TV Media Insights: “The Revolution Was Stalled at The Gate”


The numbers continue to head south for ABC Daytime's The Revolution. Based on the lifestyle/talk hybrid's first week metered market overnight ratings, the program nabbed a dismal 1.5 rating/5 share, reports veteran TV analyst Marc Berman of TV Media Insights.

The Revolution was down 35 percent from One Life to Live in the same timeslot a year ago, when the cancelled sudser nabbed a 2.3/6. As another point of reference, OLTL nabbed a 2.3/7 in households for it's last week on the air.

The Revolution managed to shed an average 25 percent of lead-in The Chew's audience for the week; while General Hospital lead out to match The Chew's 2.0/6 average. Looks like The Revolution is proving to be quite the weak link. 

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    Just literally saw a couple of seconds of this to get a feel on what kind of show it is. Taking off the soap fan hat, I just don’t see how this would work during the day. At night on a network channel, sure. Hell, even on a TV channel dedicated to a healthy lifestyle this would pass, but I (and I guess everyone else) don’t get the appeal of this during the day.

    The thing that The Chew had going for it was it was about food. Yeah there are MANY cooking shows (and better structured ones) on cable, but a food talk show on a network seems like a smarter idea than a mix of The Biggest Loser, The Drs., Clean House, and Tim Gunn’s sass for the daypart.

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    I think what happened with the Revolution after the Chew put people over the edge. And its not just soap fans. Older people watching, Ive heard from my parents, aunts and uncles CANNOT stand the hyper chatter of the hosts on either show. An older person cant follow it. Now to the 30 year olds in my family, they’ve been educating themselves with this for years.
    They change to the cable cooking channels. My niece laughed at them both.

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    When does Frank and Ron’s GH stuff begin airing?
    Because i am really trying to get back into GH and it is even worse than I remember after unDVRing it last year.

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    Why Tim Gunn was chosen to host a show catering to women improving their lives is beyond me. Every other week you hear about Tim Gunn making insensitive comments about a woman’s looks, be it her weight, makeup, clothing, etc.

    Some might argue that gives him the right to judge and help women, but is it right to have someone who hates women as their ‘saviour’? This isn’t some Cable runway show, where the male hosts are paid to present scathing stereotypically gay diva critique and criticisms of women. It is a daytime show where many of the women watching need to be uplifted or motivated through some positive encouragement and ideas.

    And don’t get me started on Ty Pennington. How on earth does his expertise at knocking down houses translate to knowing anything about helping women reshape their lives? Is he going to build a house for every guest on the show? And they slicked his hair down so he would look more conservative, but he is still horribly miscast on this show.

    The whole show makes it even more painful to know that our soaps were killed for this tripe. Daphne Oz rapping at 1, and then Tim Gun trying to appear friendly to women at 2. Must see TV (gag)

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    I agree, Tim Gunn is disgusting. Condescending, snotty and out of touch with reality. I don’t know why anyone, male or female, would subscribe to his insulting BS!!!

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    [quote=samIShot]When does Frank and Ron’s GH stuff begin airing?
    Because i am really trying to get back into GH and it is even worse than I remember after unDVRing it last year.[/quote]

    RC’s only officially been on the job for 2 weeks as GH’s HW.

    His material should start airing by early March.

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    RC’s only officially been on the job for 2 weeks as GH’s HW. His material should start airing by early March.[/quote]

    GH doesn’t tape as far ahead as OLTL and DOOL. Frank and Ron officially started January 9 and their material starts airing in February. I don’t know the official airdate but hopefully early Feb b/c the show’s a complete mess right now.

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    Its weird the whole concept of these shows….a cooking show then a diet show? So you eat then you have to lose weight? Its rumored to look for Carlintini’s GH around late February (early March) this is still the writing of Wolf-Altman. I’ve decided just to wait until then I can’t take GH right now.

    Ty Pennington barely recognized him he looks like a refugee from that 70’s show… Maybe he’s tuned in to women with his extreme makeovers of their houses I guess…

  9. Profile photo of goyankees

    Ohhhhh! (cringing!) I love Tim Gunn! Hear me out, PLEASE!

    I’ve watched P.Runway for years now…. I conceed, there IS something very heartwarming about him….ON PROJECT RUNWAY. I just wanted to defend Tim. Like Michael Simon (a FOOD NETWORK fav, NOT ABC Network Fav) I was so sad that these 2 guys would NOT, nor EVER get my eyeballs to set sights on them in their newest endevours.

    I’m proud to say, I’ve never watched THE SPEW, I’ll NEVER watch the Regurgitation, .. I only saw a snippet of The View 2.0 (The Talk) by accident as I woke up from a nap and it was on. Horrid.

    I love Tim Gunn, but I love the 25+ years of Memories I had in Llanview (and, up until it’s last 4 horrible years, AMC)more.

    I love Michael Simon, but I respect the People who watched Guiding Light their whole lives more. People I don’t even know.

    My Boycott will ALWAYS contineu.

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    Chrisann D

    Hi, it is so good to see that boycotting is showing results. ABC is counting on the boycott to blow over. Historically they haven’t worked because people gave up. I am sure ABC is underestimating Soap fans. I hope we prove them wrong. I watch other soaps now on other networks. I email their sponsers and let them know I am watching and buying their products and let them know there is a boycott of the OLTL and AMC replacements.I do the same with the GH sponsers. We have to do this for the remaining 4 soaps. You can bet the other networks will think twice before canceling a soap for an inferior replacement show.

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    I have to say, soap fandom aside, I find show’s where they attempt force people into “healthy eating” offensive. No one can dictate how another person should life. Last I checked North Americans were supposed to be free people.
    I’m glad it’s faling and I hope ABC has to scramble for a replacement.

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