Katie Couric’s Soap-Slaying Talk Show Cleared in 93 Percent of The Country

Make room for Katie, soap fans. The failed CBS Evening News anchor's upcoming talk show—produced by failed NBC exec Jeff Zucker—has been cleared by 93 percent of the country.Talk about falling upward!

 The upcoming program, which will likely take the timeslot currently held by ABC Daytime's sole surviving soap opera, General Hospital, has also been sold in 95 out of 100 top markets. Are you excited for Katie? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Katie Couric does NOT need another job! She’s bland and overrated. So count me out! Won’t get my viewership anymore than “Let’s Make A Deal,” “The Revulsion” and that other new pointless ABC show, whose name now escapes me!

  2. Profile photo of js3557

    I have dvr’d GH for as long as you could dvr shows, and I used VHS before that. I will not dvr any stupid talk show ever. As a woman who works full-time during the day…my days of watching ABC daytime tv are over once GH is gone.

  3. Profile photo of mulforrg

    ABC/D doesn’t give a crap about what the viewers want. If they did we would still have AMC and OLTL in the afternoons! They need to give the rights to the shows back to Agnes Nixon or sell them to someone who is willing to keep them going. Of course in doing that they risk their crap shows going up against them and getting their butts kicked!! There is no ABC/D in my home except GH and when that’s gone, so is all of ABC/D!!

  4. Profile photo of GaryJr

    JS3557 makes a good point. I DVR my soap (Days) but by cancelling their ABC soaps they’re losing people who aren’t normally tuning into their live programming because I doubt anyone would see their favorite soap canceled and decide to DVR the replacement. I wonder if anyone at ABC thought about that? I mean just how much of a live audience is out there and will these reality shows be so compelling people will DVR them and watch them 5 days a week? I doubt it.

  5. Profile photo of julianka

    It’s possible that they might cancel either The Chew or The Revolution and move GH into one of those time slots. I hope that’s what happens, even though I don’t watch GH, because I don’t want to see another soap die.

  6. Profile photo of cindyskibicki

    I think it would be awful to put this show on at all. Once GH is gone, ABC will officially be off my tv for good. I have already got my family to stop watching it at night because they took OLTL from me, next is the morning news that my husband watches.

  7. Profile photo of east.west

    This probably looks good on paper. A big name personality and a former TV executive behind a sure to be buzz about network talk show. But those ppl are ppl who have failed in those positions I have mentioned. I have nothing against Katie and out of all of the things that have replaced soaps, this is the one I would at least watch.

  8. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I wouldn’t watch her in any time slot on any network. I haven’t liked her since EVER. When this latest attempt fails can we please be rid of her for good? Hopefully, GH will still be around.

  9. Profile photo of barb384

    I will not be watching Katie Couric! If GH is taken off, ABC will be taken off totally in my home! I want my soaps back! I will expect her ratings to be less than the Revolution! Come on ABC! Release the rights of our Soaps back To Agnes Nixon or reinstate our Soaps! You must know by now you made a very big mistake cancelling ONE LIFE TO LIVE! I WANT IT BACK AND NOTHING ELSE! I DO NOT CARE FOR MS COURIC AT ALL-WE NEVER HAVE!! SHE STINKS!! MY GOD, IF TY PENNINGTON COULDN’T BRING IN THE RATINGS, KATIE COURIC CERTAINLY WON’T!

  10. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I still don’t get the appeal of Katie Couric I’ve never cared for her but she gets the big bucks…I won’t be watching much of ABC daytime its just left a very bad taste in my mouth. I’ve gone back to reading for great storytelling.

  11. Profile photo of Tammy Kreiss
    Tammy Kreiss

    YOU CAN NOT PAY ME ALL THE MONEY IN THE U.S. TO EVER WATCH ABC/DISNEY EVER AGAIN!!!! Roy and Walt are rolling in their graves what these morons have done to the “family” channel! It’s a sad world that anyone would prefer a “Snookie” or “Kardashian” over talent like anyone who studied at Steller Adler, Performing Arts, Oxford, or even just grew up on TV and can hold their own, like Kristen Alderson, Ilene Kristen, and Susan Lucci. Not to mention Erika Slezak, daughter of the great Walter Slezak. Reality shows, can’t hold a candle to Paul Newman and many others. As for news, how many hours of depressing news in the world does anyone really need to watch in one day??? NO MOUSE IN MY HOUSE, HOW ABOUT SOME SUPPORT, JOIN ME IN MY BOYCOTT OF ALL ABC/DISNEY AFFILIATED MERCHANDISE AND SHOWS!!! TO HELL WITH KATIE, AND THE REVOLTING, SCREW THE RIDICULOUS CHEW TOO!!! Once GH is gone, so am I!!!

