views a month on the web (at last count).

    The other important thing to realize is that no matter how much marketing you do soaps are a costly product to produce and with a lack of the built in audience that use to exist it would not be feasible to continue to fund shows at the rate of five hundred thousand to one million dollars a week in their present state. And there is no amount of cost cutting that could remedy that. And I’m sure that soaps could never regain the 5 to 10 million viewers each a week to at least warrant the cost and allow the networks to charge greater amounts for advertising.

    And when we look at the transition of soaps from the radio to television, Guiding Light was the first and the only successful soap to make the transition. They filled up the other slots with new serials.

    So what needs to happen and I harp on this a lot is just to move on and the web soap producers and fund their projects which are the future of daytime. Series like Anacostia, Empire and The Bay for example are the future of this medium. So if we keep looking back then we are just going to be spinning our wheels.

    The producers of the web series have found ways to produce more with less. So upping their funding to an economical level and helping the genre to grow and expand its audience reach and number of episodes per week is of greater value in the long run than trying to figure out how to keep expensive daytime drama’s around. And that is looking at it from a realistic standpoint.

  18. Profile photo of keanna

    I love it, great to see OLTL go out on a high note!!! :) :) :) :beer:

    ABC still trying to spin it, so they can say “look see we did the right thing”, we’re not stupid.

    I know, I still wait for one o’clock our time, and then he hits me, and I watch Days, still feels weird.

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    RealityCheck 33

    As I posted the day the announcement was made by ABC, by cancelling AMC and OLTL, the network will eventually know that it was a monumental mistake that will take down ABC Daytime to levels lower than they could ever imagine. What a total disaster for that network. Years of loyal viewers tossed out like yesterday’s trash without any regard. There’s nothing to gain from watchng The Chew or The Revolution that can’t be found in numerous other places. It’s not unique or compelling. It’s warmed over crap from other sources. Brian Frons destroyed ABC Daytime and it will never recover. Never.

  20. Profile photo of tigerlillie98

    That is the news I have been waiting to hear..Loving it..OLTL is part of viewers life. It’s not just a show that viewers watch hit and miss. I miss my me time sitting down after the kids go to bed and getting lost in the show. I have watched my whole life, my mom watched my grandma and my great grandma. I don’t get the chance to watch during the day, but I did not ever miss a show (DVR or soapnet). I do not know why they would replace our story with a cooking show or a life style show. We have so many so those shows whole channels just for them.. ABC you have kicked yourself in the A**.

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    According to Robin Strasser tweets One Life finale brought in 3.8 million.

    robin strasser @robinstrasser
    #OLTL’s last epi 3.8 million viewers! Imagine if we’d stayed on air? Imagine that it’s not over. Imagine Magic! 3.8 million is powerful:)!

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    I have always said, (like others on this blog/podcast,) that the future of serialized drama is the web. In order for the genre to survive it has to involve. I have aspirations/goals to create a serialized drama for the web myself. James E. Riley fans watch out! I’m simply a huge fan of his work, as well as Bradberry & Poe. It makes me sad to think that this genre could die out completely. I don’t quite know how to make the web soaps more profitable. I’m just a writer, however, I had visions of soaps on the web, after Sunset Beach was canceled.Crystal Chapell can I work for you. I will work for free. ;-)Long live One Life to live!

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    OLTL should have been the surviving soap, not General Hospital. If I was in management I would fire those responsible. GH will never survive this year. It is one big chocolate mess. OLTL had it all. Good characters, actors, writing, stories and they used everyone and kept in budget. It was thru the cooperation of all. ON GH there are a lot of divas who want special schedules, large salaries, etc. They will only be around until July. I just don’t see that changing. GH was allowed to go with the mob crap for years and allow some of the vets to get schedules unheard of at this point except on that show. I am so mad at TPTB at ABC. They are also making lousy decisions during primetime. They throw a lot of shows at the audience and just looks to see what sticks. No thinking power. If they have a successful show they recreate it several times with different players. I know they all do that but ABC has it down to a science. Disney ruined the network. I see them being bought out at some point when they hit rock bottom.

    I will try GH again with new regime. I have tried many times but I have a hard time staying with the current characters. I could care less about Dante and Lulu just for starters.

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