  12. Profile photo of bogusia

    ABC-they became fools,they cancel the best soaps.They want to treat Us with that shit like chew, revolution and now Katie-ABC give me a brake,I’m already tired of your stupidity.

  13. Profile photo of nmelman

    If ABC wants to replace my last program that I actually watch I would be careful if I were them. This is going to be the end of Disney/ABC. They have removed every piece of good acting to another crappy reality show. I never, never watch reality shows and I will never watch anything with either Disney or ABC ever again in my whole life. I don’t think my insides can take another loss. You had better find another place for another shit show with her in it.

  14. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    People seem to ignore that this isn’t a network show. It’s on ABC affiliates in their Owned & Operated markets, but there are many markets where it will be on the NBC affiliate, or the CBS one, or Fox, CW or an independent station. That should help some of you to realize GH is done no matter who takes the timeslot. ABC is giving that hour to the affiliates, so GH won’t be there regardless.

    Not that I’m expecting this pointless witch hunt to stop…

  15. Profile photo of sallyv

    [quote=AdamDrake]People seem to ignore that this isn’t a network show. It’s on ABC affiliates in their Owned & Operated markets, but there are many markets where it will be on the NBC affiliate, or the CBS one, or Fox, CW or an independent station. That should help some of you to realize GH is done no matter who takes the timeslot. ABC is giving that hour to the affiliates, so GH won’t be there regardless.[/quote]

    Adam…I do believe that this is an ABC network show just like The Chew & The Revolution. Katie is under contract with ABC and can’t work for another network or syndicate her show.

    That being said, count me as one who will NOT be watching. I have never understood the attraction to Katie and I don’t expect to change my opinion any time soon/ever.

  16. Profile photo of AdamDrake

    You’re incorrect, sallyv. It’s produced by ABC’s syndication arm, the way Live with Kelly is, but it is syndicated to individual stations, the way Kelly’s show is. The View, The Chew and The Revolution ARE ABC shows, but Kelly Ripa’s and Katie Couric’s could show up on any channel, depending on which city you’re watching it.

    In addition to the ABC O&Os, Katie Couric’s show is being syndicated to stations from other networks including those owned by Allbritton Communications, Belo Corporation, Cox Media Group, Gannett Broadcasting, Granite, Griffin, Hearst Television, LIN Broadcasting, McGraw-Hill, Media General, Meredith, Raycom, Scripps Howard Broadcasting, Sinclair and Young Broadcasting, among others.

    Aside from her show, Katie has a deal to do ABC network specials and reports for other ABC News shows, but her daytime show has already been picked up by a number of affiliates from the other networks.

  17. Profile photo of BonnieJillCarly

    I sure hope that someone takes a look at these comments because they are all true. We do not need another talk show!! ABC, is disgusting in how they do their programming and choice of it.

    Once GH is gone, so will ABC forever!

  18. Profile photo of GH4ever

    Katie Couric is BORING! It’s funny that she thinks she can take Oprah’s place on daytime. Thisw!t is going to be one more mindless talk show. What’s a person to do when all scripted drama is gone from tv (And I’m not just talking about daytime). The networks need to find a new way to count viewers because the neilsen ratings are antiquated and don’t work. Please keep watching GH. I don’t want to switch to Y&R or Days. My show is GH and I want ABC to realize they need to save it.

  19. Profile photo of salem1975

    Honestly, I think Katie Couric is extremely talented and intelligent and is one of the very few interviewers that can do light-hearted and hard hitting segments. I look forward to her talk show.

    However, no one wants General Hospital to be cancelled. Here’s hoping that ABC cancels The Chew or The Revolution and moves General Hospital to an earlier time slot, as ABC prepares to return the 3-4 pm Eastern (2-3 pm in Central, Mountain, and West)time slot to its affiliates.

  20. Profile photo of lizzyann70

    I think Katie Couric is a complete yawn :O !! Lets just hope that if ABC is stupid enough to let GH go then maybe NBC will grab it so My two favorites are on the same station! Either way NONE of the shows that are on or Katie will be on as long as GH or will ever get the ratings or fan base! So SHAME,SHAME SHAME ABC you’re gonna loose a lot of viewers!!!! Me included

  21. Profile photo of dtdav1

    Katie Couric’s first mistake was leaving The Today Show. Her second mistake was the CBS Evening News debacle. Isn’t she going against the ABC claim that we want information shows. Let’s all go for her new talk show (otherwise known here as Mistake #3). Unless Madame Couric is going to do an information show, what is she doing on ABC? ABC/Disney’s agenda is crystal clear: they want more money in their pocket and to hell with the viewing public.

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